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John Cena Has Scheduled Rearranged To Grant Wish, Jim Ross Addresses Bell’s Palsy Mockery, Michael Cole, John Cena, The “New” NXT, Randy Orton Advertised For Upcoming Tour, More

June 26, 2012   ·   0 Comments

– John Cena reached a milestone this week, granting his 300th wish with Make-A-Wish. The wrestling megastar met 7-year-old Jonathan Littman before Raw SuperShow, then surprised him by joining him live Wednesday on ABC’s Good Morning America. Yahoo Sports has published an article concerning his achievement and it is noted that he had his schedule rearranged to grant the wish.

Eric Adelson, author, writes, “Cena never says no. Even though his schedule is tougher than most stars – there are no home games and there’s no off-season – he unfailingly builds in time for Wish kids. WWE rep Kevin Hennessey even says Cena’s 300th wish was so important that his bosses rearranged his entire schedule for it.”

Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on his official website. Highlights are as follows:

Michael Cole: “For those that keep asking, I am not a hater of @michaelcole but I, better than most, know how challenging his job is in today’s multi platform, serve many master’s, Monday Night Raw. ‘Hate’ is such a strong emotion especially for anything involving a TV show. Why not save our ‘Hate’ for things like cancer, children’s issues, starvation, etc? To dislike…fine. To HATE..not so good.”

His involvement with the “new” NXT: “I got tons of tweets this week from fans who enjoyed the new, NXT. I worked on all of the first four broadcasts and appear in the main event segments in the next round of four shows. Partnering with William Regal was an enjoyable experience as we tried to make the show about the talents by using objectivity and honesty and not being the “Battling Bickerson’s.” The job of every broadcaster in this genre is to enhance and better represent the talents in ways in which the viewer will emotionally invest and not roll their eyes in absurd disbelief.”

Mockery of his affliction with Bell’s palsy: “Amazing how some jerk-offs on Twitter are either making fun of me for having Bells palsy or blaming me for what appears regarding it on TV. If it doesn’t bother me at this point in time in my life then why should it bother others? I have long since stepped away from my issues with Bells and refuse to allow it to dictate any phase of my life to me. It will not define me. When I’m told to “grow a set” I’d suggest to those tools that I grew “a set” long ago specifically when I walked to the ring to broadcast a Wrestlemania main event with half my face hanging and I had to hold it up to speak to where I could be understood. I can only surmise that those making these cowardly remarks are younger, defiant males and if that assumption is true I am truly worried about the future with those individuals as potential leaders in our world. However, perhaps I shouldn’t be worried as people like this are rarely successful or viable contributors in any society. My life is too blessed to worry about what turds say on Twitter about me or what occurs on a satirical skit in an entertainment based, TV show. Lighten up, Francis!”

John Cena: “Congrats to @JohnCena for granting his 300th Make-A-Wish which is an amazing accomplishment. Not sure many realize how challenging it is to interact with terminally ill children but take it from me it’s sobering, memorable and life changing. I can remember every Make-A-Wish that I’ve done over the years and I’m no where close to 300. These are the bravest kids in the world. No matter if one likes Cena’s TV persona or not this isn’t about a TV show or a TV character but about life and death reality. John Cena should be saluted for his efforts.”

Ross also discusses the historic 1000th episode of Raw, Paul Heyman, John “Bradshaw” Layfield and more. His full entry is available here.

– Randy Orton is advertised for WWE’s upcoming two-event tour of Tokyo, Japan. He will face Alberto Del Rio and Kane in a Triple Threat Match on August 9. The following night, he will team up with Santino Marella and Zack Ryder to take on Epico, Primo, and John Laurinaitis.

Also announced for the August 9 show is Sheamus vs. Big Show and John Laurinaitis in a Handicap match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Sheamus will defend his title the following night against Alberto Del Rio, Big Show and Kane in a Fatal 4-Way Match.

– WWE NXT will continue to air in Australia in its regular Thursday 3:30 p.m. time slot.

– TNA Knockout and former WWE Diva Mickie James was mentioned in WWE.com’s article highlighting the “Craziest Chicks” in the promotion’s history. James acknowledged her former employer’s article via Twitter, writing, “I was crazy b4 crazy was cool! Haha! ;^P.”



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