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Natalya Turning Babyface?, Vickie Guerrero’s Stable, Kane and Laurinaitis, Wade Barrett Out of Action with Injury, Why MITB Was Nixed from WrestleMania 28, Sammartino On Hogan & Flair Still Wrestling, Not Entering WWE Hall of Fame, Former WWE Star Defends The Rock Against “The Boys”, DDP Backstage At Show

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It appears WWE is turning Natalya’s farting gimmick into a babyface turn. She wrote the following about Eve Torres following their encounter on last night’s SmackDown:
“After SD last night I’m more disgusted than ever by @EveMarieTorres’ behavior toward both @ZackRyder and @JohnCena. #TeamZack”

– Vickie Guerrero has named her stable of Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler “American Perfection.”

– As seen on last night’s SmackDown, Kane appeared and attacked Randy Orton, as John Laurinaitis looked on and teased Kane vs. Teddy Long’s girlfriend Aksana. Laurinaitis wrote the following on Twitter about an alliance with Kane:

“#BigJohnny and #TheBigRedMonster? I like it. #SmackDown”

Aksana wrote the following about a possible match against Kane:

“@WWERawGM, No real man would put a woman in harm’s way”


Wade Barrett will be out of action for 3-4 months and will miss WrestleMania 28. Barrett underwent surgery on his dislocated elbow earlier this week and the injury is said to be far worse than originally expected.

Barrett’s injury has caused major changes to WrestleMania 28 as the plan was to have Barrett win the Money in the Bank ladder match and carry the briefcase. WWE decided this week to pull the Money in the Bank match from WrestleMania 28 due to Barrett’s injury.

Barrett wrote earlier this week that he would be off Twitter for a few months and the injury is why.


“The Living Legend” Bruno Sammartino appeared on Busted Open with Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca, which airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Sirius 92 and XM 207. Highlights from his interview are as follows:

The WWE Hall of Fame and Vince McMahon: “Okay, first of all, let’s talk about the Hall of Fame. You see what people don’t understand about this Hall of Fame, they say that I’m being stubborn now. That’s not true. The first year he came out with the Hall of Fame, they totally ignored me like I didn’t exist. They named certain people—I don’t even remember who they inducted first—but they got these people. I was never even mentioned because that was McMahon—in my opinion—that was his way of showing me that “you don’t mean nothing to us” or “you’re out, you’re finished, you’re a has-been”. OK. But what happened was, it backfired on him because people called, wrote in, all kinds of stuff like “how the heck could you call that Hall of Fame? Here’s a guy who’s World Champion for almost twelve years. Sold out the Garden more times than all these blah blah blah, and he’s not in Hall of Fame…” It was because I guess he didn’t expect that kind of reaction.

“And after that a few years later, his attorney contacted me (Jerry McDevitt) and tried to talk me to go into it, and I said no, that I was not interested in it. I said first of all because I don’t believe I had part of that part of the wrestling. I was in the WWWF, not the WWF that he had which he transformed into something completely different from the wrestling that I had been involved with, number one. And I said so I don’t want no part of that Hall of Fame. And then also because,, when people say to me—the few, because most people understood me—but those who didn’t, I would ask them, I’d say “If you ‘re gonna go to this Hall of Fame, would you want to take your kids or whatever, tell me, where do you take ‘them?” I said, don’t you get it? This is strictly a marketing gimmick; this is no Hall of Fame! Where’s the building? Where’s the place that people can go to and see, what? And where does a guy like—eh, what’s his name—[Drew] Carey, a show host belonging to a wrestling Hall of Fame, or Refrigerator Perry or Pete Rose or Bob Uecker… These guys were all great guys and I’m not against any of them. They were all great at what they did, but what do they have to do with wrestling? So to me, I’d be embarrassed! I wouldn’t want any part of that kind of a “Hall of Fame”. And as far as McMahon and I…repairing our relationship, I don’t think it’s possible. I made it myself very very clear from the beginning: I totally disagree and went against what’s he done to wrestling. ”

Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan still wrestling: “Nah, I find it almost disgusting. Let me tell you something real quickly: When I was wrestling, I made a promise to myself that I would get out of that and retire, regardless whether I could afford to or not. When I didn’t feel that I could be on top anymore. In other words, where I wasn’t getting the job done, where I wasn’t drawing the crowds, and so forth. And I always paid close attention to every place I wrestled to see what the crowds wants and so forth. And I wanted to get out before it got bad, and I did. When I got out, we were selling out everywhere. I’m sure you’re familiar with the program I did with Larry Zbyszko; we sold out everything. And that’s when I retired. I retired right after that, that’s where I wanted to go out. This guy should have been out twenty years ago. To me it’s a shame, it’s a disgrace, no self-respect, no shame, no nothing, because—he should be ashamed!—because he looks like hell and he just don’t belong! He just don’t belong. [Hulk] Hogan’s the same thing for god’s sakes! Recently in England he had the audacity to say that he drew the house in Shea Stadium where Zbyszko and I sold out! (Zybszko and I, we sell out everywhere!) He was on the card, he takes credit for that house. Yet, he and André [the Giant], right after that show they went to, uh—what’s that arena in White Plains, New York—it’s holds four thousand, they only drew eleven hundred people. But as far as wrestling, like I said, he stunk then and he still has the audacity to go in the ring today once in a while. I don’t understand it, why these guys do that. I’m sure financially they must be okay ‘cause they were in it when the big money came into it. So I don’t know if they have no shame or what. But to watch these guys… I never watch wrestling, but I watched a couple times because friends call me up and say, hey you wanna see Hogan he’s gonna be in the ring, or Flair. And I look and I shake my head and I say, My god these people have no shame, no self-respect, no pride, nothing’.”

Kurt Angle: “Kurt Angle—we all know, right, he was an Olympian and a gold medalist—but even in the ring as he made the transition from amateur to professional, the guy can do some phenomenal, good, solid stuff. And he’s got that background so nobody can question or deny that he’s a wrestler. Yeah, I wish there were more Kurt Angles in there. And even if not in his caliber, in my day there were a lot of guys who were not Olympic champions or anything like that but they were great wrestlers in that ring. And it’s gone. They knew—as we put it—they knew how to tell a story. They knew how to make this match, if there’s gonna be a return match to where the people couldn’t wait for that return match to come. Because these were great talent, they knew what they were doing in the ring, they looked good, they weren’t a bunch of steroid freaks, but they were genuinely big guys who knew how to wrestle who were athletic. And now it’s a completely different thing. Yeah, Kurt Angle is one of the greats and too bad there aren’t more of him.”


In response to rumors of backstage jealousy and resentment over Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stealing the spotlight at WrestleMania XXVIII, former WWE Superstar Carlito went on Twitter to defend The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment against “the boys.”

“My opinion on The Rock is that everybody should be thankful that he’s back. Did he come back to save his movie career? Of course, so what? The Rock saved ‘Mania last year and this year too. Do any of u see any other wrestler right now that can sell out ‘Mania?” he wrote.

“The “boys” should be happy that ‘Mania will be a big success and fans shouldn’t even really care as to why Rock is back.”

— Former WWE star Diamond Dallas Page stated during the PWTorch Livecast this week that he was backstage at last week’s Raw live event at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, California.

— Eve’s victory over Natalya on Friday’s SmackDown extends the third generation wrestler’s televised singles match losing streak to twelve consecutive losses. Her last win took place on the August 5, 2011 SmackDown, over A.J.


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