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TNA Lockdown PPV Results 4/15/12

April 16, 2012   ·   0 Comments

The 2012 TNA Lockdown pay-per-view opens up with a video package for the World Heavyweight Title Match.

– Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to Nashville for Lockdown. We go to the ring for tonight’s opener.

Lethal Lockdown: Team Eric vs. Team Garett

We go to the ring and out comes Garett Bischoff. His opponent Gunner is out next. They will wrestle for 3 minutes before the next wrestlers come in from Team Eric.

They go at it to start. Gunner takes control but Garett comes back with two dropkicks. Gunner blocks him and overpowers him. Garett comes back again with a dropkick from the top. Gunner comes right back with a big clothesline and a series of right hands. Garett keeps control until it’s time for Bully Ray to come out.

Ray comes in the ring and the double teaming on Garett begins. Garett gets beat down back and forth until the movie hits and out comes X Division Champion Austin Aries for Team Garett. Aries comes in and goes at it with Ray. Aries gets beat down but comes back. Aries ends up top and hits a big missile dropkick on Ray. The next man out for Team Eric is Kazarian sporting a bald head and getting no reaction from the crowd.

Kazarian puts Team Eric back on top until AJ Styles comes out. AJ cleans house until things settle down and we’ve got 3 on 3. AJ goes at it with Ray and hits a dropkick on him. Aries goes to Ray as AJ works on Gunner in the corner. Ray makes the save for Gunner and fights off Aries as the timer goes off. The next man out for Team Eric is Daniels.

Daniels comes in and Team Eric takes back control. Mr. Anderson is the next man out for Team Garett. Anderson hits the cage and takes out Daniels and Gunner. Kazarian and Daniels double team AJ now. The timer goes off again and the final man out for Team Eric is none other than Eric Bischoff. Eric comes in and holds his son while Ray slaps him. Kazarian joins in as does Gunner. Garett goes down and they celebrate.

The numbers game continues until Rob Van Dam is the last man out. RVD comes in with clotheslines and kicks, cleaning house. RVD hits Rolling Thunder on Ray and we see Eric Bischoff hiding. The top of the steel cage begins to drop down and it’s loaded with weapons.

The weapons drop and Anderson hits a bunch of trash can lid shots. RVD comes off the ropes with a trash can shot to Daniels. Eric Bischoff is still hiding down behind a turnbuckle as chaos breaks loose with the weapons. AJ and Aries finally grab Eric and bring him into the action. Aries slams Bischoff and skids on his face. RVD goes to the top for a frog splash on Bischoff but Gunner makes the save. Aries takes out Gunner but gets slammed from high by Ray. Team Eric starts to make a comeback now.

AJ and Kazarian battle on the top rope holding the cage. They walk the ropes and Kazarian climbs out to the center of the ring, hanging from the top of the cage. AJ follows him and kicks Kazarian down to the mat. AJ drops down with a big elbow. RVD comes down off the top with a frog splash on Kazarian. Ray gets up and runs over AJ with a boot. Ray grabs a chair but RVD kicks it into his face. Daniels with the double underhook on RVD. Daniels grabs Garett but Garett tackles him and covers for 2. Eric breaks the pin up with kendo stick shots to his son’s back.

Eric repeatedly hits Garett with the kendo stick while yelling at him. The crowd chants for Hulk Hogan. Garett’s back is covered in welts. Bischoff shows off as the crowd boos him. Eric goes back to hitting his son with the kendo stick. Garett gets up and hits his father with a guitar shot to get the pin and the win.

Winner: Team Garett Bischoff

– Tenay and Taz talk about Eric Buschoff being gone from TNA and not able to use the Bischoff name.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: The Motor City Machineguns vs. Samoa Joe and Magnus

We go to the ring and out first comes Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin. Out next are the TNA Tag Team Champions Magnus and Samoa Joe in the cage.

Shelley starts things out with Magnus and they do some back and forth. Shelley starts working on the leg. Sabin tags in and they double team Magnus with kicks. 1 count for Sabin. Joe gets the tag and goes at it with Sabin. Shelley gets the tag and comes in off the top. Joe drops Shelley and in comes Magnus again. The Guns double team Magnus. Magnus throws Shelley into Sabin and Joe gets the tag again.

More tags and back and forth action. Sabin ends up powerbombing Joe from the corner. Shelley and Magnus fight up on the top rope. Shelley sends Magnus to the mat and hits a double stomp from the top for 2. MCMG ram Joe’s head into the corner and double team Magnus with kicks. Another 2 count. More back and forth action. Shelley hits Sliced Bread on Magnus but Joe breaks the pin. The champs miss their double team move and Magnus gets rolled up for a close 2 count. Magnus blocks Sliced Bread and slams Shelley. Joe tosses Sabin onto Shelley. Joe and Magnus hit the snap-mare elbow this time for the win.

Winners: Magnus and Samoa Joe

– Backstage with Jeremy Borash monitoring our tweets. Robbie E and Rob Terry come in. Robbie runs down Brother Devon and guarantees he will get back the TV Title tonight.

TNA Television Title Match: Robbie E vs. Brother Devon

Robbie E is out first with Rob Terry. The TNA TV Champion Brother Devon is out next.

Terry won’t leave the cage so Devon takes it into his own hands. This allows Robbie to take advantage and attack. Robbie works Devon over to start the match and taunts him. Devon fights back with right hands and chops in the corner. Devon charges but gets caught with a big boot and a clothesline. Robbie off the ropes with an elbow drop for a 2 count.

Robbie with more offense and another pin attempt. Robbie climbs to the top rope but Devon hits the rope and Robbie falls to the mat. Devon makes a comeback and hits a big shoulder followed by a clothesline. Devon kicks Robbie in the gut and hits a neckbreaker. Devon with a big splash in the corner and a spinebuster for the win.

Winner: Brother Devon

– After the match, Rob Terry comes inside the cage and attacks Devon from behind. Terry lays Devon out and helps Robbie up. Terry with a big powerslam. Robbie smacks Devon as his music hits. Robbie goes back to hitting Devon while he’s down before leaving the cage.

– JB is backstage still looking at tweets. He asks a Twitter question for Matt Morgan – what’s more important, ending Crimson’s streak or getting revenge on him tonight. Morgan says he’s going into this match for revenge. Morgan says he’s going to make Crimson his red headed bitch tonight.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim

We go to the cage and out first comes the challenger Velvet Sky. The TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim is out next with Madison Rayne right behind her. Gail attacks before the bell rings and starts beating Velvet around the cage.

Velvet rolls Gail up out of nowhere for 2 and takes control of the match. Gail turns it back around with a kick to the head. Velvet tries to come back. Gail goes to climb out of the cage but Velvet interrupts her. Gail comes off the top with a missile dropkick and a 2 count on Velvet. Gail with a backbreaker submission now. Gail wraps Velvet’s leg around her head now. Gail continues to control the match as the crowd roots for Velvet.

Velvet manages a jawbreaker but Gail takes her to the corner and keeps control. Gail taunts Velvet and shows off for the crowd now. Velvet moves as Gail charges in the corner and she hits the ring post. Velvet finally makes a comeback and hits a bunch of moves but Gail kicks her off and climbs the cage. Velvet stops her and they fight up top. Velvet ends up powerbombing Gail from the top. Velvet covers but Gail grabs the rope and breaks the pin.

Velvet goes over and argues with Madison as the cage door is opened. Gail tries to leave but Velvet stops her. They tangle and Gail turns it into a pin for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

– Ric Flair’s music hits and out he comes for a surprise, according to Taz.

Flair asks the fans if they have any idea who just walked into the ring. Flair singles out a “fat boy” in the front row and someone with no teeth. Flair puts himself over and says he’s a special type of cat. Flair says he’s pissed off and when he’s pissed off, it’s not good for who he’s pissed off at. Flair says Hulk Hogan just won’t leave him alone and tonight, Eric Bischoff’s career was ended. Flair singles out another fat boy at ringside and rips into him. Hogan’s music hits and out he comes.

Hogan approaches the cage but doesn’t enter. Hogan says Flair is the greatest wrestler of all-time and asks the fans if they agree. Hogan asks if he can enter Flair’s ring. Flair wants him to come in so they can talk real quick. Flair tells SoCal Val to get her ass up and open the rope for Hogan. Hogan says if Flair has a problem with the way he works as General Manager, express it now. Flair says he’s had a problem with Hogan for 30 years and he doesn’t like the way he’s running TNA. Flair says he should have been in Lethal Lockdown, not Bischoff. Flair says he works for Hogan now but the day he gets too pissed off, he will just kick Hogan’s ass.

Hogan says they’re at Lockdown and everything is fair game. He talks about how Bischoff is gone. Hogan says everyone knows if he and Flair go at it right now, they will tear the roof off the building. Hogan says if Flair has a problem, he better do something about it right now. Flair says Hogan just pissed him off and goes to take his jacket off. Hogan drops him with a right hand to the head. Hogan mocks Flair and leaves the ring. Flair gets up and tells Hogan to come back. Flair is ready to fight. He starts throwing his shoes and drops an elbow on the empty ring. Flair goes nuts on the mic but Hogan leaves. Flair turns his attention to Mike Tenay and says he will kick his ass. Flair starts yelling at fans again before they end it.

– We get a promo video for Matt Morgan vs. Crimson.

Matt Morgan vs. Crimson

We go to the ring and out first comes Crimson followed by his former partner Matt Morgan. Crimson tries to escape early on but Morgan stops him. Morgan mounts an offense and hits a big sideslam. Crimson tries to leave out of the cage door but Morgan pulls him back in. Morgan slams Crimson head first into the cage and he goes down. Morgan teases walking out of the cage and has the chance to. Morgan stops and comes back into the ring to continue the attack.

Morgan goes for a chokeslam but Crimson cuts him off and comes back with a big clothesline. Crimson with a 2 count. Crimson with the knees to the head and an elbow. Crimson runs and hits a low dropkick for another 2 count. Crimson keeps in control of Morgan until he runs into a big boot. Morgan comes back but gets caught with a spinebuster for 2. Crimson charges but Morgan hits him with the spinning clothesline. Morgan with right hands and more clotheslines. Morgan with a big boot to the face. Morgan drops Crimson’s face in the corner and back suplexes him.

Morgan with a splash in the corner and a splash on the side of the cage. Crimson ducks the big boot in the corner and Morgan gets hung up. Crimson climbs the cage and makes it to the top as Morgan grabs his leg. They fight on the top rope now but Morgan falls and the ropes hit between his legs. Morgan falls to the mat with his leg hung up on the rope. Crimson motions to Morgan and climbs over the cage to get the win and remain undefeated.

Winner: Crimson

– We get a promo video for Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

We go back to the cage and out first comes Kurt Angle. Jeff Hardy is out next and here we go.

Angle takes control of the match early on and backs Hardy into the corner. Hardy makes a comeback and hits the low dropkick in the corner. Hardy with right hands. They run the ropes and Angle throws him head first into the cage wall. Angle takes back control and rubs Hardy’s face into the cage.

Angle continues to use the cage on Hardy and he’s busted open now. Hardy finally comes back and hits a clothesline. Hardy with a forearm off the ropes and offense in the corner. Hardy catches Angle with an elbow and hits Whisper in the Wind. Hardy with a 2 count. Hardy with more offense and a stunner.

Hardy climbs up the cage but Angle stops him. Angle suplexes Hardy back to the mat from up high on the cage and covers but only gets a 2 count. More back and forth action as the crowd gets into it. Hardy goes to leave the door but Angle pulls him back and applies the ankle lock. Hardy turns it around and has the ankle lock applied on Kurt now. Angle breaks free but Hardy hits Twist of Fate. Hardy hits a Swanton from up high now. He climbs back to the top rope and hits a second Swanton but Angle kicks out at 2.

Angle tries to call for time but gets a cheap shot in. Angle hits the Angle Slam but Hardy kicks out at 2. Angle drops his straps but Hardy blocks the slam this time. Hardy hits an Angle Slam on Angle and goes to the top rope. Hardy decides to keep climbing and goes up to the top of the cage. Hardy hits a Swanton from up high and covers Angle for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Title Match: Rosita and Sarita vs. Eric Young and ODB

We go to the ring and out comes the team of Rosita and Sarita. Out next come the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions ODB and Eric Young. ODB starts out by flooring Sarita in the corner. She tells Young to get out of the ring and goes back to work on Sarita. Rosita jumps on her back. Sarita accidentally clotheslines Rosita in the corner. ODB splashes them both and keeps in control of them both as EY looks on. Comedy from Eric Young when he thinks he’s the referee.

Sarita and Rosita turn it around on ODB now and keep control of her. Young comes in as ODB gets double teamed. They try to put the moves on EY but ODB gets up. She drinks some whiskey and goes to work on the challengers. ODB finally gets the win for her team.

Winners: ODB and Eric Young

– JB is backstage with World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode. Roode talks about how he will beat James Storm tonight in his hometown of Nashville and says he is the impact of professional wrestling.

– We get a promo video for tonight’s main event.

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

James Storm comes driving his pick-up truck into the arena and makes his way to the cage. Out next comes the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode. Roode walks around the ring and Storm attacks from behind. Storm beats Roode up on the floor and brings the steel steps into play. Storm slams Roode’s head into the steps. Storm leaps off the table and hits an elbow to the head. Earl Hebner tries to get them in the cage but Storm keeps the fight outside.

Roode blocks Storm and turns it around on the floor. Storm counters and whips Roode hard into the fan barrier. Storm continues the assault outside of the ring. Storm charges with a chair but Roode moves and pushes Storm into the cage wall. Roode grabs a beer and drinks some. We see that Storm is busted open from the cage now. Roode with right hands and we’re still not in the cage yet.

We see country star Montgomery Gentry and Storm’s wife looking on from ringside. Finally Roode brings Storm in the cage and the bell rings. Roode keeps control as Storm bleeds. Roode with a suplex and a knee drop to the head. Roode with another 2 count. Roode hits right hands but it doesn’t phase Storm. Storm comes back with right hands but Roode takes back control. Roode continues beating Storm bloody.

Storm makes a comeback finally and catapults Roode into the cage. Storm keeps control for the most part but Roode goes back and forth. The door is open and Roode starts to crawl out. Storm grabs his leg and pulls him. Roode turns that around and applies the crossface. They end up in the corner and Roode goes for a superplex. Storm blocks it and they fight in the corner. Roode crawls up to leave the cage but Storm tries to stop him. Storm gets knocked to the mat but crawls back up. He brings Roode back over and they fight on top of the rope. More back and forth and close calls. Storm hits the big superkick but nails the referee with it. Hebner opens the door as Roode steps to the apron. Roode tells Hebner to give him a beer bottle and he does.

Roode smashes Storm with the bottle but Storm still kicks out at 2. Storm finally connects with the super kick but it doesn’t do the job. Storm hits another super kick but it knocks Roode out of the cage door and to the floor to end the match.

Winner: Bobby Roode

– Lockdown goes off the air with Storm in the ring looking disappointed.


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