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TNA Impact Wrestling Results 4/5/12

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We start off with a look back at last week when Hulk Hogan accepted the job as the new GM of Impact Wrestling, and we go to the Impact Zone where Dixie Cartner has called all the wrestlers out to the ring for a meeting as she again introduces our new GM. Hogan reiterates how he would have never taken the job back if it weren’t for Sting watching his back and he thanks Dixie Carter for another chance, and he says that he met with Creative and they have a bunch of new segments that are going to be coming, but right now he has some Lockdown business to take care of. Hogan makes Matt Morgan vs Crimson for Lockdown, then says he’s had a hard time figuring out who the #1 contender to Gail Kim ought to be, so tonight, we’re going to have a Knockouts Challenge to determine who challenges Gail at Lockdown. There’s one other thing he needs to handle right now, and he wants Eric Bischoff to come out right now. Ric Flair said Bischoff’s not here and he can’t tell anyone anything, and Hogan says he had better get here.

Bobby Roode’s music hits and he comes out with his lawyers, and Hogan doesn’t appreciate him showing up fashionably late. Roode says he can show up whenever he wants, and that Hogan better ask the last GM how things go when he gets pushed too far. Nothing is going to stop him from being the most dominant champion in the history of TNA, and his only obligation from this point forward is Lockdown, where he will embarrass James Storm and successfully defend his title. Until then, the champ’s outta here. Roode turns to lead, but Hogan tells him that things are changing around here, and he calls Ken Anderson into the ring. Hogan says everyone wanted Mr Anderson back, and the fans want to see Anderson take on Roode tonight. Roode loses his mind and tells his legal team to tell him no, but it looks like the match is set.

Hogan also has a message for Kurt Angle, who says he won’t wrestle Jeff Hardy at Lockdown, and that’s true, because he’s going to wrestle him tonight and, by the way, the match is happening right now.

Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy

Hardy takes control early with shoulderblocks and armdrags, Angle manages to escape the armbar but Hardy keeps taking him back down and keeps control of the arm. Angle goes to the eyes and tries to shake his arm out, but gets caught with a flying headscissors and rolls out to the floor. Hardy hits a baseball slide through the ropes and Angle visibly cracks the back of his head on the barricade. Angle is busted open hardway and blood starts running down his head as Hardy slams his face into the ring steps, but Angle catches him with a big right hand and a snap suplex gets 2. Angle goes for another cover, but Hardy is out at 2 again so Angle tries to wear him out with a rear chinlock. Hardy fights his way free and hits the ropes, but Angle catches him coming off with a back elbow and Hardy goes down again as we go to commercial.

We’re back from commercial, and Angle charges Hardy in the corner and runs right into Hardy’s boot, and then Hardy does the Whisper In The Wind and barely grazes Angle, but Angle is nice enough to sell it anyway. Hardy with a forearm off the ropes and goes for the Twist of Fate, but Angle shoves him off into the ropes and catches Hardy in a waistlock as he comes back, trapping Hardy’s arm as well, and hitting a trio of rolling German suplexes. Angle waits for Hardy to get to his feet and goes for the Angle Slam, Hardy slips out and hits the Twist of Fate, then goes up top for the Swanton. Angle pops up and runs up the corner, suplexes Hardy into the middle of the ring, and covers for 2. Angle pulls the straps down and hooks on the Angle lock, Hardy fights his way to the ropes, but Angle drags him back out to the middle of the ring and yells at Hardy to tap. Hardy again begins the arduous crawl to the ropes, and finally manages to kick Angle off and hit an inverted enziguiri. Hardy goes up for the Swanton again, but Angle pulls the referee in the way and Hardy drops off the top rope to go after Angle. Angle shoves the referee out of the way and goes for a low blow, but Hardy catches his fist and nails another series of clotheslines. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, but Angle disengages and heads for the hills. He bails out to the floor and backs his way up the ramp to take the intentional countout loss.

Winner: Jeff Hardy by countout

Hogan is backstage applauding Angle as he comes through the curtain, and he tells Angle that he can’t run and hide anymore, so now he’s booking Angle to face Hardy in the cage at Lockdown.

Ric Flair is backstage on the phone with Eric Bischoff and tells him it’s going down and he’s got to get to the building because Hogan’s doing stuff they need to address right away. Bischoff says he’s on his way, and Flair reiterates that this is an emergency and he needs to get here right away.

The Mystery Cameraman asks Bully Ray for his thoughts on James Storm vs Bobby Roode at Lockdown, and Bubba says that his name is Calfzilla and he’s trending on Twitter even though he’s not even on Twitter. He doesn’t care about Storm and Roode because he’s going to be the next World Champion, and right now he’s going to the ring to take care of a bigger problem. Actually, it’s a really small problem named Austin Aries, and he’ll see him out in the ring.

Bully Ray is in the ring with the microphone, and he wonders why a little guy like Austin Aries would want to piss off a monster like him. Bubba says he’s taken craps bigger than Aries, but now Aries’ music hits and the X Division Champion makes his way out to the ring to have a word with Bubba. Aries shushes the crowd, then bashes Bubba in the skull with the microphone and starts just unloading on Bubba with punches in the corner. Aries tears his jacket and the belt off and goes back after Bubba, but Bubba just picks him up, carries him across the ring, and powerbombs Aries hard onto the mat. Bubba picks up the belt and microphone and asks Aries if he knows who he is, then drops the mic and the belt onto Aries and walks off.

Joseph Park is backstage looking all over catering for his brother, the caterer says he hasn’t seen his brother Chris, so Joseph hands him his card and says to call him if he hears anything.

AJ Styles is backstage saying he thinks Storm will have the advantage over Roode at Lockdown, especially if he can hit the Last Call. Storm comes in and says that Hogan told him that he needs to have a match tonight since Roode has one, and he needs someone Phenomenal to help him get ready for Lockdown. AJ says that he’ll do it, but wants to warn Storm that he’s way faster than Roode, but Storm says that’s fine because, if he can hit the Last Call on AJ, he knows he can hit it on Roode.

Knockouts #1 Contender Match: Mickie James vs Winter vs Angelina Love vs Tara vs Madison Rayne vs Velvet Sky

Tara and Winter start us off and trade wristlocks, but Tara slams Winter and hits a standing moonsault, she goes for a cover but all four of the other girls come in to break up the pin. Angelina tags herself in and goes face to face with her time-traveling lesbian lover. They circle one another, but Winter tags out to Mickie rather than fight Angelina, and Mickie rolls over Angelina with a shoulderblock. Mickie cartwheels past a shot from Angelina and connects with a dropkick. Angelina Tullys Mickie into the second rope, but Mickie ducks another wild swing and hits a neckbreaker. She makes a cover and Madison tries to come in and break up the fall, but Mickie moves out of the way and Madison hits Angelina instead. Velvet tags in and plows over her former partner Angelina with a series of shoulderblocks, but Velvet catches a back elbow to the midsection, followed by a front powerslam from Angelina that puts her down for 2. Madison and Tara tag in and Tara shoves Madison into Angelina, knocking her to the floor, then destroys Madison with a big boot and spinning side suplex. Winter breaks up the cover at 2 and allows Madison to thumb Tara in the eye, and Velvet tags in and tries an O’Connor Roll on Madison. Madison holds the ropes and catches Velvet with a clothesline before hitting her wacky neckbreaker, but now Angelina comes in and gets a funky backbrekaer of her own. Tara comes in and hits the Widow’s Peak on Angelina, Winter comes in and hits a spinning uranage backbreaker on Tara, Mickie hits the leaping DDT on Winter, and finally Velvet hits the sitout Pedigree on Mickie for the win.

Winner: Velvet Sky

Ken Anderson is backstage saying that instead of worrying about what’s going to happen to Roode at Lockdown, we ought to worry about what’s going to happen to him tonight when he faces Anderson. Roode comes in and they have words and almost get into it backstage, but Anderson suggests saving it so they can do this in front of everyone later tonight.

It’s time for Eric Young’s bachelor party, and instead of strippers, he’s got a bunch of laptops set up so Eric and his friends can play fantasy baseball. ODB comes in and says that there’s no girls allowed, but she brought fried chicken and cigars, then asks if they can get porno on his laptop. She tells EY that after they’re married next week, every night will be a bachelor party for him, then she rubs his face in her boobs.

James Storm vs AJ Styles

They tie up and do some back and forth chain wrestling and Storm goes for the Last Call early, but AJ rolls out of the way and tells Storm he’s not going to get him with that. AJ shoots Storm to the ropes, Storm comes off and hits a shoulderblock, he hits the ropes again and AJ goes for a dropkick as well but now Storm holds the ropes. AJ with a go behind and Storm goes to the ropes, but AJ goes for the dropkick again and hits it this time. Storm backdrops AJ to the apron and goes for a shot at him, but AJ drops to the floor and out of Storm’s reach. AJ comes in and goes for a kick, Storm catches the foot and shoves AJ down, then floats right into a side headlock. AJ tries to roll Storm to his back, but can’t quite get him all the way over, so he gets back to his feet and they have a chop exchange. AJ gets a side backbreaker on Storm for a 2 count, then hits a slam and comes off the ropes with the fancy kneedrop. AJ goes after Storm’s legs, but Storm pulls away so AJ goes to a chinlock instead. Storm elbows his way out and goes for Last Call again, but AJ dodges to the side and unloads on Storm with forearms to the skull. AJ goes for a whip, but Storm reverses and sends AJ hard into the corner. Storm with a leaping enziguiri and then he goes up to the top rope, but AJ recovers and hits a leaping Pelle kick. AJ climbs up top with Storm and goes for a Frankensteiner, but Storm drops down to the mat and gives AJ the Eye Of The Storm. Storm goes for the Codebreaker, but AJ blocks and gets Storm in the figure four leglock, and yells at Storm that he can’t throw that kick now. Storm makes it to the ropes, so AJ breaks and goes to a half crab instead. Storm again kicks AJ off, but catches another Pelle kick. AJ goes for a leaping forearm in the corner, but Storm dodges and AJ lands face first on the top turnbuckle with an audible THWACK, and Storm quickly connects with the Last Call, which AJ sells better than anyone else in history, and Storm covers for the win.

Winner: James Storm

Storm helps AJ to his feet and sticks his hand out, and AJ takes it and they shake hands before AJ picks up the beer bottle and hands it to Storm. Storm gets a microphone and tells Roode next week, he wants Roode to come out to the ring and look in his eye one last time before he kicks his teeth down his throat.

Hogan is backstage telling Sting to go home and get better because he’ll need him at 100% to help him do what he needs to do. Sting says it’s not easy having the doctors not let him in the ring, but Hogan says he has things for now and just needs Sting to get healthy.

James Storm’s guys who did his entrance music are backstage being happy when Bobby Roode comes in to introduce himself. He says he was Storm’s buddy too until he cracked the beer bottle over Storm’s head. Roode spits water in one of the guys’ face, leading to a pull apart brawl.

Motor City Machine Guns vs Mexican America

Let’s see, the MCMG got entrance music and Mexican America didn’t. Guess we know how this is going to go. Shelley and Anarquia start us off as Sabin gets “welcome back” chants from the crowd. Shelley beats the crap out of Anarquia and stomps him out in the corner before throwing his gum at him, then drags Anarquia over to his corner and tags in Sabin, who comes off the second rope with a double axhandle and goes for an arm wringer. Hernandez tags in, but takes a kick to the midsection and Sabin goes for a sunset flip. Hernandez blocks and yanks Sabin up by the neck, but Sabin ducks a clothesline and hits a bulldog for 2. Shelley tags in and they hit a series of double teams in the corner on Hernandez, and Shelley goes for a tornado DDT, but Hernandez just shoves him off and Shelley flies clear across the ring. Hernandez bulldozes over Shelley with a shoulderblock, then tags out to Anarquia, who misses a leapfrog splash in the corner. Shelley takes out Hernandez with a leaping enziguiri and tags out to Sabin, who works Anarquia over with kicks and a leaping elbow in the corner. Sabin hangs Anarquia up in the Tree of Woe and hits a delayed basement dropkick. Hernandez breaks up an attempt at the cradle shock driver, Shelley saves Sabin from the Border Toss, then they hit the skull and crossbones for the win.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

Geez, they made it look so easy, didn’t they? Sabin gets a microphone and says they are the Motor City Machine Guns, and they want one thing: the TNA World Tag Team Title.

Ric Flair catches up to Eric Bischoff backstage and tells him what Hogan’s doing, and Bischoff says Hogan needs to know that Flair is a two time Hall of Famer, and he’s going to put Hogan back in his box.

Hulk Hogan says that a little birdie told him that Eric Bischoff has arrived after being conveniently absent earlier, and invites him down to the ring. Eric comes to the top of the ramp and says it’s ironic that they wound up at opposite ends of the spectrum after all they’ve been through together. He never would have thought they’d wind up trying to undermine each other, but it makes sense because there’s too many differences between them to name, and the biggest one is that Hogan’s not a leader, he doesn’t havea vision for others to base their lives and careers on, he’s an opportunist who tags into situations he’s most likely to benefit from while Bischoff is a true leader. Hogan says he’s the leader of blowing hot air on and on and on, and since Eric’s such a great leader, we’re taking care of all the Lockdown business right here. Instead of Garett and Gunner in the cage, how about Eric puts together his finest team, Garett puts together a team of his own, and all the business gets taken care of at Lockdown. If Eric’s team wins, Garett never wrestles in Impact Wrestling again, but if Garett wins, then Eric is going to hit the road and will never be allowed to use the Bischoff name again. Bischoff says we got a deal, so Hogan says that at Lockdown, this thing between Eric and Garett ends one way or another.

We see another video package hyping up Storm vs Roode at Lockdown, with this one featuring Storm’s family talking about how much it hurt Storm to have Roode turn on him like that, and what Roode’s in for at Lockdown.

And with that, it’s main event time!

World Champion Robert Roode vs Ken Anderson

The referee kicks Roode’s security crew out of the ringside area, and then Anderson nails Roode and tosses him into the ring to jump start the match. Roode catches Anderson with a knee to the breadbasket and a vertical suplex, followed by a leaping kneedrop for 2. Roode dishes out a chop in the corner and rams Anderson’s face into the corner turnbuckle, then whips Anderson hard across the ring and Anderson collapses to the mat where Roode covers him for 2. Anderson comes back with a series of clotheslines and a BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK BODYDROP for 2, then the referee inadvertently gets bumped. Anderson hits the Finlay roll and makes a cover, but no referee. Anderson goes to check on him, but Roode grabs a beer bottle…um, from a kid at ringside. Yeah, that’s Florida. Roode cracks the bottle over Anderson’s head and makes the cover, and the referee doesn’t seem to notice the blood on Anderson’s head of the broken glass all over the mat as he counts 3.

Winner: Bobby Roode

James Storm and Hulk Hogan come marching out to the ring, Roode heads for the hills but Hogan announces that he’s reversing the decision and making Anderson the winner of this match. Okay, then.

Winner: Ken Anderson by DQ

Roode says screw Hogan and he can kiss his championship ass.

That’s it for this week!

Report by Stuart Carapola & PWinsider.com



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