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TNA Star Named Most Overrated Wrestler, RVD DVD Planned

February 1, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Crimson– Crimson has been named Most Overrated Wrestler in the 2011 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards. He is trailed by Mason Ryan, Kevin Nash, Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy, Triple H, Sin Cara, Matt Morgan, CM Punk and RandyOrton.

Regarding Crimson, Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer wrote, “Crimson is probably the prime example of a guy who isn’t overrated by fans, but pushed to a level that hasn’t really worked. He’s got size, and good facials at times, and a good look and comes across like a toughguy. But he doesn’t sell well and comes across as green, and gets exposed often in long matches. Plus, TNA can’t even book an unbeaten streak well.”

The award, which was instituted in 1980, is determined through a voting process by the readership of the newsletter, which includes various insiders of the professional wrestling industry, such as promoters, agents and performers, as well as journalists, historians and fans.

– The Wrestling Globe Newsletter reports that a DVD on Rob Van Dam is currently in the works.

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