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Piper & Legends House, Former WWE Star Modeling, Gillberg Incident, Holly, Bret Hart Submits DNA for Project, Eugene Teases Rumble Appearance, Sting Comments on His Injury Suffered Last Night In London, Update on Jeff Hardy

January 29, 2012   ·   0 Comments

¬†Jeff Hardy wasn’t booked on the current TNA tour of the UK likely due to his legal conviction in North Carolina, reports PWInsider.

– We noted last night that Sting appeared to have blown his heel out at last night’s TNA Impact Wrestling tapings in London.

Sting wrote the following on Twitter and says he doesn’t think the injury is serious:

“Although i couldn’t finish the way you all deserved last night I believe my injury is not serious..”

“just limping along- again, I don’t believe it is serious. It really did limit me last night”

Sting was also asked if the injury was part of a storyline and he said no.

As noted last week, 25-year old Quentin V. Washington died after training at former WWE star Gillberg’s wrestling school in Maryland. Jackson apparently hit his head hard, returned to the ring and began vomiting before passing out. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced brain dead. Jackson’s family is planning to pursue legal action against Gillberg’s school. They also want medical officials to be required at wrestling schools.

Former WWE Superstar Bob “Hardcore” Holly turns 49 years old today.

– Former WWE Superstar Vladimir Kozlov wrote on Twitter that he has been training for MMA. Kozlov is also doing some modeling now as he recently did a photoshoot for Socialite Magazine.

– WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper continues to ramble about Legends House on his Twitter. Piper says he doesn’t want to participate in the Network show and is leaning towards not doing it but has until February 1st to decide. Piper also wrote that the show will be PG.

– WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart recently submitted his DNA to National Geographic’s Spencer Wells, who is director of The Genographic project – a scientific study that is collecting DNA samples from around the world to create a detailed genetically-based map of human migration. Bret is representing Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Bret will be in attendance for Wells’ National Geographic Live presentation on Deep Ancestry from the Jack Singer Concert Hall on February 7th in Calgary.

– Former WWE star Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore is teasing that he will be at tonight’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Dinsmore recently worked for TNA’s Ring Ka King promotion in India. He wrote the following on Twitter Saturday:

“Guess who is packing for a flight and the Royal Rumble is tomorrow????”

– Former WWE Superstar MVP shot down rumors that he would be a surprise entrant in tonight’s Royal Rumble match. He wrote:

“I don’t know who started the Royal Rumble rumors but I PROMISE you MVP is NOT a surprise entrant. This year…”




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