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Konnan Reveals Advice That Shawn Michaels Gave to Rey Mysterio

April 11, 2012   ·   0 Comments

– Former WCW star Konnan and MLW President/former WWE creative team member Court Bauer recently appeared with Mister Saint Laurent on Major League Wrestling Radio and talked about how Shawn Michaels didn’t like losing. The full interview is available at MLW.com or on iTunes.

Konnan revealed some advice that Shawn Michaels gave to Rey Mysterio. Konnan said:

“Shawn told this to Rey Mysterio once and I couldn’t believe it and I told Rey Mysterio, please don’t follow that advice. He said that Shawn once told him, ‘Do you like doing jobs?’ and Rey said, ‘I don’t mind.’ Shawn said, ‘I don’t. I don’t like doing jobs and you shouldn’t either.’ I was thinking to myself, that’s the worst advice you can give to a young guy. You just never know when a wrestler is going to go to Vince when nobody is listening and say I’d rather not do this. I don’t want to put these guys over.”


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