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Matt Morgan’s TNA Contract Expiring This Year, Not Ruling Out Return To WWE, Possible Knockouts Departure, Hart Responds to Bischoff, Angle Taking Some Time, Roode Injury Angle After Lockdown, Plans for Storm Changed, Gail Kim, Mick Foley Brings His TNA Segment Into Feud with Dean Ambrose, Ambrose Responds

April 16, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Promoting his Steel Cage Match against Crimson tonight at TNA Lockdown, Matt Morgan revealed in an interview with Pro Wrestling Torch Livecast on Friday that his contract with TNA Wrestling expires in October and he would consider returning to WWE. Though he considers himself loyal to TNA, he’s a businessman first and would not rule out joining Vince McMahon’s organization.

“To say I wouldn’t go back would be dumb on my part and it would be a lie,” Morgan said. “But at the same time, I really am – I know people don’t like this answer who are pro-WWE and not so pro-TNA – but that’s the truth, I am loyal to those who are loyal to me. The minute, the day TNA stops being as loyal to me as I feel I am being to them, that’s a different discussion all to itself and I definitely would weigh my options a lot differently if and when that day ever came.”

Morgan adds that he’s “happy for the most part” with how TNA has been treated him since joining the organization in 2007.

“The Blueprint” also discusses the circumstances behind his departure from WWE in 2005, transitioning from bodyguard to pay-per-view headliner, working with Brock Lesnar and more.

After Eric Bischoff called Bret Hart a “sad, bitter person” on Twitter this weekend, Bret replied:

“Just had an awesome Sunday dinner w/my wife & two boys. Nothing “sad” & “bitter” about that. 😉 #lifeisgood”

“Maybe somebody could mail Bischoff a copy of the “Greatest Rivalries” DVD”

– TNA aired the Lockdown pay-per-view in movie theaters across the United States last night and several fans at different locations reported that some feeds were out for significant periods of time.

– Kurt Angle wrote on Twitter after the TNA Lockdown pay-per-view last night that he will be taking a short break but will be back in time for the Sacrifice pay-per-view in May.

– TNA Knockout Traci Brooks has been removed from the TNA roster page, indicating her release from the company. She hasn’t appeared on TV since the January 5th episode of Impact Wrestling.

– TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim wrote the following on Twitter last night after she retained the title over Velvet Sky:

“Wow really upset a lot of ppl tonight by my victory… Get over it. Cry babies. @MRayneTNA are ruling this world!”

– TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode was taken away from Lockdown last night on a stretcher and wearing a neckbrace. Roode’s Twitter posted a photo of him on the stretcher, with the title, being taken away.

– James Storm was originally planned to win the World Heavyweight Title from Bobby Roode at TNA Lockdown but some felt that it wasn’t the right decision and the plan was changed within the past two weeks.

– The feud between Mick Foley and FCW star Dean Ambrose continued on Twitter this weekend. Foley referenced a TNA segment between he and Ric Flair back in 2010, which is embedded blow, and wrote:

“I’m going to start working on a pretty thorough piece addressing this whole Dean Ambrose thing. It might rub many the wrong way. We’ll see.”

“My blog is going to have to wait until my new @WWE book deal is finalized. Too important to blow on someone like @thedeanambrose #verucasalt”

“This Dec 2010 promo with me & Flair seems to be where the entire Ambrose philosophy comes from.”

“Please watch and RT this Foley/Flair Impact promo from December 2010 to better understand my eventual response.”

Ambrose replied:

“Hmm, Ric is right, Only Ric wasn’t one of those kids.I’m far more evolved, I’m far too damaged. Way past the point of no return #thanksmick”

“Oh, also you did a great job of taking tv away from great young talent in that segment. Then you stole their money and left #thanksmick”


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