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Hogan Says Roode Was Being Set up for Failure

February 6, 2012   ·   0 Comments

ex wwe superstar and TNA Wrestler Hulk HoganTNA Impact Wrestling star Hulk Hogan was recentlyinterviewed by Joel Ross and Rob McNichol of The UK Sun, and Hogan spoke on a number of topics including what his role in TNA actually is. The following are some interview highlights:

On the topic of what he actually does for TNA:

“I don’t know what I do!” Hogan said. “I really don’t know! Everybody always asks me that! They’ve got a bunch of people there. They’ve got Dixie (Carter), of course. They’ve got Vince Russo who is the head writer, they’ve got Bruce Pritchard is the head of creative. Eric Bischoff is the executive producer. To me he’s between the network and the company, a middle man.

I contribute, I’ll throw stuff out there creatively and every once in a while if I need to hit the ring I’ll slide on out there and do whatever, but I don’t really have a job description. I just try to be there, listen and contribute. If there is anything I can do to help or guide the direction, I’m there.”

On Bobby Roode winning the TNA Title at Bound For Glory, Hogan had the following to say:

“They were setting him up for failure. They had his parents and everybody saying what a great guy he was. You put the belt on him and he’s a good guy but he’s plain white milk toast and who is he going to work with? When I was sitting at home and I watched the interviews of his parents and his kids and his wife saying what a great guy he was I thought ‘You’ve got one of thegreatest wrestling angles set up here that I have ever seen and you don’t even know it!’

Don’t let him win the belt, have him screw everybody, turn heel, put some heat on him, keep him heel for a long time, get him red hot, and then when you turn him babyface he’s got a chance to be a Rock or a Stone Cold or a Hogan. (I thought before Bound For Glory) the way you guys have him set up now he’s just ‘one of those TNA originals that has five-star matches that don’t mean nothing’. Give the guy a chance!”


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