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Edge – You Think You Know Me DVD Review

May 22, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Edge – You Think You Know Me

Chapters –

It’s All Over

A Childhood Obsession

The Winning Essay

Paying to Wrestle

Worth the Struggles

Nothing Happens Overnight

The Silent Mysterious One

Best Friends United

A Variety Package

Spring Boarding into Singles

Teaming with his Idol

A Grounding Halt

A Lifestyle Change

A Fire Inside Explodes

Personal Drama Exposed

Shocking the World

An Even Bigger Chip on His Shoulder

Off and Running

Enjoying the Time Off

Seizing Each Moment

Uncle Adam

My Favourite Moment

Energized and Reinvigorated

The Master Manipulator

Something Didn’t Feel Right

A Champion Retires

Next Challenge

Appreciation Night

Days Gone By

Special Features

The Ninja Star


Working in WCW


“Real Emotion”
Raw – 8th August, 2005



I remember when they announced another Edge DVD I almost leapt through the ceiling in excitement! 3 discs of Edge how the hell can ANYONE complain about that?
Kicking off this massive collection of stuff from The Rated R Superstar is ‘It’s All Over’ A Chapter showing Edge in interviews, talking about his retirement and how because he didn’t have a choice in it, it made it easier to deal with rather than having to make the decision to leave.

Talking to his college friends, his closest friends, his colleagues, they all say what a great guy he is and how much he loves his mum, so who better to talk about him than his mum, Judy! (And he does kinda look like her actually!!) She tells us how he sat down and watched wrestling and turned to her and said “Im gonna do that one day Mom!”
It’s fantastic to get this insight into the guy that I watched and admired week after week for so many years. I love this DVD even after 5 minutes! Of course, being a huge fan of Adam Copeland, I have heard some of these stories before but there are a lot of things on this extensive DVD set that I hadn’t heard or seen before! Stuff like his fellow trainees talking about him taking his first bump and what his first trainers thought of him (Saying his should have maybe been in a Poison tribute band rather than a wrestling ring!)

Some totally fabulous footage from Edge’s personal collection is shown; him and Christian wrestling in gyms, bars, wherever they could and mostly wrestling each other!

There are stories and footage from when Edge & Christian broke into the WWE, with Gangrel and the obviously throughout Edge’s career, some of the highlights and low lights too.  It goes on and on and on and it’s just fantastic!
It’s fair to say I was mesmerized from start to finish. I literally could not take my eyes from the screen for a second incase I missed something. The stories, the hardships, the laughs; all of it tells the story of a life well lived and only half way done! I thought Shawn’ Michaels’ From The Vault was my favourite DVD that the WWE ever released but this tops it! If you’re a massive Edge fan it goes without saying that you MUST have this in your collection, but even if you’re just a wrestling fan in general this will fascinate you and make you realise what these guys go through to reach their goals and what they have to do to stay there!

Available from Silver Vision


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