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Will The Undertaker Wrestle For WWE Again?, Booker T Filming Web Series, “Miss USA” Rima Fakih Denies Signing With WWE, Natalya Threatens Lilian Garcia, Ross Weighs In On Lesnar vs. Cena, The Undertaker’s Future, Rock’s Title Vow, Vickie Guerrero Gets Smashed With Birthday Cake, Rey Mysterio Heading To Japan

April 16, 2012   ·   0 Comments

– Booker T is filming his upcoming Reality of Wrestling web series Saturday in Houston, Texas, according his Twitter account. The show will premiere on May 1 on YouTube.

— WWE will hold a live event at the Indoor Stadium in Zurich, Switzerland on November 8, 2012.

— Last week at WrestleMania XXVIII, The Undertaker and Triple H met inside Hell in a Cell in a bout that was branded as “the end of an era.” The latest issue of WWE Magazine, which features The Undertaker on the cover, plays up the “the end of an era” storyline as they ask “Will The Deadman Rise Again?”

Despite speculation that The Undertaker’s match last week may have been his last, many WWE employees now believe he is able to compete in a few more matches and will almost certainly work WrestleMania XXIX. This belief is based on The Undertaker appearing less injured following his WrestleMania outing compared to the prior year’s.

“Miss USA” and Tough Enough contestant Rima Fakih has denied signing with WWE. She wrote Saturday on Twitter, “Not signed! #rumor.”

Fakih suggested last month during an interview with German celebrity gossip website Promiflash.de that she had signed a contract with WWE, stating, “You are the first to respond to me, but I can now tell you that I will definitely be part of WWE.”

— WWE Hall of Famer Greg “The Hammer” Valentine appears at the Friendship Flea Market in Friendship, Indiana on June 9 and 10. Call 859-341-9188 for more information.

— For the second consecutive night, WWE conducted an angle at a SmackDown live event where ring announcer Lilian Garcia nearly came to blows with Natalya during a heated confrontation. Fed up with the third generation wrestler’s shabby treatment of her, Garcia aggressively shoved Natalya’s jacket back at the SmackDown Diva following her loss to AJ at Saturday’s show in Manchester, England. Natalya was none too pleased with this.

“I didn’t appreciate Lilian Garcia’s attitude tonight throwing my jacket at me! Watch yourself ya little mutt!” she wrote on Twitter.

Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on his official website. Highlights are as follows:

Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena at Extreme Rules: “Getting tons of folks asking for predictions for the upcoming Lesnar vs. Cena bout at Extreme Rules in Chicago on PPV. The only thing that I know for sure is that the live audience in Chicago will be restaurant quality. Is Cena ‘due’ after losing to Rock at WM28 or will Lesnar lose his first WWE bout in years? It makes for some compelling, episodic TV, in my opinion, but one has to consider Lesnar’s likely ‘ring rust’ when analyzing this main event and making educated guesses.

“Cena vs. Lesnar is what a main event should be, too close to easily call a winner.”

The Rock’s vow to win the WWE Championship: “Rock says he wants to be WWE Champion again. Time will tell if he can pull that one off but if that were to occur it would likely be following some intriguing, episodic TV leading into the big match. I think that it’s going to be a compelling year regarding the WWE Title.”

Whether The Undertaker has retired: “I might be naive and I know that I’m out of the loop, which, BTW, isn’t a gripe, but IF Undertaker was going to retire, don’t you think that WWE would make a HUGE deal of it? Can you think of another wrestler’s retirement that would be as impactful as the Undertaker’s at this point in time? So….I am still of the mindset that Undertaker will return to the ring at the appropriate time.”

Ross also weighs in on Mick Foley and Dean Ambrose’s war of words on Twitter, Ambrose reminding him of a WWE Hall of Famer, WWE’s upcoming Clash of the Champions video release and more.

— Rey Mysterio, who has been sidelined since August due to injury, is heading to Japan next month to promote the SmackDown brand’s upcoming tour of Tokyo. WWE will hold shows at Sumo Hall on August 9 and 10.

— WWE will hold two shows in Germany this November: at the O2 World Arena in Hamburg on November 2 and Arena Leipzig in Leipzig on November 3.

— Following CM Punk’s victory over Chris Jericho at Sunday’s Raw live event in Nottingham, England, the Straight Edge Superstar, John Cena, Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger appeared ringside to celebrate Vickie Guerrero’s birthday—she turns 44 years old on Monday. After Cena led the Capital FM Arena audience in singing “Happy Birthday To You” to Guerrero, Punk snuck up on the WWE manager by smashing her in the face with a chocolate cake. She then broke kayfabe by posing in the center of the ring with Punk and Cena.

Guerrero was taken by surprise by the moment. She wrote on Twitter, “My birthday is tomorrow the 16th!!!! The RAW crew surprised me tonight at show! It was so much fun! I showered the cake out of my hair and down my back….that was the sweetest shower ever!!!!”


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