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TNA Impact Wrestling Results 4/19/12

April 23, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Report by Stuart Carapola & PWinsider.com

Bobby Roode comes out to start the show and address the fans. He says that he’s still the World Champion and it feels so good, because he came out here several weeks ago saying he was going to beat James Storm in front of his friends, family, and friends in his own backyard of Nashville, and he made good on his promise. He gives James Storm credit because he promised that he was going to drill him with the Last Call, and he sure did hit him with it, but it caused the destruction of his dreams and his destiny because he still stands before us as the World Heavyweight Champion. He has defeated each and every hero thrown in his path: James Storm, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and Sting, and as far as the champ is concerned, there’s no heroes left for him to beat.

Ken Anderson’s music hits and here he comes! He says he’ll beat Roode, take his title, and he won’t need a beer bottle to do it. Roode says that while he’s been sitting home in Green Bay for months and being an asshole, Roode has been here being the most dominant World Champion in the history of the company, so as far as Roode is concerned, there’s a bunch of other guys in the locker room who are more deserving of a title shot, so he can go to the back of the line. Now Jeff Hardy’s music hits and he says the only reason Roode is still the champion is because of Kurt Angle, but now he’s out of the way and he wants his title shot. Anderson says he was out here first, and Hardy says it’s his turn and to listen to the people. They start arguing with Bobby Roode egging them both on, but Hulk Hogan appears on the ImpactTron and says that since both Hardy and Anderson want a title shot, they’ll go at it in tonight’s main event with the winner going on to face Roode at Sacrifice.

Crimson & Bully Ray vs Matt Morgan & X Division Champion Austin Aries

Aries is in battle mode, handing his title belt to So Cal Val and chasing Bubba right out to the floor while Crimson and Morgan go at it. Morgan with a twirly uranage and goes for the Carbon Footprint, but Crimson dodges and Morgan hangs himself up on the top rope. Bubba comes across the apron and makes it worse by grabbing Morgan’s foot and dropping to the floor, then slamming Morgan’s leg down on the ring apron. Crimson dodges a roaring clothesline and hits a T-bone suplex on Morgan. Bubba tags inand cranks on Morgan’s leg, then tags Crimson in so he can grapvine Morgan’s legand catch him ina heel hook. Morgan makes the ropes, so Bubba comes back in, points at Aries and yells “You gonna tag your bitch in?” and goes back to work on the leg. Morgan finally lays Crimson out with the roaring clothesline and he finally makes the tag to Aries, who goes nuts on Bubba before dropkicking Crimson’s legs out from under him and springboarding off his back to leap onto Bubba and drill him with right hands before leaping back off of Bubba to nails Crimson with a double axhandle. Crimson goes for a spear, but Aries dodges and Crimson nails Bubba. Morgan clotheslines Crimson out to the floor and holds the ropes open so Aries can hit the heat seeking missile, then comes back in and nails Bubba with the IED. Aries goes for the brainbuster, but Bubba rolls Aries up and gets the pinfall win with a handful of tights.

Winners: Bully Ray & Crimson

Garett Bischoff is backstage, and he’s…WALKING!

The Mystery Cameraman is backstage asking Jeff Hardy the moron question of the night by asking if it’s his turn or Ken Anderson’s turn, but Hardy gives an even stupider answer by saying it’s both of their turn and they’ll decide who gets the title shot later tonight.

Garett Bischoff comes out with his Lethal Lockdown team to thunderous applause from the crowd for getting rid of his old man. Can’t say I disagree with the sentiment. He says that Lockdown was one of the biggest nights of his life: the stakes were high, the task was tough, but they all fought a hell of a fight, came out on top, and they were victorious and got rid of his old man once and for all. He thanks his partners and says he couldn’t have done it without them, and then AJ takes the mic and says that Garett has some balls. He took a beating, got back up, and smashed a guitar over his daddy’s head. Uh oh, Ric Flair’s music hits and here comes The Old Man. He says that the talent in that ring, and there is talent in that ring, but they’re all only here because of Eric ********. Yes, they actually bleeped his name out. He says Garett is a disrespectful punk, and next week he’s going to throw a party in tribute to Eric ******** and they better stay home because they’re not invited. That’s pretty funny actually.

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are backstage, and Daniels says that people have been asking him for months what the secret is that he was holding over Kazarian’s head, but it was never about Kazarian, it was about AJ Styles. But if everyone still wants to know what the secret is, we might just find out tonight.

Devon comes up to Samoa Joe and Brutus Magnus backstage and asks if they know why Hogan asked them all to come out to the ring and be ready tonight. Magnus says he doesn’t know, but they’re always ready because they’re champions. Devon says that’s damn right, and he’ll see them out in the ring.

Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles

They tie up and AJ takes Angle to the corner, he tries a charge but runs into Angle’s boot. Angle gets a rear waistlock, AJ pops his hands and goes behind…and the screen goes black for about ten seconds and then we go to commercial. Okay then!

Okay, we’re back and AJ is unloading on Angle, but Angle reverses a whip and AJ goes crashing hard into the corner. Angle drives AJ out to the apron, but AJ comes back in with a springboard flying forearm as we see Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian at ringside. He goes for the Styles Clash, but then sees Daniels and goes after him. Daniels hands him an envelope and AJ looks inside, and whatever’s inside is so shocking that AJ forgets about the match completely and asks Daniels where he got this. Angle sneaks in behind and rolls him up for 3.

Winner: Kurt Angle

AJ just stares up the ramp at a very pleased Daniels and Kazarian as even Angle

Joseph Park is backstage and finds Gunner. He has some more questions and Gunner tries to blow him off, but Park grabs him by the arm, explains what a default judgment is, and asks him point blank where his brother is. Gunner tells him that last time he saw Abyss, he was with Bully Ray and to ask him, then shoves Park away and walks off.

We’re out to the ring where Samoa Joe & Brutus Magnus, Gail Kim, Devon…okay, Spike’s feed gets all messed up again, the screen goesblank, and we hear a test pattern beep until we go to commercial again.

Okay, we’re back at Impact and all the champions are in the ring, but Hulk Hogan sees Rob Van Dam on his way to the ring and says that he wants to make tonight’s Hardy-Anderson match a three way and suggests that maybe he ought to get someone who was a champion and never lost his title. RVD says he knows somebody, and Hogan says he does too, and it’s R…V…D. He says Van Dam is in the main event, then heads out to the ring to address the champions.

Hogan announces Open Fight Night, which will consist of a few things: first, a wrestler from outside TNA will have the chance to come in and wrestle, and if Hogan and his panel of three judges all like the wrestler, they’ll be signed to a TNA contract. Also, any wrestler can challenge any other wrestler and the person being challenged has to show up, including the champions. Bobby Roode is pissed off and asks Hogan if he knows who he is, and then Gail Kim asks Hogan who gets to decide which champions are wrestling, and Hogan says he would. Finally, he wants to inform Devon that his TV Title will now be defended every week on Impact Wrestling. Hey, that sounds good! And since Gail is already in the ring…

Knockouts Champion Gail Kim ,Madison Rayne, Sarita & Rosita vs Tara, Brooke Tessmacher, Mickie James & Velvet Sky

Velvet and Sarita start us off with a bunch of fast paced twirly stuff, but Rosita comes in and finds herself on the receiving end of several knees and a bulldog from Velvet. Gail tags in and starts kicking the crap out of Velvet and flattens her with a running clothesline for 2. Velvet goes for her Pedigree, but Gail slips out and tags to Madison, who quickly find herself on the receiving end of a beating at the hands of Mickie James. Mickie suckerpunches Rosita and goes up top, but Sarita shoves her off and she bounces off the ropes before Madison covers for 2. Rosita in with a series of boots and a flying headscissors off of Mickie’s knees for 2. Mickie ducks a clothesline and counters to a neckbreaker and makes the hot tag to Tara, who comes in and cleans house on Sarita. Tara with a BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK BODYDROP on Sarita, followed by a slam, and then the ass shaking standing moonsault for 2. Brroke comes in and TNT work Sarita over and mock her with their own hip swivel, then Brooke takes Gail out with a series of clotheslines and a faceplant. She goes for a cover, but now all the Knockouts wind up in the ring and then fight out to the fllor while Gail and Brooke are left alone in the ring. Brooke goes for a monkey flip and Gail blocks and goes for a cover with her feet on the ropes, but Velvet comes over and shoves Gail’s feet off the ropes to break up the fall. Gail goes after Velvet, and Brooke rolls Gail up from behind for the win.

Winners: Tara, Brooke Tessmacher, Velvet Sky & Mickie James

Velvet is gleefully rubbing it in Gail’s face from the ramp and tells her it’s not over.

Ken Anderson is backstage talking about how much he loves the idea of Open Fight Night and he’ll win tonight and show Bobby Roode that he hasn’t forgotten about the title shot.

Eric Young and ODB are on their honeymoon talking about how great their wedding and honeymoon has been, and EY has an icepack on his crotch from too much friction. He chases off some guy who came to take their order, then went back to ODB and getting his crotch iced.

James Storm is backstage, and he’s…WALKING!

TV Title Match: Devon vs Gunner

Gunner jumps Devon before the bell and beats him down in the corner before rubbing his eyes against the top rope. Gunner continues unloading with heavy punishment, but Devon starts firing back with right hands and chops of his own. He whips Gunner into the corner, but charges right into his boot and then Gunner hits a clothesline for 2. Gunner chokes Devon on the ropes and gets another clothesline for 2. Devon suddenly hits a spear out of nowhere and comes back with back elbows and a flying shoulderblock. Devon with a Thesz Press and a leaping headbutt off the ropes. Devon hits a running splash in the corner and a flying clothesline, ducks a clothesline from Gunner, and hits a spinebuster for the win.

Winner: Devon

James Storm comes out to the ring and shakes Devon’s hand as he makes his return to the locker room, and we’ll find out what he has to say next!

Okay, we’re back and Storm says he just wanted to come out here real quick and say something to his family, friends, fans, and people here in the Impact Zone…and that’s that he’s sorry. He feels like he let everyone down because he said he was going to win the World Title and it was something he believed that he was going to do. He didn’t just want to cause Roode pain for the disrepsect he showed his family and the fans, he wanted to hurt him, and that’s where his ego got involved because he looked at the paramedics attending to Roode and he thought that was good enough. But when he got to the back, he wondered if he’s good enough and if this is something he still wants to do, then he had to take the long drive home, and when he tucked his daughter in, she asked where the World Title belt was and it killed him to tell her that he didn’t win it. Anybody with kids don’t want to make their kid think they’re a failure, and he had to look at himself in the mirror, but when he did, he saw a man that was beat. But even though Bobby Roode won the match, he didn’t beat Storm. He beat himself, and for 15 years he’s wrestled with all kinds of injuries, and he did it because every time he got in the ring and the fans would chant his name (fans start a “Cowboy” chant), it makes this a piece of Heaven for him and he thanks each and every one of them for his life. Most of all, he wants to say he’s sorry to his dad, who’s up in Heaven right now, and Roode said something that stuck in his head about his luck, and maybe he was right. Maybe Storm’s luck has run out (fans start booing and yelling no at him), and Storm gets ready to continue, but just drops the microphone and walks to the back as the fans chant “Cowboy” at him.

It’s main event time!

#1 Contender Match: Rob Van Dam vs Jeff Hardy vs Ken Anderson

None of the three guys show any sign of how much they all wanted to kill each other a couple of years ago. Anderson ducks past Hardy and lays RVD out with a clothesline, Hardy goes after Anderson but RVD lays both men out with clotheslines and hits the stepover leg lariat on Anderson. RVD with the rolling monkey flip out of the corner, then comes off the top with a leaping thrust kick. Hardy clips RVD’s knee from behind and gets the dropping leg cradle for 2. Hardy with a running forearm in the corner on RVD, followed by the slingshot dropkick into the corner, and completes the combo with a gourdbuster for 2. Anderson grabs Hardy and skee balls him ribs first into the ringpost before covering RVD for a 1 count. Anderson fires forearms across RVD’s face and gets him in a rear chinlock, RVD gets out but Anderson spikes him with a DDT. He goes for a cover, but Hardy breaks the fall at 2 and hits the Whisper In The Wind on Anderson. Anderson recovers and gets a swinging neckbreaker on Hardy before eating another leg lariat from RVD, who follows up with Rolling Thunder on Hardy. Anderson picks RVD up and hits the Finlay Roll, Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Anderson, and drags himself up to the top rope. Hardy hits the Swanton, but RVD drills Hardy with a leg lariat and hits the Five Star Notebook Splash on Anderson. Hardy goes for another Twist of Fate on RVD, but RVD counters to a split legged backslide for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Hardy seems to be taking this loss extremely badly, and RVD goes over to check on him as we watch a replay of the finish. Hardy shakes RVD’s hand and hugs him before heading to the back so RVD can celebrate becoming the #1 contender.


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