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DiBiase’s Injury, Riley Wrestles Twice, Phoenix Back In Action, Orton, Big Show & Mark Henry Injury Updates, No Jericho in WWE ’12, The Rock’s Movie, MVP Discusses a Potential WWE Return & Working with John Cena on a New Mixtape

January 23, 2012   ·   0 Comments

– WWE may pull Randy Orton from this Monday and Tuesday’s TV tapings to have him as a surprise for the 30-man Royal Rumble match.

– WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix was back in action at this weekend’s live events, teaming with Natalya to lose to the team of Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly.

– WWE Superstar Alex Riley pulled double duty at Saturday night’s WWE Supershow in Fargo, North Dakota. Riley defeated “Ryback” Skip Sheffield in the opener. Riley won with a small package after Ryback dominated most of the match.

Riley later lost to Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes in a non-title match. Riley was filling in for Ted DiBiase, who was apparently injured at Friday night’s show in Winnipeg, as noted before. Before the match against Riley, Rhodes cut a promo and said that he broke DiBiase’s hand.

The Rock announced on Twitter that his new movie “Journey 2” is now #1 at the box offices in markets across Asia. As noted before, the movie is also #1 in Australia.

– Reps from WWE Games have debunked rumors about Chris Jericho appearing in WWE ’12 via DLC. They wrote this weekend:

“Once and for all: Chris Jericho will not be in #WWE12, but you can download a CAS version of him off of our Community Creations.”

– After tweaking his back at last Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings, Big Show appears to be fine as he worked this weekend’s live events against Daniel Bryan.

Mark Henry was advertised for triple threats against Bryan and Show but did not appear due to a groin injury.

– Former WWE Superstar MVP recently spoke with Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald. Here are a few highlights:

John Cena appearing on his new mixtape and an idea he had while with WWE:
“The guy is exceptionally good. His freestyle abilities are better than most. For the people who say that he sucks, he could probably beat your favorite rapper in a freestyle competition. We sat in my studio in my house listening to a few beats and wrote a few things. They were really good. The one that I liked the most was something we worked on called ‘Urban Desperado.’ We were both very pleased with what we came up with, and I had the idea that I wanted to have R-Truth on it as well.”

“At the time I was with WWE, my idea was the three guys who actually perform their own entrance music to all work on the track and for it to be released by the company. I thought it could have been a big hit, but I ended up leaving before that could come to fruition. I still have it in the vault. It’s possible it could surface.”

“I talked to John when WWE came to Tokyo. I was there. We stayed in the same hotel and hung out. I told him I was working on some stuff and asked if he wanted to get together to record some new stuff. He said, ‘Give me 16 bars, and I got you.’ So who knows? John Cena may make an appearance on this EP/mixtape I’m going to put out.”

Being open to another run with WWE:
“There are some new guys there that show some promise. I’ve never had the opportunity to work with Daniel Bryan, who is one of my favorites. On the indies I loved the American Dragon. I thought he was an incredible talent. Randy Orton and I almost had a feud when I came over to Raw, and for whatever reason, they put the brakes on it. I’d like to work a program with Randy. The one match Randy and I had was awesome. We just went out there and worked. He praised me afterward.”

“Some people say Randy can be a hard guy to get along with. I get along great with Randy. The one time we actually got to work on Monday Night Raw, we had a great match, and I had an awesome time. I can’t forget CM Punk, my boy from FIP [Full Impact Pro Wrestling]. He is at the top of his game now. We had the opportunity to work once on the indies, and we had one match in [WWE’s] ECW. I would love to work a program with him. That would be great. If I did come back, I think I would want to be exclusive to SmackDown. I think I would want to go back there and help that brand and some of the younger guys.”

The full interview can be read here.


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