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Wrestling Fact Or Fiction: March 11, 2012

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Wrestling Fact or Fiction
March 11, 2012
Doug & Russell

It’s the weekend and it’s time for another edition of pro wrestlng’s greatest back and forth since The Brain and Gorilla Monsoon… I’m talking about “Wrestling Fact or Fiction”. As per the usual, it’s the man who your mother warned you about, the baddest man on the planet, Russell Jackson, taking on the man your grandmother warned you about, the eclectic salt-tosser, Doug (that’s me) with questions about the WWE, TNA and ROH. Let’s do this…

1) Kane is the right person to face Randy Orton at Wrestlemania XXVIII?

Russell – FACT: With Randy Orton comin back from his “concussion”, it not only gives Orton a new feud to be in, but it gives Kane a new feud to be in as well…Hopefully it’s not the whole “embrace the hate” saga as it was in the John Cena/Kane feud…

Doug – FICTION: Shouldn’t Kane be facing someone like maybe, I don’t know Mark Henry, who put him out of wrestling for nearly half a year? Or maybe Zack Ryder, who he put out of wrestling for a while as part of his quest to get John Cena to “embrace the hate”? And Randy has had problems with Wade Barrett (who unfortunately is out with an injury) and Christian (“one more match”), but hasn’t really had any kind of interaction with Kane in a couple of years. Randy has been injury-prone as of late and I can understand the WWE wanting to place him against someone who can “protect” Randy from any serious injuries, but it’s at the expense of several other wrestlers who deserve and would be so much better suited to be his opponent. This booking just doesn’t make any sense in the context of things and that’s what bothers me the most. Orton versus Kane will probably be a decent match, but these are not the two men who should be facing each others. Both should be parts of matches against other people instead, people with whom they have a history and a logical reason to want to fight. That would make sense. This match doesn’t.

(0-1): Starting off roughly here!)

2) Zack Ryder will be left off the Wrestlemania XXVIII card?

Russell – FACT: I’m hopin that it doesn’t come down to it, but I’m lookin for the jackasses that is WWE upper management to once again kill off the hype that is Zack Ryder & keep him off the WrestleMania XXVIII card…They have absolutely no idea on how to capatolize on a superstar after that superstar had busted his ass to get to where he wants to be…

Doug – FACT: I’m glad to see Zack back on RAW, as of last night, but instead of having him looking for Kane, seeking revenge for the injuries that put him out of action or demanding his rematch clause to get a U.S. title match, which would all make sense, he’s booked to call Eve a “hoeski” and then get all goofy when the diseased one gives him a big kiss. WWE is just determined to bury the hell out of Ryder and make an example of him to the other WWE superstars why, despite what they often claim, it isn’t smart to get yourself over with the fans without the “help” from WWE Creative. If you’re over for any reason besides the “brillance” of Steph and Vince, you get crushed. It’s that simple. I’m hoping that I’m wrong and this crap with Eve is either quickly resolved or even better, just totally forgotten about and Zack Ryder demands his rematch for the U.S. Championship and maybe knocks the hell out of Kane a few times while he’s at it. Zack busted his ass to get the fans behind him and whether the WWE management agrees or not, he deserves far better than the garbage they’ve been giving him.

(1-1) In agreement on the Ryder question, leveling things out. And we both agree that poor Zack is going to get screwed over!

3) Dropping the “Money In The Bank” match from Wrestlemania is a good idea?

Russell – FICTION: I was actually excited when the news first broke out that the “Money in the Bank” match was gonna return at WrestleMania XXVIII this year…For what ever reason, whether to make a match featuring the battle of the 2 GMs or the Money in the Bank PPV is bein brought back later this year, they (WWE) decided to nix the MITB match from WM XXVIII…BAD IDEA!!!!!…I’d rather see a MITB match once a year, say at WrestleMania or SummerSlam PPV event that involves both Raw & Smackdown wrestlers instead of havin 2 MITB matches 1 for each brand at a MITB PPV event…Is that too much to ask for, jeezzz…

Doug – FICTION: I think that having a pay per view built around the Money In The Bank idea with two matches was a bad idea, but I don’t like gimmick themed pay per views much anyhow. Money In The Bank very quickly became a staple for Wrestlemania as the chance for six to eight of the mid-card guys with a good upside to really get out there and bust their asses and make an impact and that’s how it should continue to be. From what I understand, the match was dropped due to the injury to Wade Barrett, but that doesn’t make sense to me. A company like WWE should have back-up plans to cover things like injuries and if Wade can’t be the M.I.T.B. champ, use the match to give someone else a push for a change like some up-and-comer like Michael McGillicutty (who needs to drop the dumb alias and become a “Hennig” again) or some veteran who’s been out of the spotlight for a while, but has a loyal and strong following (William Regal). A match like the Money In the Bank adds so much to the Wrestlemania event, even in a jacked-up show like the one we’re getting this year. It’s become a Wrestlemania tradition and it needs to remain exactly where it belongs, as part of the Wrestlemania event.

(2-1) Money In The Bank belongs at Wrestlemania… ‘Nuff said!

4) Having Shawn Michaels as the “Guest Referee” for the “Hell In A Cell” match between HHH and The Undertaker is a good idea?

Russell – FACT: Just when you thought that the “Hell in the Cell” match between HHH & The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVIII, with Undertaker’s WM streak on the line, was intense enough, Shawn Michaels name is thrown in the mix as the special referee…Given that HBK has history with both participants in the match, one can only wonder if HBK will call the match down the middle, or if he will interject himself against either his best friend, Trips OR against the guy that HBK could never defeat at the back to back WMs, the Dead Man himself?…Hmm, I smell a DX Conspiracy…More on that in a later post b4 WrestleMania XXVIII…

Doug – FACT: Shawn is Triple H’s best friend, but it seems that he and HHH are having a bit of a tiff about if possibly, HHH can do what Shawn couldn’t do. The Undertaker ended Shawn’s career and you have to know that Shawn holds a grudge for that. It’s not really a Wrestlemania without the “Heartbreak Kid” somewhere in the picture, and since he’s not wrestling anymore, this is the best place for him. Shawn is the only man in the WWE who has that long, long history with both HHH and Undertaker and he has reasons, both real and storyline, to go either way with this match as the referee. Will he work in favor of HHH to avenge his retirement? Will he work in favor of Undertaker to keep HHH from accomplishing what he couldn’t do and end the streak? Will he call it down the middle and be totally neutral? We have no way of knowing and it’s just another very intriguing piece to a very fascinating puzzle.

(3-1) Can’t have Wrestlemania without “Mr. Wrestlemania” there doing something…

5) Putting the United States Championship on Santino Marella was a great idea?

Russell – FACT: It’s bout time that Santino is a champion in the WWE…Now if WWE management can have Santino be taken seriously as the WWE United States champion, Santino could have a decent run as champion…Only time will tell if that happens or not…

Doug – FICTION: I understand that in the WWE’s eyes, the U.S. title doesn’t really mean anything, but Santino? Come on now and give me a break! I get it – it’s a reward for Santino for being popular and being a loyal player in the Teddy Long – Johnny Ace crapola-fest, but Santino doesn’t need the title. He’s popular as it is and all he needs is his goofy strut to the ring, the broken english and the green hand puppet. I don’t expect to see Santino hold the title more than a few weeks at the most. Maybe it’s a message to Zack that if you want to be a popular goof, do it the WWE way and not on your own. I don’t know. Actually, this could work out in a triple-threat match at Wrestlemania for the U.S. title with Santino defending against Zack and Jack Swagger (both of whom are contractually owed rematches at this point for the U.S. title). That would be a fun match to see and make the Santino Championship reign make sense. Zack and Santino could have their own Rock / Hulk (Shades of Wrestlemania 17) moment. The WWE needs to figure something out because U.S. Champion Santino Marella just leaves a funny taste in my mouth.

(3-2) And friction rises up and it’s all Santino’s fault. Let’s do the…


6) John Cena is right when he says that Wrestlemania XXVIII will be his “legacy”?

Doug – FICTION: Two weeks after the show is over, no one will care about how John Cena did in his match at Wrestlemania and whether he won or lost. If the match is great, we’ll talk about it and if it sucks, we’ll talk about that, but will it be the one match that makes or breaks John Cena? Nope, not at all. The “hustle, loyalty and respect” will be his heritage. The “poopy jokes” will be his legacy. The work ethic will be his legacy. One match, even if it is at Wrestlemania against the Rock, is just that… one match. And Cena’s reputation and career is far more than one match.

Russell – FACT: John “Hulk Hogan 2.0” Cena is right when he says that WrestleMania XXVIII will be his legacy…The only thing is, WrestleMania XXVIII will be his legacy in defeat by The Rock with The Rock Bottom, The People’s Elbow, or a combination of both finishers…WrestleMania XXVIII will be Cena’s legacy when The Rock makes Cena his personal bitch at the “Grandest Stage Of Them All”…

(3-3) Cena always causes dissension… lol

7) Mark Henry should retire when his current WWE Contract expires?

Doug – FICTION: If Henry wants to retire, so be it, but I think the man has really hit his prime in the past couple of years and still has some life left in him. I think Henry should cut back his in-ring action to avoid any serious injuries and maybe work with a Jericho style deal or a Khali deal where he’s used as a “special attraction” rather than a full time worker. Let Henry work as the fill-in monster to help out when someone is injured. Let him work behind the scenes as an agent who only wrestles on events like the Royal Rumble. Henry should be allowed to wrestle as long as he feels comfortable and wants to compete, but use him sparingly and with caution to extend the career and use him as what would best suit both the company and Henry himself.

Russell – FICTION: Plain & simply put, Mark Henry should retire when his body is unable to perform under the grueling WWE schedule…

(4-3) Mark Henry is one big, bad tough-ass man!

8) Having celebrated it’s 10th Anniversery this past weekend, Ring Of Honor (ROH) is well on it’s way to overtaking TNA as the #2 wrestling promotion in the United States?

Doug – FICTION: ROH is a great wrestling company with some great talent, but they’re lacking one big thing and that’s national exposure. TNA has Spike TV while the WWE has the USA Network and SyFy. And ROH has what? They have the Sinclair Cable Company behind them, but that’s only one cable provider among many and unless you just happen to live in an area that Sinclair services, you don’t get to see ROH. If they can work out a national deal with a major cable network like FX or even The History Channel, for example, ROH might have a chance to take that # 2 spot. Without that exposure, TNA has absolutely nothing to worry about.

Russell – FACT: As I said on the last Fact or Fiction blog, if ROH plays their cards right, they could very easily surpass TNA as the #2 wrestling promotion in the U.S., give the WWE a run for their money & I hope they do…Nuff said…

(4-4) Back on the line again. ROH needs more exposure and money. I just need more money!

9) Sting is the right person to be facing Bobby Roode at the upcoming TNA Victory Road pay per view?

Doug – FICTION: Sting is the “authority figure” and semi-retired. While he’s still a major name and fairly decent in the ring, he should not at this point be headlining pay per views against the World Champion. That’s for the full time guys like Kurt Angle, James Storm, Bully Ray, etc to be doing. Sting should continue to play the instigator and keep stirring the pot – he’s great in that role – and I wouldn’t even mind him wrestling Roode in maybe a TV match on Impact, but he shouldn’t be contending for the World Title or fighting the champion in such a high profile match. That’s not his role anymore.

Russell – FICTION: I’m going with fiction on this question & I’ll explain…My ALL TIME FAVORITE WRESTLER is Sting, no ifs, ands, or buts bout it – especially when he was doin the surfer character in the NWA/WCW era…Sting is gettin up in years, he needs to retire from in ring compitition, with only exception to the rule is IF he would wrestle in the WWE…Bobby Roode should be defendin the TNA World Championship at the TNA Victory Road PPV…Plus, I don’t want Sting’s legacy to be jeopardized with him continuing to wrestle in his 50s, like another wrestler who shall be remained nameless, WWWWOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! (I NEVER said I wouldn’t do their trademark taunt though *raising eyebrow*

(5-4) We all love the Stinger!

10) Bruno Sammartino is right when he says that when Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan still attempting to climb into the ring these days is sad and digusting?

Doug – FACT: As much as I love “The Nature Boy” (and despise Hogan), my opinion on either of them climbing into the ring at this point and attempting to wrestle is, just as Bruno said, sad and disgusting and totally pitiful Everytime they step into the ring, they chip away at their legacy and destroy their reputations more and more. Bruno quit wrestling when he felt it was time. Hogan and Flair’s time was long ago and just like the Energizer Bunny, they keep going and going and going. And it gets harder and harder to watch. Bruno is dead on target right here and Flair and Hogan (and Roddy Piper, Terry Funk, Abdullah the Butcher, Bret Hart, etc) all need to listen up and follow the advice (and example) of pro wrestling’s first true “living legend”.

Russell – FACT: Both Flair & Hogan’s are so past their f’n prime, that it isn’t fun to watch them wrestle anymore…All they’re doin is tarnishing their wrestling careers…They both need to officially retire from in ring competition & leave it to the younger wrestlers that can keep up the pace inside the squared circle, for cryin out f’n loud…

(6-4) Everyone loves the legends, but please don’t let ’em get into the ring and attempt to compete. It’s just sad!

And there you go, with six times in agreement (and four times not), it’s another edition of “Wrestling Fact or Fiction” down and in the books. And I can’t speak for Russell, but this was a fun edition, at least in my eyes. And as it gets closer and closer to Wrestlemania XXVIII, I expect it will keep getting better and better. My thanks again to Russ for being such a super-cool dude and helping me out each and every week with this column.

And if you’d like to join Russell and myself in the world of pro-wrestling pundancy, just drop me a line at Doug28352@yahoo.com and we’d be very glad to include you in on the fun. Questions and comments can be sent to the same addy as well.

And that’ll do it for this week. A quick note here. Later tonight, the UNC Tarheels play Florida State in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Tournament Championship game.

GO HEELS!! UNC # 1!!!

Okay, I just had to get that out of my system. Until the next time, thanks for reading. I’m Doug and I’m out of here. See you next time.



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