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Reby Sky Goes Off On Sid’s Raw Appearance Following String Of No-Shows, Rating For This Week’s Raw SuperShow, Sable Not On Twitter, Vickie Guerrero, More

June 28, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Monday’s Raw SuperShow saw “Sycho” Sid Vicious make his much anticipated return to WWE after a fifteen year hiatus as he dismantled Heath Slater. Though many people were happy to see the “Master and Ruler of the World” resurface on national television, Reby Sky was not among them. The female grappler feels he doesn’t deserve the spotlight after no-showing multiple independent events in the past year.

“That piece of sh*t Sid no-shows almost EVERY show in the last yr but prances onto Raw. Please tell us again how much u LOVE “the business,” she wrote on Twitter after seeing him appear on television. “Guess he managed not to “lose his wallet” this time. Sad thing is, now that he got 10 more mins of fame he’ll get more bookings to NO-SHOW.”

Sky continued, “F*CK people like that. You f*ck with peoples’ time, money & professional integrity because you’re too much of a douche to keep your word.

“I’m all for hustlin, but BLACKMAILING promotors into giving you more $ after threatening not to show then STILL not showing after they do…

“Makes me sick. .”

Vicious skipped an advertised match against Sky’s boyfriend Matt Hardy for Pro Wrestling Syndicate on March 9, explaining that his wallet was stolen and therefore couldn’t make his scheduled flight. In response, event promoter Pat Buck called Vicious during the show and had the audience boo him while leaving a voice message. Buck then disclosed Vicious’ phone number to fans.

– Monday’s Raw SuperShow drew a 3.28 cable rating, down from 3.42 the week before. The program averaged 4,710,000 viewers compared to 4,960,000 the week before.

Raw averaged 4,590,000 viewers in the first hour before increasing to 4,840,000 in the second.

– Vickie Guerrero donated 90 WWE collectible items to the El Paso Children’s Hospital last week.

– The June 23 airing of CMT’s Redneck Island starring Steve Austin drew a 0.45 cable rating, with 707,000 viewers.

– Former WWE Women’s Champion Sable is not on Twitter as rumored; the account was removed Tuesday. Sable fansite RenaLesnar.net contacted her manager/lawyer and confirmed the account as an impostor. A Twitter page representing itself as Sid Vicious plugged the account.

– WWE issued an apology Tuesday afternoon via WWE.com for a technical malfunction on last night’s Raw SuperShow. A local television commercial aired during the first minute of the program.

Their statement reads: “Due to a technical malfunction at USA Network’s Master Control, the opening of last night’s Raw SuperShow was inadvertently interrupted by a 60-second local spot. On behalf of USA Network and those of us here at WWE, we apologize for this error.

To watch the first three minutes of the program, click here.

– WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch stated on Twitter Tuesday: “My sweet love got a call from the WWE today..fingers crossed everyone!! @DamienDarling.”

Darling, her boyfriend, is a twenty-six year old Northeast-based independent wrestler.

– Matt Striker turns 38 years old today while Larry Sharpe turns 61.

Brodus Clay, Naomi and Cameron will be appearing at the Steiner Sports Store in the Roosevelt Field Mall from Garden City, New York on September 22nd from 1pm until 3pm.

– Joey Styles wrote on Twitter that WWE won’t be releasing an ECW Unreleased Volume 2 DVD and Blu-ray without great sales for the ECW Unreleased Volume 1 that was released several weeks back.

– WWE Hall of Famer Afa will be the special guest at FCW this week, helping to train talents.

– WWE has announced that they will appoint a permanent General Manager of RAW and SmackDown during the 1,000th RAW episode on July 23rd.


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