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The Mat Pack prediction contest.

January 8, 2012   ·   0 Comments

The Mat Pack prediction contest.


New Year, New Show, Lets get it started.

Rob Van Dam vs Gunner


Addy Mac: So Gunner is destroying everyone and Rob Van Dam has basically given up on his goal of getting back his TNA Championship. Remember when he said he was coming for it back a year a go? Nah me neither. RVD will win because TNA will want to keep him happy but no doubt Gunner will be shown as a monster after the final bell.


Winner: Rob Van Dam


Tom Pritchard: I feel sorry for these two guys at it seems they’re just floating about, even with Gunner’s feud with Garrett Bischoff, it seems like he’s just there to provide a body to get the guy over. RVD on the other hand is doing… well, nothing of note. It seems like a bit of a throwaway match unfortunately and I’m sure these guys could do something with some good build that I’d hope to see sometime. I’ll go with an RVD win here just to keep him rolling.


Winner: Rob Van Dam


Gavin Tones: A last minute addition to the card RVD has nothing to do and Gunner has been slapping a bitch for a while and looks to be on a bit of a streak which tells me he could stay on a streak, I know RVD basically gets to win EVERY single match but I am thinking even if there is interference Gunner will get the victory just to become that little bit more noticed.


Winner: Gunner


Overall Outcome: Rob Van Dam (2-1)

Crimson & Matt Morgan vs. Samoa Joe & Magnus


Addy Mac: So we have four men brought together because TNA has no ideas for them. I still think this could be a great match if Joe is motivated and puts on a quality performance. I think Crimson and Morgan will take the victory but it will be interesting to see if TNA mentions the fact that Magnus just beat Matt Morgan for the Ring Ka King Championship?


Winners and still TNA Tag Team Champions: Crimson & Matt Morgan


Tom Pritchard: So two new teams face off for the Tag titles and any other time I’d be very tempted to go with Magnus and Joe picking up the surprise win, but with Morgan and Crimson being new themselves, I can’t see them losing the belts just yet. I’m going with a narrow victory for the champions and a rematch to happen in the near future.


Winners and still TNA Tag Team Champions: Crimson & Matt Morgan


Gavin Tones: There has definitely been a gap in the tag team market in TNA for a few months now so the question is can it be filled by Crimson & Morgan? The answer is no because I just think as powerful and dominating as they are together I just think as a tag team they are boring and Crimson can’t exactly carry on his undefeated streak as a tag team and I like the pairing of Joe and Magnus plus there is a UK tour soon so having Magnus be a champion would be a crowd pleaser no?


Winner and New TNA Tag Team Champions: Samoa Joe & Magnus


Overall Outcome: Crimson and Matt Morgan (2-1)

Austin Aries vs. Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Zema Ion


Addy Mac: This match is certainly going to be MOTN and will probably showcase why Austin Aries is the greatest x-division champion that ever lived. I think the finish will see Kid Kash screw Jesse Sorensen out of the pinfall on Zema Ion and Aries will pick up the scraps and continue to dominate the X-Division at least until maybe Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin come back.


Winner and still TNA X-Division Champion: Austin Aries


Tom Pritchard: Nobody seems like a true X-Division champion here except for Aries, with Kash as a potential short-term champion. I want to see Aries retain and just let him run riot on the division until there’s a contender who can actually take the belt from him and keep the image up, but now that his challengers are all in one match it seems reason enough to think that he’ll lose it and not be involved in the decision, cue the Aries tantrums!


Winner and New TNA X-Division Champion: Kid Kash


Gavin Tones: I think this will probably be the reason to even watch Genesis this match should be fast, high flying and an all round joy to watch, I love what double A has been doing since coming to TNA and he has defended well but this will be his biggest challenge but to be honest I still think he will win for the simple fact that “he’s the greatest man that ever lived” and to put it bluntly he’s better than all of them.


Winner and Still TNA X-Division Champion: Austin Aries


Overall Outcome: Austin Aries (2-1)


Abyss vs Bully Ray


Addy Mac: When you usually see a stipulation like this you normally go for the babyface to overcome the odds and win and remain free but in this case the more interesting story is if Abyss loses and is forced to join so I am going with the TNA MVP Bully Ray winning and then making Abyss his bitch for a couple of months.


Winner: Bully Ray


Tom Pritchard: An interesting stipulation, I don’t really see why Immortal is still about but apparently Abyss could well be the newest member. I can’t see anything other than a Bully Ray win here, unless Steiner stops it from happening? Who knows. I’ll say Ray wins and Steiner kicks off anyway.


Winner: Bully Ray


Gavin Tones: I think this could be a half decent match if they did it properly there is not a lot I can say though Abyss was part of immortal they pushed him too far he got angry and “Hulk smash” then they have been trying to get him back for weeks to no avail really and now to finally be free he must defeat Bully Ray in a match he basically made famous, is it all to convenient though? There is bound to be someone getting involved but I still think this will be the final nail in the coffin for Abyss and Immortal.


Winner: Abyss


Overall Outcome: Bully Ray (2-1)

Gail Kim vs Mickie James


Addy Mac: These two put on a quality match last week on Impact and I expect much of the same to happen here. I expect that the result will change and we will have Mickie James come out as the winner but by count-out or disqualification thus keeping the title on Kim for a couple more months. Either way it will be a good match.


Winner: Mickie James but still TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim


Tom Pritchard: This one is a strange one to call, Mickie has failed before in the title match and there’s something about this that says she should win, but Gail Kim hasn’t long come in and needs a good title run to remain strong. This being TNA though… I’ll go with a Mickie win and take a guess that they’ll take cool the jets on Gail Kim, unlikely though.


Winner and New Knockouts Champion: Mickie James


Gavin Tones: These two knockouts have have been fighting a lot lately and the matches have actually been decent and since I can’t really stand Mickie James I’d like to see Gail Kim win and I think she will win if I’m honest she has been on fire as of late and if also she has Madison in her corner that’s a double bonus but Mickie’s matches tend to be her taking a pounding then pulling a victory from nowhere or her taking a pounding mounting a come-back then being screwed.


Winner and Still Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim


Overall Outcome: Mickie James (2-1)

D’Angelo Dinero vs Devon


Addy Mac: Do you remember when TNA was building this feud before and then suddenly stopped doing it? And guess what…I didn’t care for it then. Dinero showed up fighting people like Styles and Storm not wrestling the weaker member of Team 3D. I expect that Devon will get a cheap roll up win followed by a post match beat down by Dinero and his ‘boys.’


Winner: Devon


Tom Pritchard: Annoyingly, this is one of those feuds that got lost in the shuffle prior to Bound For Glory and they decided to revive it after the event. It’s lost most, if not all, of its momentum which is a shame because had it been given consistent time on TV, this could have meant something and been the restart of Pope’s ascension through the ranks. I’m still hoping for that, so…


Winner: D’Angelo Dinero


Gavin Tones:This storyline is god awful I have to say it’s like someone got bored and decided yeah that would be a good idea well……….you were wrong. To me this seems pretty easy to predict as we all know it is going to end in a match where Devon says “if I win I get my kids back” so for that to happen I think that Devon will lose this match because of interference from his traitorous spawn.


Winner: D’Angelo Dinero


Overall Outcome: D’Angelo Dinero (2-1)

Kurt Angle vs James Storm


Addy Mac: Angle seems set on trying to make Storm and Storm is doing everything in his power to become TNA’s peoples champion. I want to say Storm wins but with the way this feud is going especially since Storm has a pay per view victory over Angle so I expect Angle to cheat and get the victory drawing the feud to ones a peace and then go on to have the blow off match next month with a stipulation added with a title shot involved probably.


Winner: Kurt Angle


Tom Pritchard: The beauty of this match is that Kurt Angle doesn’t need to win, but James Storm needs if he’s to become something important to the company. I’d like to see a Storm win, and that’s what I expect to see.


Winner: James Storm


Gavin Tones: I think this match is going to be good whenever they face each other the match quality is up there so I don’t see why this match shouldn’t be, it’s quite hard to pick a winner as Storm does have that victory over Angle but since then Angle has been calling him a cheat so with this in mind and I can’t see Storm beating Angle twice with o reply I think Kurt is going to win but I think maybe he will cheat.


Winner: Kurt Angle


Overall Outcome: Kurt Angle (2-

Bobby Roode vs Jeff Hardy


Addy Max: If Hardy wins then TNA will come off as a complete joke. I understand Hardy is a big name but comparing him to Eddie is not cool and giving the belt to someone who has just got out of legal trouble not to mention the fact that he turned up as champion off his face and unable to perform is down right REDONKULAS! So the selfish era will continue and will no doubt be a cheap victory.


Winner and still TNA Champion: Bobby Roode.


Tom Pritchard: I see where TNA are trying to go with Hardy, making him the face looking for redemption and trying to regain the respect of his peers… and I get the feeling it’ll culminate in him finally winning the World title. Which I don’t like. I don’t want it to happen anytime soon given the shambles of his last run and therefore believe TNA should give him time before doing this again. I’m going to say, for the sake of my sanity and others, that Roode retains and has the opportunity to make something of his own title reign before eventually losing it, probably to Hardy – or Storm.


Winner and still TNA Champion: Bobby Roode.


Gavin Tones: We have all been forced to listen to the “selfish generation” from Roode and Hardy’s “I’m sorry I’ll do better, they have ridiculously contrasting styles and due to the fact that Roode hasn’t actually done a lot that’s selfish as of yet this tells me that he is going to retain but I wouldn’t be surprised if he retained by DQ or count out or something but I’m not too sure but if I’m honest I don’t actually think Hardy deserves a title shot yet let alone a tile run


Winner and still TNA Champion: Bobby Roode.


Overall Outcome: Bobby Roode (3-0)

Current Standings


Marty: 5 out of 6

Gavin:  5 out of 6

Adam: 4 1/2 out of 6

Tom: 4 out of 6



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