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Scott Hall Update, Report on HHH’s Involvement in Ty Bailey’s WWE Departure, WWE CFO Provides Update on the WWE Network, Talks Creating New Top Superstars

March 16, 2012   ·   0 Comments

– As noted before, WWE executive Ty Bailey, who worked under John Laurinaitis, was let go from the company on March 9th. Bailey was originally the person Laurinaitis put in charge of WWE developmental. When Triple H took over developmental months ago, Bailey began reporting to him directly.

Triple H’s developmental changes have been in the works for some time and Bailey’s departure is seen as Triple H’s first major move.

– Scott Hall was released from WWE-sponsored rehab on March 6th. Hall visited the Team Vision Dojo in Orlando on March 7th with his son Cody, who is training to be a pro wrestler. Hall was said to be doing well.

WWE CFO George Barrios spoke at the annual ROTH OC Growth Stock Conference in California earlier this week.

Barrior spoke about the WWE Network and said that the company is in intense negotiations with cable companies. Barrios talked about WWE being close to having a plan to distribute the content and how they feel this is still the best option to monetize more of their content.

WWE plans to spend $35-$45 million more on the WWE Network in 2012.

Barrios was asked why WWE hasn’t made new big Superstars to replace the ones who have recently left and the ones who will be leaving soon like Triple H and The Undertaker. Barrios talked about how WWE is going through turning over their roster after several injuries and retirements. He admitted that WWE does not know who the next big Superstar is right now.

Monday’s WWE RAW Supershow from Cleveland did a 3.29 cable rating with 4.84 million viewers. RAW was the #1 show on cable for the night and unlike recent trends, it did better in the second hour – largely due to the segment with Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker.

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler lost 6,000 viewers coming out of the opener with John Cena rapping. That’s a good loss as usually the second RAW segment loses several hundred thousand viewers. David Otunga & Mark Henry vs. Santino Marella gained 225,000 viewers – also a good number and a good sign for the Teddy Long vs. John Laurinaitis storyline.

Brodus Clay vs. Jinder Mahal lost 276,000 viewers while the segment with Michaels and Undertaker gained 869,000 viewers to a 3.73 quarter rating. This is the best quarter on RAW in several weeks. CM Punk vs. The Miz then lost 888,000 viewers – which is the biggest segment drop in a while.

Jack Swagger vs. Randy Orton gained 58,000 viewers. The final segment with The Rock singing gained 509,000 viewers, which is actually below average for an overrun. It did a 3.51 quarter rating. The final segment with The Rock went from a 3.1 to a 3.8 rating with Males 18-49, from a 2.3 to a 2.7 in Teen Males, from 1.3 to 1.4 in Women 18-49 and stayed at a 1.1 rating for Teen Females.



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