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TNA Impact Wrestling Results 5/17/12

May 18, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Report by Mike Johnson & PWinsider.com

TNA opened with a video piece looking at Bobby Roode’s TNA title win over RVD at Sacrifice, the AJ Styles photo revelation and Joseph Park’ search for his brother.

TNA champion Bobby Roode came to the ring and said that the company keeps stacking the odds against him but every time, he overcomes the odds. He said that at Sacrifice, RVD had the chance to take the title away from him in a match that Van Dam chose. Roode said that “Mr. PPV” put him through hell but at the end of the night, the “it factor of professional wrestling” climbed the ladder and retained the TNA title. He proved everyone wrong again. He told the crowd that he is the World champion and bragged that he’d soon be the longest reigning champion in Impact history. He said soon there would be the “It Factor’s Celebration of Domination” and demanded Hulk Hogan come to the ring.

Out came the Hulkster. Roode reminded Hogan that he’ll soon be the longest reigning champion in the history of the company and has some demands for his party. He wants his private dressing room redecorated with five bottles of champagne chilled and waiting. He said that he wants green M&Ms, which is a Van Halen reference. They would always demand those in their contracts because if they got to the shows and saw that wasn’t taken care of, they knew to make sure that all their other more serious requests were handled. He demanded golden confetti flown in from Canada.

Hogan agreed that Roode has become the man in TNA but he hasn’t become the longest reigning champion yet and ripped up the paper with Roode’s demands. Hogan reminded him that next week is Open Fight Night where anyone can be called out to fight. He said that last month, the Tag champions defended their titles, so next week, Roode will defend the TNA title. Roode wasn’t happy. Hogan said that was the bad news. The good news was that Hogan took a poll of the wrestlers in the back to see who wanted to step up to get a title shot. Hogan invited out everyone who wanted a shot and out came just about everyone in the locker room, including ODB.

Hogan said that they all wanted a shot at the title, so he needs to eliminate it down to four men. Hogan said he needs to decide who’s the best man for the job. Hogan said that RVD should face Bully Ray tonight. He said he’s having a hard time with the Jeff Hardy-Ken Anderson situation, so they will face off tonight. Hogan said that two guys with mean streaks, Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe should face off. No mention of their old feud. Hogan said that everyone else will be in a Battle Royal to determine the fourth person.

OK first segment.

We see a clip of Abyss warning his brother not to get involved last week.

Rob Van Dam vs. Bully Ray

Bully Ray ripped up a fan’s sign on the way to the ring. Van Dam walked to the ring with a slight limp, his elbow and his right knee taped up.

They locked up and went into a test of strength. Bully Ray was almost taken down but nailed RVD with a cheap shot and went after the bad knee and elbow. He tried to run RVD into the corner but Rob blocked it and slammed him into the turnbuckles. RVD nailed the rolling thunder for a near fall. Bully immediately took him out with a shot to the knee, then began working over the bad knee.

Mike Tenay and Taz pushed that there would be a big surprise on May the 31st when the company changes its timeslot.

Ray continued to work over Van Dam but missed a splash. Van Dam came back with a series of clotheslines and a kick to the jaw. RVD went to the top for a move but when he came down, his bad knee gave out. Ray drilled RVD with a kick and nailed him with the Bubba Cutter for the pin.

Your winner, Bully Ray!

Ray advances to the Open Fight Night title match.

Backstage, Bully Ray ripped on the Kardashians for jumping on the anti-bullying bandwagon. Joseph Park showed up and said he wanted to apologize for interjecting himself. He said that Ray was going to cheat and he deals with cheaters. Park said that his brother told him that he was getting too close to the fire and said that Bully Ray is that fire. Ray warned him to stay away from him. He said it was his only warning.

They aired a video piece on King Mo signing with both TNA and Bellator with clips from the interview from MMA Uncensored. They actually talked about Mo doing both “sports” while acknowledging TNA was not “the real deal.”

Backstage, TNA champion Gail Kim was complaining about having to defend the title against Velvet Sky and Brooke Tessmacher at the same time to Madison Rayne. Rayne wasn’t really paying attention but tried to pretend she was. Kim asked her if it was because of “that guy” and Rayne acted like she didn’t know what Kim was talking about. Kim was annoyed and said she was going to talk to Hulk Hogan. She ran into Sky and Tessmacher who reminded her she cheated to beat each of them and tonight that couldn’t happen.

Open Fight Night Qualifying Battle Royal

It was your typical Battle Royal. Madison Rayne was on the stage making goo goo eyes over someone in the ring. It came down to AJ Styles, Gunner, Garett Bischoff, Robbie E, Robbie T, Austin Aries and Devon. T was working over Bischoff but E tossed his own partner over the time. Devon tossed E out to the floor. It finally came down to AJ Styles and Gunner. Styles tossed him for the win.

Your winer, AJ Styles.

When we returned from commercial, they played a video feature on the secret Kazarian and Chris Daniels had on AJ Styles.

Back in the ring, AJ Styles cut a promo. He said that Bobby Roode is on the verge of being the longest reigning champion in TNA history. The fans chanted for AJ, Styles promised that if he’s in the ring next week, he’s going to win the title and asked Hogan to put him in the ring with Roode. Styles said that he promised to addressed the photos from last week. He said that he and Dixie Carter have been business partners for ten years. He said that she is beautiful and wealthy but they are both happily married. He said that things are not always what they seem.

Out came the new TNA Tag Team champions Chris Daniels and Kazarian. Daniels said that last week, the world saw proof of what made Styles the star he is today. Kazarian said that all this isn’t about destroying anyone’s life but about exposing the truth. He said that they have proof why he’s always gotten the breaks while they were left in his wake. He said that Styles always says he’s a moral person and asked him to explain himself. Daniels said that he claims images can be taken out of context, but not video. Kazarian held up an iPad and it was video of Styles and Carter, arm in arm, walking into a hotel together. Styles put his arm over Carter’s shoulder as they walked and pulled her into an elevator he held open for her. Daniels asked Styles to explain himself. Styles acted like he was going to deck Daniels but instead walked out upset. Daniels said that’s the problem with the truth. It sucks.

They showed clips of Kurt Angle beating Samoa Joe all the way back at their first PPV meeting.

Backstage, Kurt Angle was warming up. He saw Angle and said it’s a shame he has to go through Angle to get his belt back. Angle said there’s a lot of history between them. He asked Joe if he remembered the headbutt (the spot from their first face to face). Angle raised one hand, then slapped Joe with the other. Joe attacked Angle and slammed him into a case for production equipment. A ton of wrestlers and security broke them up. Good.

Backstage, Ken Anderson was looking at footage of his pinfall over Jeff Hardy. He said he would give Hardy another chance tonight. He’s going to give him?

Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy

They go back and forth with moves and near falls early. Anderson was sent to the floor. Hardy went for a dropkick through the ropes but Anderson grabbed his legs and shoved them upward, so hardy slammed backwards on the mat head first.

Anderson covered Hardy for a two count then locked in a side chinlock……..and my cable went out. Sorry folks!

Hardy wins.

When my cable came back, they were showing clips of Samoa Joe with the TNA title. No idea if there were any promos I missed.

TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky vs. Brooke Tessmacher

Kim tried to get out of the ring but the challengers trapped her and nailed her back and forth. Brooke nailed her with a flying forearm. Kim bounced outside to the floor.

Sky and Tessmacher went back and forth, catching each other with near falls. Sky went to rebound off the ropes but Kim tripped her and pulled her ouf of the ring. She went after Tessmacher and began choking Brooke against the ropes.

Tessmacher was thrown out of the ring to the floor. When she returned, Kim nailed a sideslam, then used her foot to choke Tessmacher. She locked in a Boston Crab. Sky snuck up on her and locked a Dragon Sleeper on Kim. Tatsumi Fujinami would be proud.

Sky whipped Kim into the corner but missed a charging splash. Kim locked an Octopus on Brooke. Sky rolled up Kim for a near fall.

Sky and Tessmacher tried to go for a move but each blocked the other. Kim came off the top with a top rope missile dropkick on both. With all three down, the referee began counting them down.

Sky nailed Tessmacher with a Pedigree but was thrown out of the ring by Kim. Kim covered Brooke for the pin.

Your winner and still TNA Knockout champion, Gail Kim!

They aired a highlight reel of clips from TNA’s first ten years and closed it with “This is TNA…and we’re just getting started.”

Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

Angle was smiling as he came to the ring, thinking he got inside Joe’s head.

Joe went for a kick right away but Angle avoided it. They locked up and Joe drilled him with a right, then peppered Angle with more in the corner. Angle went to the floor to escape and slow the momentum.

Angle returned to the ring and used a double leg takedown on Joe. They locked up on the mat but Joe grabbed the ropes. Joe shoulderblocked Angle down several times, then snapmared him down. Joe kicked him in the back, then the chest. Joe drilled Angle with a leaping kneedrop for a two count.

Joe set up for the Facewash. Joe rebounded off the ropes but Angle nailed an overhead belly to belly suplex. Bobby Roode came out to watch and join the announcers as they went to commercial.

Joe and Angle went back and forth. Joe caught Angle with a snap powerslam for a two count. He went for a powerbomb but Angle slipped out and nailed a series of German suplexes. Angle went for the Olympic Slam but Joe slipped out and went for the choke. Angle slipped out and caught him with the anklelock. Joe sent him into the corner and kicked him hard in the head.

Joe drilled Angle with an inverted atomic drop. Angle caught him with an Olympic Slam for a two count. Angle worked over Joe with a series of rights. Joe came back with several hard kicks, sending Angle down. Joe approached but was caught in an ankle lock. Joe rolled over but Angle forced him back on his stomach. Angle continued to work over his ankle but was finally kicked off into the corner.

Angle charged him but was nailed with the Uranage in the corner. Joe went for the Muscle Buster out of the corner. Angle tried to fight him off with headbutts, then nailed a sunset flip out of the corner and scored the pin.

Your winner, Kurt Angle!

Bobby Roode left the announcing position and held his title up. Angle dared him to come to the ring. Jeff Hardy walked out in the crowd, saying he wanted the title shot. Bully Ray came out on the stage. Roode saw him and began walking down the aisle to keep his distance. AJ Styles then walked out in the stage. Roode was surrounded by his challengers. We’ll see who will face Roode next week.



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