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What Happened After Last Night’s RAW Supershow with John Laurinaitis, JR Blog: Dolph Ziggler’s Future, CM Punk as WWE Champion, JR’s WWE Status, Eve Torres To Address WWE Future, Tensai Absent From Raw, Button-Down Brawlers

June 19, 2012   ·   0 Comments

– After Monday’s RAW in Long Island, New York ended, Big Show came out to attack John Cena. Cena hit him with the Attitude Adjustment. Show then went after John Laurinaitis with chops to the chest.

Zack Ryder came out to a big pop and hit Laurinaitis with a Broski Boot which brought out Triple H for a Pedigree on the former General Manager.

Laurinaitis finally stumbled up the ramp where Vince McMahon came out and kicked him in the rear to end the show.

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross published a new blog on jrsbarbq.com Monday night. Here are a few highlights:

– Ziggler is going to have a stellar year in 2012. The former amateur standout seemingly does something in every match that grabs my attention. Dolph reminds me of many greats of the game including Pat Patterson, Curt Hennig, and Billy Gunn. Fans that have no patience with where Ziggler currently stands in the ‘pecking order’ at least in those fan’s eyes need to exhale and simply enjoy Ziggler’s performances and continue to watch him evolve.

Dolph Ziggler could easily be WWE Champion or World’s Champion by WM29. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

– Punk’s tenure as WWE Champion is making the coveted WWE Title more meaningful and it’s obvious that Punk’s popularity is growing. I’m a big fan of CM Punk and feel that he’ ranks with the most compelling WWE Champions in recent memory. Punk is smart, physical and durable which are all traits that are invaluable to WWE on many fronts.

– Yes, I’m still working for WWE and consulting in the Talent Development Department and loving it. I’ll be with the NXT crew in Orlando again on Thursday July 12. This responsibility is supremely important to the future of WWE plus it keeps me off the road 51 weeks a year. I’m also going to be doing some scouting for potential, new talents.
– Eve Torres, who served as John Laurinaitis’ Executive Administrator while he was in control of Raw and SmackDown, will address her WWE future Tuesday on Twitter.

When asked Monday night where she’s been, she responded, “You’ll get an answer… tomorrow!” Zack Ryder wrote a message hoping that like Laurinaitis, she too is terminated. She responded to Ryder, “You wish.”

– Tensai was backstage at Monday’s Raw SuperShow at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York but not used on either the broadcast, WWE Superstars or in a dark match. It is the first Monday show since his return to WWE in April in which he did not appear at all. The character is reportedly being repackaged.

– WWE.com has published a photo gallery highlighting wrestlers in button-down shirts. The gallery features a wide array of past and present wrestlers including Big Boss Man, Blacktop Bully, Batista, Irwin R. Schyster, The Dudleys, Mankind, Nailz, Roadkill, The Undertaker, The Wall, Tazz, Mr. Hughes and The Mountie.

– Zack Ryder’s father sat ringside at Monday’s Raw.


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