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Wrestling Fact Or Fiction: January 11, 2012

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Tossing Salt Presents: Wrestling Fact or Fiction
January 11, 2012
Doug Maynard

Wednesday night and that means it’s time to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Or something like that. I’m Doug and this is “Wrestling Fact or Fiction”, the weekly look at all of the top topics that are topical with both myself, your esteemed Salt-Tossing homo/emo redneck roustabout and the “Baddest Man in the World with the name of Jackson who’s not named Michael”, my column writing partner, Russell Jackson.

You know the drill. We have ten topics and we go down the line and offer our opinions as to whether each subject is true or not. It’s more fun than watching a kitten slap a ball of string. So let’s just get right to it, okay?

The questions were sent out on Monday night after RAW…

1) You think that TNA Genesis was a good pay per view for TNA?

Doug – FICTION: I have to admit that I didn’t watch the PPV this past Sunday, but I did follow it as it went along via my computer, plus listened to multiple audio’s about the show on Sunday night and the opinions were pretty much unanimous. Good matches to start off with and then three screw-ball finishes towards the end that pretty much crapped over the whole show and gave a big “F.U.” to all the fans that paid to watch the event.

Gail Kim – Mickie James w/ Mickie being DQ’ed after being caught with the foreign object that belonged to Gail. Then Kurt over James Storm by screwball means and most importantly, in the match that sold the tickets, Jeff Hardy won by DQ when Robert Roode kicked the ref in the nuts. That’s no way to end a PPV event. Where was Sting to come out and restart the match? Where was anyone? Just a bad ending to what could have been a good night for the company. TNA does this quite often, it seems. Build up the PPV with good shows and then totally drop the ball with the big show. And they did it again on Sunday.

Russell – FICTION: I don’t watch the TNA shows like I should for this simple reason. I don’t like the product & I haven’t for quite some time, for as long as “The Power/Ego Trip” (Hulk Hogan & Eric Bitchoff) has been in the organization. If I have to, just to catch up on what’s going on, I’ll read the results of Impact & PPV shows, which at times is so excruciating, that it literally makes me go cross eyed. TNA Genesis, from which I read in the results, sounded like it was a waste of time being on PPV. The only match that sounded like it would be worth watching was the Fatal 4-Way Elimination match for the X Division Championship. To put it simply, the TNA Organization needs to be rebranded in its entirety from the inside out. If not, I don’t see the organization lasting the next 2 years at best.

2) RVD should leave TNA when his contract expires in March and go back to the WWE?

Doug – FACT: RVD is just going through the motions in TNA and no one seems to give a damn, least of all RVD himself. He barely even gets a pop anymore when he comes to the ring. So if RVD is going to continue to wrestle, the WWE is the place to be. He’ll be forced to up his game and actually work in his matches to earn his keep, but that’s not a bad thing and I think would do wonders for the man. He’s so out of place in TNA these days and so few of his former allies and associates are there anymore. The WWE needs strong “name” wrestlers and RVD is certainly one of those and would get an immediate push. There might be a slight problem with the WWE Wellness Program that would have to be worked out, as well as the heavy schedule, but those are minor details that can be worked on. RVD has grown stale in TNA and needs a change of venues. The WWE could definitely use him and would love to have him so when that contract expires, they need to get together and make something happening.

Russell – FACT: If RVD wants to end his wrestling career on a high note/retiring for good, then he needs to end it being with the WWE organization. I think RVD has one more good run left in him. Why would he not use the run in WWE which would be a no brainer. I predict that we will be seein RVD back in the WWE by the summer time. Bank on it!

3) The John Cena / Zack Ryder “bromance” will eventually end with Cena and Ryder feuding?

Doug – FACT: It’s wrestling 101 at work. Top face befriends wrestler. They enjoy success together as BFF’s. Secondary wrestler gets jealous and tired of being stuck in top star’s shadow and turns on him. They feud. It worked like that for Bruno / Zbyszko as well as for Hogan / everyone. It’s a system and storyline that works and makes stars. And it’ll work here and eventually end up making Ryder into a bigger star than ever.

Russell – FACT: The quote/unquote “bromance” of John Cena & Zack Ryder makes no sense from the start with Ryder being more or less John Cena’s lacky. This is a guy that started from nowhere with his career being on the brink of extinction, that took to social media (Twitter, You Tube) to turn his WWE career around. He had a feud with Dolph Ziggler over the United States Championship that saw Ryder FINALLY come out on top when he defeated Ziggler at TLC PPV for the United States Championship.

You would think after “The Zack Attack” came out on top as the new United States Champion, that he would be out on his own, having feuds of his own for his U.S. Championship. Instead, the “Creative Geniuses” that is the WWE Creative Department has him following in the coat tails of John Cena in Cena’s feud with Kane. How can I say this in the simplest terms? MAKES NO FLIPPIN SENSE WHATSOFREAKINEVER!!!!! I don’t give 2 shakes of a rat’s ass if Cena is popular with the kids/ladies, if he leads in merchandise sales, if he’s a role model, etc.

The point is the majority of WWE fans (hardcore fans in particular) do not like Cena. Cena’s character is beyond stale at best. Here’s an idea: With Cena battling The Rock in Rock’s home town of Miami, FL at WrestleMania XXVIII, where he’s gonna get booed out of the building, have Cena turn complete heel on Zack Ryder say within several weeks of Cena’s showdown with The Rock at Mania. It would be completely fresh of Cena’s character, plus he could challenge Ryder for Ryder’s United States Championship. At least he’d be challenging for a different championship without it being for the WWE Championship.

4) You were happy with the Brodus Clay debut on RAW?

Doug – FICTION: I’ve had some time to think about it and in the short run, this is probably better for Clay. He’s going to get some big moments, some great merchandising money and he stands out from the rest of the pack. This character is memorable and makes an impact. BUT, it’s a stupid gimmick. It’s Rikishi meets Flash Funk meets Curley Joe (hands up if you know who this is…lol). You don’t build up a monster character, a brutal killing machine for weeks and weeks and weeks and then, when he finally debuts, it’s “Mr. Funky” and PN News is ready to sue for copyright infringement. “Yo baby yo baby yo!” Hey WWE – 1986 called and they want their gimmick back. In the short term, this character might get Brodus over and be good for some quick money and a laugh, but in the overall picture of things, it’s going to be a major stigma that’s going to be hard for Clay to put behind him as his career progresses.

Russell – FICTION: Oh dear God, don’t let me get started on this freakin subject – oops too late for the now. Well, we finally got to see the big bad Brodus Clay on this past Monday Night Raw. I’m sitting with my better half, enjoyiny our 1 year anniversary, watching Raw in the living room. We hear the ring announcer informing us “From Planet Funk”, the Funkasaurus, Brodus Clay”. We then see a couple of “dancers” coming out followed by what I thought was a swelled up double or triple dose Flash Funk, no joke/no smoke. Bad, bad, freakin segment.

Is this what all of the waiting, week after week after week was reduced to in seeing a washed up/redo character in the making, Brodus Clay coming down, dancing all around, making a waste of a segment of good quality TV time? The Flash Funk character that was portrayed by Charles Scaggs, who also wrestles as 2 Cold Scorpio, was a complete waste of character back in 1996-1997. Now we’re reliving the past by a guy who is double, maybe even triple the size of Scaggs, making a complete jackass of himself in doing this character. Thanks WWE Creative! Once again, it’s evident that you don’t have the brains of redebuting a wrestler that has the capabilities of being a monster in the ring. The “Funkasaurus from Planet Funk” Brodus Clay is gonna wither away like a bad fart. Mark my words!

5) Even without saying a word, Chris Jericho is the hottest star on RAW?

Doug – FACT: And is that a testament to how good Jericho is or just how bad the rest of the RAW shows have gotten as of late. This stuff that Jericho is doing, the over-acting happiness last week and the crocodile tears this past Monday, it’s annoying as hell. But damn it, it’s intriguing too. It’s making people interested and wondering what is coming next. With no offense to either Ric Flair or JBL, Jericho is in the midst of proving once more that not only was he the first undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, but he’s also truly a wrestling god!

Russell – FACT: For the past 2 weeks, Chris Jericho has come out on Raw, not saying a word. Even though I could have done without watching Jericho doing the crying bit from this past Monday’s Raw edition, I think Jericho is doing extremely well for himself since his return. Chris Jericho is the hottest wrestler in the WWE period. I feel there’s gonna be a twist to his character when we finally find out what his intentions are in the WWE & he’s not gonna be alone.

<<<— SWITCHEROO —>>>

6) Santino Marella is a good choice to replace Zack Ryder as the “Assistant To The GM” on Smackdown?

Russell – FICTION: All Santino Marella has been reduced to is a comedy/goof of a character on both the Smackdown & Raw brand. Makes no sense, yet again, for him to be the “Assistant to the GM”. I feel Teddy Long can hold his own in running Smackdown by himself. Why does he need an assistant to help him out running Smackdown? Many people could argue that it helped Zack Ryder’s career when Ryder was Teddy Long’s assistant on Smackdown. Well for all those many people who argue that point, they’re all as clueless as “WWE Creative” who went with that idea & gave it the go (no offense to all the people that read this, that argue that point). Bottom line is, Teddy Long doesn’t need an assistant on Smackdown & therefore needs to let Santino Marella go from that position.

Doug – FACT: Johnny Ace has David Otunga by his side as his “legal advisor” so it only makes sense that Teddy Long gets to have an assistant as well. Santino is a great comedy character and can play well with almost anyone so why not use him as comedy foil with Teddy as his straight man. This keeps Santino (hopefully) out of the ring, but still allows us to enjoy his humor and stupidity. I think it’s a good place for Santino to be.

7) Daniel Bryan will retain the World Championship when he faces Big Show in a No DQ / No Count Out match this week on Smackdown?

Russell – FACT: As much as I hate to say it, I do think Daniel Bryan will retain the World Heavyweight Championship when he defends against The Big Show this week on Smackdown. He’s either going to use a foreign object to knock Big Show out or Mark Henry is gonna interject himself in the match & cause Daniel Bryan to retain the World Title. I look for a Triple Threat match to take place at the Royal Rumble PPV with Daniel Bryan defending the World Heavyweight Championship against BOTH Big Show & Mark Henry.

Doug – FACT: It’s far too soon to take the World Championship off of Bryan. He’s just getting started making his mark as Champion and I expect that through hook or crook, he’ll keep doing whatever it takes to keep that belt firmly around his waist.

8) Edge is a good pick to be part of the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2012?

Russell – FACT: I’ve been going back’n’forth with this question since it’s been made public that Edge is to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2012. Even though it’s apparent that Edge can no longer wrestle & has retired from the “Squared Circle”, I think it’s way too soon for him to be inducted in the 2012 HOF Class at this point in time. In my opinion, the Brass of the WWE could have picked another candidate that deserves to be in the HOF Class of 2012 and wait to induct Edge a few more years. But unless the Brass of the WWE knows something that we fans don’t, then he’s being inducted this year. Nonetheless however, it is still a good pick for Edge to be in the HOF Class of 2012, as it would be a good pick whenever he does get inducted.

Doug – FICTION: I’m not saying that Edge doesn’t belong in the WWE Hall of Fame. He does. But this soon after only a year after his retirement? I hate to be nit-picky, but there are several others who should be going in first, such as Bruno Sammartino, Ivan Koloff, Bob Backlund, Mick Foley, Paul Heyman, Wahoo McDaniel, etc. Edge is a great guy from all accounts and it’s a shame that his career was cut short due to injuries at such a young age and he’s definitely deserving of the honor, but he’s young and can afford to wait. What about all these other names who have already been waiting so long? I’m just thinking that they should get their moment in the spotlight first.

9) The Four Horsemen are good picks to be part of the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2012?

Russell – FACT: I’m actually surprised that The Four Horsemen haven’t already been inducted in the Hall of Fame Class of the WWE. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is that Ole Anderson isn’t gonna be inducted with the rest of the original Horsemen members since he is one of the originals. It is a well known fact that Ole Anderson hates Vince McMahon with a passion & the same with Vince McMahon hating Ole Anderson, but could both of them put aside their differences with one another for 1 night? Just 1 night. Just 1 night, for Ole Anderson to bask in the spotlight for the accomplishments he’s done when he was a Horsemen member. If not do it for himself, do it for the fans that grew up when the Horsemen were first formed & active. Can’t they (Vince & Ole) all just get along for the sake of the business? Come on Ole, do it for the fans *smiles, thumbs up*.

Anywho, instead of Ole, Barry Windham is getting inducted as a Horsemen member, which is great cause he was a great Horseman,. No doubt about that. I’m hoping that when March 31st gets here, BW will be physically able to attend the HOF ceremony after suffering a heart attack back in October of 2011. Another question that is to be pondered is if Ric Flair will be able to attend the HOF ceremony to be inducted along with “Double A”/”The Enforcer” Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham & J.J. Dillon, as he is contractually obligated to TNA? I hope TNA has at least a heart to let Ric Flair go for 1 night to their main rivals HOF ceremony to be inducted with the rest of the Horsemen members & let him bask in the spotlight for the accomplishments that he’s made as a Horsemen member. It’s all about the Four Horsemen on that night, Diamonds are forever & so are the Four Horsemen, WWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Doug – FACT: Before there was a DX or a nWo or any kind of “Super Group”, there was The Horsemen. They were the first and they were the best and no group or faction deserves it anymore. I do have issue with Ole Anderson not being acknowledged as part of the faction, with the WWE choosing to induct the third incarnation of the group (Ric, Arn, Tully and Barry Windham w/ J.J. Dillon) instead. I’m pretty sure that Arn, Tully and the others will be sure to send shout-outs to Ole from the stage to make sure he gets his due. Without Ole, there never would have been a Horsemen team. That’s just simple fact and I hope that the WWE at least invited Ole and reached out to him (and sends him a plaque, check and HOF ring if he chooses not to attend). And I also hope that the WWE is smart / considerate enough to have the former Horsemen not included in the Induction (Lex Luger, Sid Vicious, Dean Malenko, Baby Doll and Mongo McMichael) in the audience in the front row during the ceremonies so they can stand up and take a bow. The Horsemen definitely belong in any and every Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame. Diamonds are forever and so are The Horsemen!

10) The WWE Should Push The Debut of The WWE Network back to the fall instead of attempting to debut Wrestlemania weekend?

Russell – FACT: When the WWE made the announcement that the WWE Network was gonna be launched on April 1st, on the same day as WrestleMania XXVIII, it made no sense to me. To me, it would have been a major flop to launch the WWE Network on that day with WrestleMania being in the spotlight. I think the WWE Network should be pushed back to debut in the fall where nothing will take the spotlight away from the Network debuting. Hopefully, The WWE Network will be a big success where entities like *COUGHING* The XFL *COUGHING* withered away like a bad fart.

Doug – FACT: If they’re not ready to debut the network, then they’re not ready. Push back the debut (just like they did with Brodus Clay) and get everything in order with as many clearances as possible. Make sure that everything and everyone is in position and then cut loose and go with it. If they try to get started too soon and don’t have their ducks in a row, the WWE Network will end up going the way of the XFL and WBF… and nobody wants that. So yeah, they should definitely wait.

And there you go. Another column in the books and we finished with a score of 8 – 2. Still no unanimous agreements, but we’re getting there. Maybe one day. Before I head out, I want to send a shout-out to my nigga, Kenneth Wayne McDonald, who celebrated his 21rst Birthday yesterday (Tuesday). Happy Birthday, my brutha! Love ya! And also Happy Anniversary (1 Year) to my partner-in-wrestling crime and the co-author of this column, Russell and his “better half”. Congrats on Year 1 with many, many more to go.

Questions and comments can be sent to Doug28352@yahoo.com. Go visit my blogsite for all things Dougie (wrestling, political commentary, fiction stories, surveys, etc) atwww.tsfiction.blogspot.com. And I guess that’s everything for now. I’m going to go get drunk now. Ooops! Keep forgetting that I don’t drink anymore. I’ll get drunk on life. Yeah, that’ll work. Have a great week and I’ll catch you on the flip side.



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