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Velvet Sky On Transition To Singles Wrestler, Knockouts Division, Dream Opponent

April 24, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Apr 23, 2012 – 4:51:30 PM

Promoting TNA Wrestling’s live event at the War Memorial Auditorium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Velvet Sky addressed a number of topics in an lengthy interview with The Miami Herald including her transition to a singles competitor, the state of the Knockouts division, becoming the Women’s Knockout Champion last year, her dream opponent and more. Highlights are as follows:

Branching out as a singles wrestler after being attached to Angelina Love: “For a while it was me and Angelina [Love in The Beautiful People]. I was never able to shine really and do anything on my own because she was always in the spotlight.

“Since then, they’ve broken up the Beautiful People, which I’m sad about because I wish they were still going forward with that. We had a lot of fun, her and I together, but I just feel like they broke us up, and I was able to be on my own as a singles competitor.

“I just feel I have grown in the sense of you don’t have someone to have your back all the time. You don’t have the option to tag out and recuperate. I feel, more or less, being a singles competitor instead of in a tag team has helped me branch out and come into my own as a performer.”

TNA providing the Knockouts the time to tell stories each week and the freedom to progress: “It’s awesome here because TNA lets us explore character development. We are not just coming out there as girls wrestling and then you don’t see us for a couple of weeks. We get to do backstage vignettes and promos. They let us speak on the microphone, and we do a lot of it in the ring. You don’t see that elsewhere.

“There are matches [elsewhere] where the girls will wrestle for three minutes or so and go to the back. They don’t say a word, and you really don’t know who is who. Here [TNA] we are so grateful we get the chance to be able to come into our own, have time to talk and have our characters develop. I just feel like that has us connected with the fans more.”

Her dream opponent: “I would absolutely love to work with Amy Dumas one day, the wrestler formally known as Lita.

“She is the whole reason I wanted to get into this business. I have always been a fan of wrestling here and there, but when I saw her for the first time, I was just so blown away by her look and athletic ability and how she connected to the crowd, whether it was male or female.

“I try to pattern myself after her. I don’t do the high-flying maneuvers, staying on the ground, but she is the whole reason I wanted to get into this business and got into wrestling. If she were to come here, I think that would be awesome. I would love to work with her one day.”

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