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Update on John Cena vs. Kane, WWE Connection with Tajiri’s SMASH Closing? The Rock Answers Wrestling Related Questions During Journey 2 Interviews

February 11, 2012   ·   0 Comments

– John Cena vs. Kane in Last Man Standing matches are advertised for WWE live events after WrestleMania 28, including the April 9th RAW in Washington, DC.

– Former WWE star Tajiri’s SMASH promotion in Japan has announced it will be shutting down in March. Tajiri added that the promotion is closing due to issues between management.

This may have something to do with WWE looking for Cruiserweight wrestlers to appear on a new Network show. Nothing is confirmed but Tajiri could be appearing on that show.

The Rock was asked about professional wrestling in several media interviews this week to promote Journey 2. Here are some highlights:

The Chicago Tribune:

Is it true you’re still involved with wrestling?

A: Yes. I quietly retired about eight years ago from the WWE, when I was still on top, to focus on acting, but I’m getting back in the ring for one night in April with the goal of creating the biggest match of all time. So, I’m training extra hard right now. For me, those wrestling roots run deep as my grandfather and my dad wrestled, and I love that form of entertainment. That’s where I cut my teeth, getting into the entertainment business and doing it for 10 million fans every week.


This is from lifeinthechickencoop on Tumblr: “Being a third-generation pro wrestler, would you encourage or discourage your own child from entering the profession?”

That’s a great question that I get asked often. I would encourage my children, or anyone else’s, to get involved in pro-wrestling-slash-sports-entertainment if that’s their dream. It’s very personal and deep for me because I come from a long lineage of pro wrestlers, so I have a lot of love for the business. It’s provided an amazing opportunity for me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. But the first thing I always tell kids is get their college education. Then if pro wrestling is what they want to do, I’m all for that. But understand that with great success comes consistent hard work.


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