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Jeff Hardy Praised, More on Flair-HOF, Hulk Hogan Wrestles At TNA Show Thursday Night, Kurt Angle Praises CM Punk, Hogan Says The WWE HOF Is Missing A Top Name

January 27, 2012   ·   0 Comments

 It was reported a few weeks back that Ric Flair and the TNA crew watched the Four Horsemen WWE Hall of Fame vignette on RAW backstage at the Impact Wrestling tapings that night.

Triple H actually called Flair that day to tell him about the Horsemen induction but the TNA tapings were already over by the time the video aired on RAW. Flair was at a bar with some of the TNA crew watching the LSU vs. Alabama game when John Laurinaitis texted him to tell him when it would be airing. Flair was in tears as he watched the video with his co-workers. Flair was telling people how happy he was for the other Horsemen and vowed to be in attendance but noted that he knew he would hear something from TNA management about it.

– People within TNA have been heavily praising Jeff Hardy in the sense that he’s been clear-headed 100% of the time since returning and while he isn’t the same in the ring due to injuries, it’s like he is a different person.

— Hulk Hogan competed in his first match since October at Impact Wrestling’s “2012 Maximum Impact IV” Tour event in Nottingham, England Thursday. After the main event match of Bobby Roode and James Storm ended in disqualification, a six-man tag team match was set up with Hogan, Storm and Sting vs. Roode, Bully Ray and Kurt Angle.

Hogan took no bumps and the opposition sold his offense. Hogan hit the Big boot on Roode, which was followed by Storm nailing Roode with the Atomic Leg Drop for the pinfall victory.

— The official Twitter feed of Impact Wrestling has announced that Velvet Sky, Kazarian and Christopher Daniel will appear at The Entertainer Toy Store, Stratford City, London, on Friday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Hulk Hogan commented on his wrestling status during an interview with TalkSport.co.uk promoting Impact Wrestling’s “2012 Maximum Impact IV” Tour in the United Kingdom.

“I’m not actively on the roster as far as jumping in the ring every night. But, I just love the business and I just want to be around and be part of it,” Hogan said.

Other highlights from the interview:

* Jeff Hardy is not on this year’s tour, but is planned for the next one. Hogan pegged Hardy and AJ Styles as “future stars” of TNA.

* On Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s acting career, Hogan remarked, “I opened the door and he power-talked through it.”

* Hogan said Randy Savage is the top wrestler missing from the WWE Hall of Fame.

The interview is available here.

— Kurt Angle was asked on Twitter if he’s a fan of WWE star CM Punk. He replied, “Punk is a Great Wrestler!”



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