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TNA iMPACT Wrestling Results (March 15, 2012)

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We see Sting and Bobby Roode arriving at the Impact Zone as they prepare to sign the contract for Victory Road later this evening. We kick off with the recap video package that shows Roode cheating his way to victory time and time again until Sting snapped, leading to Sting declaring that he’s going to kick Roode’s ass at Victory Road.

James Storm comes out to start the show proper, and says he’s looking forward to winning the title at Victory Road and maybe getting a little revenge while he’s at it. Roode’s as selfish as he says he is, and that makes him everything that’s wrong with the world today. He’s going to give Roode the ass kicking of a lifetime, he wants the World Title, and he’s going to take it from Roode at Lockdown. Storm cuts himself off in the middle of his own catchphrase and says he’s not sorry because Roode’s going to need all the luck he can get. Storm gets ready to head to the back, but is cut off by Bully Ray, who reminds Storm that he kicked the steel chair right into his head, but Storm says he remembers differently because he’s the guy who kicked Bubba’s teeth down his throat to become the #1 contender. Storm says to stop talking and get in the ring so he can kick his ass in front of everyone, but Bubba tells him to kick his calves because he’s not going to make it to Lockdown, he’s not going to beat Bobby Roode, and it’s going to be because he’s got to face Bully Ray in three days, and Bubba’s going to take him out and make sure his dreams never come true. Storm gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp toward Bubba, saying that his long hair doesn’t just cover up his red neck, and wants to fight right now. Bubba asks him if he wants to fight, and Storm’s all in, but Bubba says that if he wants a fight, he can take on one of the toughest guys he knows, and brings out Gunner to go face to face with Storm. Gunner warns Storm that he’s going to take him out tonight, and Storm simply drops the microphone and goes after Gunner, with the two of them trading blows until the Snowy Brown Diamonds come out to break them up. Bubba cheapshots Storm while he’s being held back and then quickly escapes up the rampway.

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne are arguing backstage and blaming each other for their loss of the Knockouts Tag Team Title. They find Sting and complain to him, but Sting says he’s got Bobby Roode on his mind and doesn’t have time for this, so Gail’s wrestling Mickie James tonight and Madison has Velvet Sky. By the way, that match is next!

Bobby Roode is backstage wondering who the hell Sting thinks he is booking himself into the main event of a PPV when there’s a locker room full of guys who are more deserving than a guy who hasn’t been an active wrestler for months.

Madison Rayne vs Velvet Sky

We have no time for any pigeons getting loose because Velvet goes right after Madison as soon as she gets into the ring and batters her from pillar to post. Velvet with a series of shoulderblocks to the ribs in the corner, then a snapmare and indy kick to the back followed by a baseball slide for 2. Madison rams Velvet into the corner and tries a charge, but Velvet gets the boot up. Velvet tries the boot again on another charge by Madison, but Madison catches her boots and swings her across the middle rope for a pendulum backbreaker. Madison with a boot to the head for 2, then locks in a three quarter nelson. Velvet fights free but gets dumped hard to the floor. Velvet gets back onto the ring apron and Madison quickly gets a neckbreaker across the middle rope and covers for a pair of quick two counts. Velvet finally makes a comeback and gets a clothesline, back elbow, and a bulldog. Madison goes for her weird neckbreaker, Velvet reverses to an O’Connor Roll, and Madison reverses to one of her own and we get a real nice view as Madison gets 3 with a handful of tights.

Winner: Madison Rayne

Matt Morgan is backstage congratulating Crimson for his great teamwork last week, but Crimson said that he won after all, and it’s not about his undefeated streak, it’s about winning their tag team title back. Morgan says it’s about winning big and making the money, and Crimson says that to make the money, you have to win matches and he’s been undefeated for 14 months.

Crimson vs Samoa Joe

Crimson takes Joe to the corner and puts the boots to him, but Joe fires back with right jabs and whips him across the ring for a running back elbow and leaping enziguiri. Nice flurry there, and Joe follows with the snapmare/chop to the back/kick to the chest/kneedrop combo for 2. Crimson comes back with a hard clothesline for 2, then a snapmare, elbow to the top of the head, and running knee to the face for 2 on Joe. Crimson gets a three quarter nelson and rams kneestrikes into Joe’s face and follows it up with a rolling neckbreaker for 1. Crimson gets a rear chinlock and bashes a hard forearm into Joe’s chest with an audible thud. Joe fights free and Crimson tries coming off the second rope, but Joe counters to an inverted atomic drop, running boot, and back senton for 2. Crimson comes off the ropes right into a snap powerslam for 2, but comes off the ropes and walks right into a spinebuster for 2. Crimson charges Joe in the corner and Joe nails the STJoe, then puts Crimson up top for the Muscle Buster. Matt Morgan gets on the apron to distract Joe and ends up brawling with Magnus on the floor. Joe goes after Morgan and gets snapped down on the top rope, and Crimson takes advantage by hitting a spear for the win.

Winner: Crimson

Austin Aries is backstage with a bottle of champagne and he’s going to come out to celebrate some milestone tonight. Oh yeah, and he’s…WALKING!

Austin Aries is out here to say it’s a great day to be a great man, and a great day to break records. He doesn’t normally pay attention to numbers and statistics, but 53 people have held the X Division Title and as of now, he’s officially the longest reigning X Division Champion of all time, surpassing the previous record of 182 days. He celebrates by directing our attention to the ImpactTron for what’s actually a really good video package that makes Aries look like the biggest damn star on the planet. Seriously, if WWE did stuff like this they could make Michael Tarver look like a PPV main eventer. Aries thanks all the guys we saw him beating in the video package for being good, and then wants the fans to give it up for him for being even better. Zema Ion comes out to interrupt the party, and Aries says he didn’t send him an invitation, but it’s okay because he has to give Ion credit for doing what nobody ever did before and beat him at his own game. Ion says he didn’t beat Aries at his own game, he beat him at HIS game, and he’s not as smart as he thinks he is because if he was, he’d hand the title over to him now before he winds up like Jesse Sorensen. Aries says it’s nice that Ion showed that he has some “hair on his nuts” and he’ll reward him by letting him make the first toast. Aries hands him the glass of champagne and Ion says that he’d like to toast this weekend when he ends Aries’ record setting title reign. Ion tosses the champagne in Aries’ face, and Aries straight up kicks his ass and dumps him to the floor.

We pause for a few quick backstage segments: Abyss’ “brother” is backstage again looking for Chris, but Gunner doesn’t have time to talk because he’s got a match tonight to prepare for. ODB and Eric Young are backstage doing some wedding planning, as they try to decide where to hold the wedding before deciding on just doing it in the ring on Impact. Young thinks that’s a great idea since they met there, had their first match their, became champions there, and got engaged there, and ODB reminds him that it was also the first place he hammered her. I’m paraphrasing, of course. Finally, Kurt Angle says he hates disrespectful punks and is looking forward to facing Garett in a five minute match so we can see if he can even last, andalso mentions how much he hates Jeff Hardy while he’s at it. Oh yeah, and Sting is really looking forward to Victory Road because it’s going to be a very good night when he gets his hands on Bobby Roode.

Gail Kim vs Mickie James

Gail takes Mickie right down with a side headlock and goes to a rolling cradle, Mickie bridges out and tries a backslide, but Gail blocks so Mickie gets a snapmare and baseball slide for 2 instead. Gail comes back with some hard kicks and forearms, but Mickie dodges a corner charge and Gail tumbles out to the floor. She grabs her title belt and tries to hit Mickie with it, but Mickie knocks it out of her hands and slingshots Gail into the ring and tries her headscissors out of the corner, but Gail catches the leg and drops right down into an innovative kneebreaker and then starts dropping elbows onto the knee. Gail continues working on the knee and locks in a Stretch Muffler as Mickie struggles to get to the ropes. Mickie counters to a rollup for 2 and then a neckbreaker, and both girls are down. Mickie comes off the second rope with the flying crotch to the face for 2, then baseball slides Gail out to the floor…right next to her title belt. Gail picks it up and awaits Mickie, bashes her right in the head when she comes over and knocks her out, then covers Mickie for 3.

Winner: Gail Kim

Ken Anderson is backstage saying it’s a little weird that AJ’s associating himself with an asshole, but he threw up the Bat Signal, so…oh wait, Christopher Daniels and Franke Kazarian come over to tell Anderson that the situation with AJ had nothing to do with him, but he wants to know why Anderson chose AJ’s side when they all know how this movie’s going to end. Daniels says Anderson will find out how everything will go when he teams with AJ against Kazarian and himself this weekend, but Anderson says we can find out how it’ll happen tonight when it’s them one on one.

Ken Anderson vs Christopher Daniels

Daniels jumps Anderson on his way into the ring and sends him to the ropes, but Anderson boots him in the face and fires off some right hands and goes for the Mic Check, but Daniels bails out to the floor and seems to have had his cheek busted open hardway. Anderson goes out after him and sends him back into the ring and continues the assault, hitting an elbowdrop for 2, but Daniels goes on the offensive and puts the boots to Anderson in the corner. Daniels drags Anderson out to the middle of the ring and covers for 2, but Anderson gets a quick schoolboy rollup for 2. Daniels quickly recovers and hits a Northern Lights suplex for 2, he goes for a springboard moonsault but Anderson gets the knees up and makes it back to his feet, as they go toe to to in the middle of the ring. Anderson with a rolling neckbreaker for 2 and then a spinning enziguiri for another 2 as Daniels makes it to the ropes. Anderson catches Daniels on a leapfrog attempt and hits the Finlay roll, but Dainels quickly makes it to the ropes and safety as Kazarian comes down to ringside and makes angry faces at Anderson. He gets up on the ring apron, but AJ Styles comes running out and pulls Kazarian off the apron, allowing Anderson to hit the Mic Check for the win.

Winner: Ken Anderson

Jeff Hardy is backstage saying Kurt Angle is the reason he’s not the World Champion right now, and he’s going to take him out at Victory Road.

Five Minute Challenge: Kurt Angle vs Garett Bischoff

I’d just liketo say that if this was a shoot, Garett wouldn’t last thirty seconds, much less five minutes. Angle has his game face on for the first time in months, and he goes right after Garett with right hands, then takes his legs out and puts the boots to him. Angle with a snap vertical suplex and goes for the cover, but pulls Garett up at 2 and goes to a rear chinlock. Garett breaks away and fires back with right hands of his own, but Angle shuts him right down and nearly crossfaces Garett’s nose off before going back to stomping him in the face. Angle dumps Garett out to the floor and goes after him, Garett fires off right and left hands, but Angle shrugs him off and hits another snap suplex on the floor before dumping Garett back inside and making another cover before again pulling him up at 2. Angle plants his knee right across Garett’s jaw and pulls up on his hair in a real nasty visual, and Garett still tries firing back but Angle hits an overhead release suplex, goes for another cover, and again pulls him up at 2 and drills him right in the face with a right hand. Angle pulls the straps downand goes for the Angle Slam, but Garett escapes and dumps Angle to the floor with 20 seconds left. Angle slowly comes back in and charges Garett again, but runs right into his boot. He finally hits the Angle Slam and goes for the cover, but Garett is saved by the bell and, officially, wins the match.

Winner: Garett Bischoff

Angle is livid and knocks out the referee before putting Garett in the anklelock, holding him there until Jeff Hardy runs in and chases Angle off. They have a tense staredown before Angle backs his way up the rampway.

It’s main event time!

Gunner vs James Storm

Storm comes into the ring, goes nose to nose with Gunner, and we’re off as they trade blows until Storm takes Gunner out with a clothesline and Gunner tries to escape to the floor for a breather. Storm goes after him and sends him right back in, Gunner nails Storm as he tries to climb back into the ring, but Storm turns the tide for a brief moment before he comes off the ropes and runs into a flying chokeslam from Gunner for 2. Storm tries to elbow his way free from a rear chinlock, but Gunner drops an elbow right onto the top of Storm’s head and fires a couple of crossfaces into Storm’s face as Bully Ray cheers him on from the floor. Gunner gets Storm in a neck vice, but Storm fights his way free and rocks Gunner with another clothesline. Storm unloads with a series of clotheslines and back elbows and then a running forearm off the ropes. Storm gets a BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK BODYDROP and hits Closing Time, then sets up for the Last Call. Gunner makes it back to his feet, Storm hits the superkick, and that’s all she wrote.

Winner: James Storm

Storm gives Bully Ray a death stare, and Bubba turns his hat around and charges down to the ring, but then backs off just short of the ring and backs up the rampway, saying he’ll take care of Storm in three days.

Sting and Bobby Roode are backstage, and they’re…WALKING!

After one last hype video, we go to the ring for the Sting-Bobby Roode contract signing, mediated by Jeremy Borash. The match is No Holds Barred, one fall to a finish, and Sting signs the contract first, then slides it over to Bobby Roode, who puts his John Hancock on the contract, though I guess I’d have to find a better analogy since he’s Canadian. Roode reminisces on the day he won the World Title and became the It Factor, and says that Sting has been nothing but a pain in his ass since then. He’s tried to figure out why Sting holds so much animosity toward him, and he believes that it’s because Sting is jealous of him. Roode reminds Sting of 22 years ago when he beat Ric Flair for his first World Title, 22 long years ago, and he remembers when he watched that match as a fan. Sting had it all and was on top of the world, and Roode wanted to be just like him, but the fact is that 22 long years later, Sting looks at Roode and sees himself because he has all the same traits Sting had those 22 years ago, except that he’s better. He’s bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, better looking, and he’s a better World Champion than Sting ever was. It’s not just jealousy, it’s Sting’s ego as well because he’s one of those guys who hangs around the business and steals the young guys’ spotlight. He wonders if Sting thinks people will forget about him after he’s gone, but the business has passed Sting by and this Sunday, he steps into the ring with the World Champion. Sting doesn’t get out of bed as quick as he used to, he doesn’t get around the airports or even his house as well as he used to, and the stupid facepaint he puts on doesn’t scare Roode. As a matter of fact, he puts that facepaint on to mask himself because he knows he doesn’t have what it takes to hang in this business anymore. On Sunday, in the main event of Victory Road, he’s going to expose Sting for who he really is: a washed up has-been who should have left the business a long, long time ago. Roode asks Sting what’s wrong and if he has nothing to say for the first time in his career. Roode asks if the truth hurts, then he puts down the microphone, picks up his title belt, and turns to walk away, but Sting stands up, flips the table over, kicks his chair across the ring, takes off his sunglasses, and smears facepaint on himself. Roode doesn’t look at all impressed, and yells at Sting that the facepaint doesn’t scare him, so Sting smears the facepaint on Roode’s face, makes Roode jump by going “BOO!” at him, then unleashes a beating on the World Champion. Sting stomps on Roode’s hands and starts punting him in the ribs, kicking his legs out from under him, and clotheslines him out to the floor. Roode stares up at Sting in disbelief as he pounds his chest, and it looks like he’s got his work cut out for him at Victory Road.

Report by Stuart Carapola @ PWInsider.com


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