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Tyson Kidd Discusses Looking for a New Partner, His Talents & CM Punk, Zack Ryder’s Latest Video, Lawler, WWE in VA

January 21, 2012   ·   0 Comments

WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd recently spoke with Tim Baines of The Ottawa Sun. Below are some highlights, via Slam Wrestling:

His talents:
“I know it might come across as arrogance. I’m sorry, but I know I can outperform a lot of people. But when the (door opens), I’m going to kick it in.”

Looking for a new partner:
“I’m a big fan of tag teams again. I’ve been looking, scouting (for a partner). I’ve done a couple of matches with Johnny Curtis and Justin Gabriel. When I teamed with Justin, I thought we gelled perfectly. Even with a guy like Trent Baretta. I think we could give a Hardy Boys type of feel.”

“People have said it before, but if it’s not your goal to be at the top, what are you doing this for? I’ve set a bunch of little goals that I hope to accomplish. And right now, the tag team scene is what I want to do.”

WWE Champion CM Punk:
“He has a different way of thinking than most guys. Basically, the message is if I’ve come this far, I’m already halfway into the forest and I can’t go back. He’s a guy I can text anytime. If it’s 4 a.m. and I text him, he’ll text me back.”

The full interview can be read here.

– Jerry Lawler will be appearing at the Wichita Thunder hockey game on February 17th in Wichita, Kansas as the Thunder plays against the Quad City Mallards.

– Devin sent the following: The WWE Smackdown taping on April 10th, 2012 will be held at the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia.

– Below is episode #49 of Zack Ryder’s YouTube series with a Royal Rumble promo from Dolph Ziggler and more:


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