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J.R. Comments On Cena Possibly Changing Persona, HBK Congratulates Sheamus, Punk Comments on Kofi’s Hand Walk, Yoshi on SmackDown, JR-The Rock, Natalya Addresses Flatulance On SmackDown, Sheamus Promotes Anti-Bullying

January 31, 2012   ·   0 Comments

— Two-time Royal Rumble winner Shawn Michaels congratulated Sheamus on his victory Sunday.

He tweeted, “Good day everyone, hope ya’ll are well. As always many are asking so, no I didn’t see RR but yes heard Sheamus won. Awesome for him.”

— Though WWE announced two weeks ago a Raw SuperShow for Monday, April 9, 2012 at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., an on-sale date for tickets still has yet to be determined.

— Moments after watching Zack Ryder carted off in an ambulance last Monday on Raw, John Cena angrily looked into the camera. The official WWE website suggests that Cena was “driven to a dark side” by Kane’s heinous act. Jim Ross, however, does not think Cena will be altering his persona.

A Twitter user asked Ross, “I’m not too keen on Cena turning in to a villain. Are you??” He responded, “I don’t see any major changes coming in Cena’s persona.”

Jim Ross and The Rock went back and forth on Twitter this morning and Ross mentioned stories for a potential book he’s been thinking about writing:

“I have plenty of untold @TheRock stories 4 my book. There’s also a 1 on 1 interview we did from atop Titan Towers that never aired.”

– WWE Champion CM Punk put over Kofi Kingston today and took credit for teaching him to hand walk after the amazing spot in the Royal Rumble last night. Punk wrote:

“For my money, @TrueKofi was the rumble MVP. Spectacular moment. Glad I taught him how to hand walk.”

– Yoshi Tatsu indicated that he will be in action at tomorrow night’s WWE SmackDown tapings. Yoshi formed a team with Santino Marella on last Friday’s show.

– New Haven Register has published an article on Sheamus’ visit to ACES Mill Road School in North Haven, Connecticut on Thursday to promote WWE’s anti-bullying initiative ‘be a STAR.’ Sheamus told students that he experienced bullying as a small, overweight red-headed kid.

“I didn’t tell anybody. I was afraid to be a tattle tale. I should have told somebody. It’s very important to talk to someone. There’s nothing wrong with you,” he said.

— Natalya commented again on an angle that took place on Friday’s SmackDown in which it was indicated that the third-generation wrestler had embarrassingly passed gas during a backstage confrontation with Aksana and SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long.

A concerned fan wrote to Natalya on Twitter, “That whole fart thing bothered me on Smackdown. I hope it was meant as a joke instead of an embarassing thing towards you.”

She responded, “I’ll repeat this! Life is a lot easier when you don’t take yourself too seriously! Enjoy it- and live in the now!”


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