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Final Card for TNA’s Victory Road Pay-Per-View on Sunday, Impact ratings for 3/15 episode (plus quarter-hour breakdown)

March 17, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Coming out of last night’s TNA Impact Wrestling episode, here’s the updated card for Sunday’s Victory Road pay-per-view:

No Holds Barred Match
Sting vs. Bobby Roode

TNA Tag Team Title Match
Crimson & Matt Morgan vs. Samoa Joe & Magnus

TNA X Division Title Match
Zema Ion vs. Austin Aries

TNA Knockouts Title Match
Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim

TV Title Open Challenge with Robbie E.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

Bully Ray vs. James Storm

AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson vs. Daniels & Kazarian

Despite having to compete with NCAA Tournament games, TNA didn’t see much of a change in this week’s rating for Impact. The 3/15 episode scored a 1.03 rating, down from the 1.04 that last week’s episode received.

The first hour drew a 1.05, while the second hour saw a dip to 1.02, but the big news comes in the form of the quarter-hour ratings. The fifth quarter-hour, generally one of Impact’s biggest drawing spots, only pulled in a 0.99 rating. It marked the first time in 63 weeks that the fifth quarter-hour rating for Impact fell below the 1.0 mark.
Quarter-hour breakdown

Q1: 1.03 – James Storm promo, Bully Ray joins Storm’s promo, Gunner comes out to brawl with Storm, Gail Kim argues with Madison Rayne backstage, Sting books Kim & Rayne in matches, and one commercial break (down 12.5% compared to the 2011 Q1 average)

Q2: 1.10 – Velvet Sky VS Madison Rayne, Matt Morgan talks to Crimson backstage, the first half of Crimson VS Samoa Joe, and one commercial break (down 4.8% compared to the 2011 Q2 average)

Q3: 1.07 – Second half of Crimson VS Samoa Joe, Austin Aries promo, Zema Ion joins Aries’ promo, and one commercial break (down 8.3% compared to the 2011 Q3 average)

Q4: 0.98 – Joseph Parks talks to Gunner backstage, ODB talks to Eric Young backstage, Kurt Angle backstage promo, first half of Mickie James VS Gail Kim, and two commercial breaks (down 12.9% compared to the 2011 Q4 average)

Q5: 0.99 – Second half of Mickie James VS Gail Kim, Mr Anderson talks to Christopher Daniels & Kazarian backstage, first half of Mr Anderson VS Christopher Daniels, and one commercial break (down 19.6% compared to the 2011 Q5 average)

Q6: 1.06 – Second half of Mr Anderson VS Christopher Daniels, Jeff Hardy backstage, Garett Bischoff VS Kurt Angle, and one commercial break (down 8.6% compared to the 2011 Q6 average)

Q7: 1.00 – Robbie E & Robbie T backstage, James Storm VS Gunner, and two commercial breaks (down 12.3% compared to the 2011 Q7 average)

Q8: 1.04 – Contract signing between Sting & Bobby Roode (down 11.7% compared to the 2011 Q8 average)
Source: PWTorch.com


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