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Wrestling Fact Or Fiction – March 24, 2012

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Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
March 24, 2012
Doug & Russell

More regular than Grandpa after his bran cereal and glass of prune juice, it’s Wrestling Fact or Fiction. I’m Doug Maynard and along with the baddest man on the planet, Russell Jackson, we’re here once more to be the wrestling pundits that we are and debate the questions that need to be debated. Let’s jump right to it and do this…

1) TNA Victory Road was a good show?

Doug – FACT: I read the recaps and reviews and from all indications, it was a good show. But putting on good pay per views is not TNA’s problem. The problem they have is that while the pay per views are good, the TV shows that sell the pay per views are usually somewhat lackluster and no one bothers to watch or care. TNA draws roughly a third of the audience of RAW and no matter what they do, it never gets any better. TNA is stuck in a major rut and while getting rid of Vince Russo is a postive step, the over-reliance of such dinosaurs as Hogan, Flair, Sting, Angle, etc. is still a significant factor that keeps the company from making any major gains. TNA – the best wrestling that no one ever bothers watching. That’s sad!

Russell – FICTION: I read the results from TNA Victory Road PPV after it happened this past Sunday night & from what I read, I didn’t think Victory Road was that much of a good, quality wrestling PPV to watch…To put it plain & simple, TNA needs to have interesting storylines & interesting matches for a PPV of theirs to work & it isn’t workin for them in my eyes…

(0-1) Not a great start. TNA is like a wrestling yo-yo and all over the place.

2) Chris Jericho is winning the battle of mind games against CM Punk?

Doug – FACT: First it was the alcoholic father and now the drug addict sister. And while Punk’s reactions and facial expressions have been great, he’s only been able to react to Jericho’s words and is stuck on the defense, being forced to always respond and not gain any initiative or momentum. I wish Jericho had started with these mind games a month ago so we could have some good back and forth and see Punk and Jericho really showcase their promo skills, but WWE waited too late to really build on Jericho’s charges. All we get is Punk getting upset. I get it though. Punk is getting mad and frustrated and will take it out on Jericho at Wrestlemania and that’s all well and good, but until the actual match happens, it seems that Jericho is owning Punk big time.

Russell – FACT: Seems like since the WWE Championship match was set with CM Punk defendin the championship against Chris Jericho at WrestleMania XXVIII, Chris Jericho has been pokin’n’jabbin at CM Punk on Monday Night Raw for the past couple weeks…First, Jericho brought to light of CM Punk’s father’s alcoholism 2 weeks ago, then Jericho made mention of CM Punk’s sister’s drug use…Even though it appears that Chris Jericho is edging out in the psychology department against CM Punk at this point, the ultimate conclusion of “winning the battle of mind games” will be at the end of the WWE Championship match at WM XXVIII…

(1-1) Jericho is the master of mind games.

3) The Rock is correct when he says that he has to beat John Cena to prove he’s “the best of all time”?

Doug – FICTION: The Rock’s spot in wrestling history is already pretty much cemented in and regardless of what happens in the match with Cena, no one is going to think any less of “The Great One” or think he’s any less of a “sports entertainer”. But so far as being the “best of all time” goes though, neither The Rock nor John Cena for that matter are even close to being able to lay claim to that title. Ric Flair can arguably make that claim. So can Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. And I’d put Harley Race over any of them. And as good as The Rock and Cena both are, neither of them are ready to step into the elite grouping of the truly “best of all time”… at least not in my view.

Russell – FICTION: As far as I’m concerned, The Rock DOES NOT NEED to beat John Cena to prove he’s “the best of all time”…John Cena is just another wrestler that needed a storyline fued to carry through WrestleMania…In my mind, The Rock is already the best of all time or at least one of the best…

(2-1) There is nobody quite like “The Rock”.

4) Zack Ryder’s parking lot rally events will help him earn a place on “Team Teddy”?

Doug – FACT: Zack always seems to get what he wants when he rallies the fans behind him and since he’s Teddy’s “former assistant”, he’ll end up a part of “Team Teddy”. The WWE has really hosed the young man big time over the past five months and I think they’re starting to realize that people are taking notice. Ryder deserves to be a part of Wrestlemania and he’ll get his place in the spotlight as part of Teddy Long’s team.

Russell – FACT: What a better way to get on the WrestleMania PPV than for Zack Ryder to be on “Team Teddy” 12 man tag team match…It’s a win win situation all around for Ryder & the fans of Ryder…It could be that Zack Ryder will lead “Team Teddy” to victory against “Team Laurinaitis”, WOO WOO WOO, YOU KNOW IT!!!!!!!!

(3-1) The Ryder Rebound has begun. Woo Woo Woo – you know it, bro!

5) Yokozuna is a good choice to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2012?

Doug – FACT: A multiple time WWE Champion and tag team champion who really made a great impact during his short time in pro wrestling, plus he’s the Rock’s cousin and was well liked by everyone who ever met him or worked with him. Yoko was a unique wrestler and a good champion for the WWE. He deserves the honor and I’m glad to see him be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year.

Russell – FACT: Yokozuna has been dead 12 years ago, yeaaaaaaaaaa I’d say not only is he a good choice to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2012, but it’s way over due…Yoko held the WWE Championship 2 different times & also is a former co-holder of the WWE Tag Team Championship with the late, great Owen Hart…It’s bout time that he finally gets recognized for his accomplishments in the WWE

(4-1)Yokozuna is definitely Hall of Fame worthy!


6) Vickie Guerrero is the best “manager” currently in pro wrestling today?

Russell – FICTION: Vickie Guerrero is nothin more than an over bearing loud mouth that wants as much TV time as she can get, case closed…

Doug – FACT: She kind of earns the honor by default since she’s essentially the only manager of any kind of real status in either the WWE or TNA these days. Who is there to compete with her? Rose Mendez? Eric Bischoff? Rosa is a joke and Eric isn’t really a manager as much as he’s just an ass-clown. Vickie has two people who she’s with consistently (Swagger and Dolph) and she still can get more heat just by saying those magical two words (Excuse Me!) than almost any heel in the business. I wish that the WWE would do more with her sometimes, but she’s found a great little niche and she’s really came into her own since becoming part of the WWE. I watch her on RAW and all I can think is that I’m sure that Eddie is very proud of his “mamacita”. And he should be. She’s really done quite a great job and gets better each and every week.

(4-2) Love her or hate her, Vickie always gets a reaction.

7) Having Maria Menounos from the TV show “Extra” wrestle in a Divas Tag Match at Wrestlemania XXVIII will help draw fans?

Russell – FICTION: Having Maria Menounos from the TV show “Extra” wrestle in a Divas Tag Match at WrestleMania is yet a stupid move by WWE to have a “Celebrity” wrestle in any kind of match on the “Grandest Stage” that is WrestleMania…Here’s a hint of an idea to the Jackasses that is the WWE: Have the WRESTLERS that wrestles in YOUR organization wrestle in matches on your WrestleMania PPVs, NOT celebrities that doesn’t have a clue what to do in the squared circle…

Doug – FICTION: Who the hell is this woman anyhow? I can understand the reasoning for WWE wanting to use her to help promote Wrestlemania XXVIII. She’s one of the hosts of a nightly tabloid show and one of the current contestants on Dancing With The Stars so that means lots of mentions and publicity to help promote the show. So it makes sense to a degree, but let’s be honest. No one gives a damn about Maria Menounos and having her as the special guest celebrity (and in the ring no less) isn’t going to sell a single extra ticket or put any extra butts in the seat. It’s all a publicity angle, but in my opinion, it’s just a waste of money and time and there are many better ways to promote the show.

(5-2) Celebrities don’t belong in the ring. Leave the wrestling to the wrestlers…

8) Rumors are rampant that the WWE will be bringing back former WWE Star Albert (A-Train). This is a good move by the WWE?

Russell – FACT: Back in the “Attitude Era”, A-Train, AKA Prince Albert, AKA Albert was a pretty good wrestler all around…I think, if the rumors are true, that A-Train (or whatever he’s gonna be called) will be a major player & make this run with the company count…

Doug – FACT: And they have definitely done so, repackaging the former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion as a character named “Lord Tensai”. It’s a good move in my opinion and here’s why. Albert was a solid mid-card performer during his last run in the WWE and since that run, he’s had nearly a decade of working almost exclusively in Japan where he has gained experience and become a truly main event level player. The WWE is hurting right now for solid main event level wrestlers who can be counted on to carry matches, draw fans and be a leader in the locker room as well. Albert definitely can carry matches and be that backstage leader that the WWE wants and needs. As for drawing fans, well we’ll have to wait and see, but all in all, I think that the WWE made a definite good investment and Albert, aka Lord Tensai, can be their 2012 version of the 1991 Vader character if they play it right. He’d definitely got all the tools.

(6-2) Bringing back Albert / A-Train is a great move!

9) Having Sting step down as the TNA “Authority Figure” is a good move for TNA?

Russell – FICTION: Havin Sting as the “Authority Figure” in TNA makes more sense than havin him wrestling in matches…TNA has an IQ of a door knob to let Sting step down as the Authority Figure…

Doug – FICTION: TNA had finally found a role for Sting that he seemed to be custom made for. He’s made short appearances every so often, got to play up the crazy “Joker-Sting” character and be very entertaining. And now, he’s getting moved back to being a part time wrestler. Why? If it’s not broke, they shouldn’t try and fix it. Sting as the “Authority Figure” wasn’t broke. This is definitely not a good move, especially when you look at who will most likely be replacing The Stinger in his role.

(7-2) TNA is screwing up. Leave Sting as the boss-man!

10) Hulk Hogan is the right choice to replace Sting as the TNA “Authority Figure”?

Russell – FICTION: See the last sentence for question 9…Hogan has no business bein on any of TNA programming, plain & simple…

Doug – FICTION: Hogan in 2012 DOES NOT draw fans. Hogan doesn’t belong on the TNA television or even with the company in my opinion. The man is currently part of a sex tape being shopped around (look out Animal Planet!), in the middle of a defamation suit against his ex-wife and just plain gets on my freakin’ nerves. Sting belongs in the role of the “Authority Figure” and that’s how it should stay. Hogan is currently part of the Garrett Bischoff versus Eric Bischoff versus Gunner triangle and if he wants to be there, so be it. He shouldn’t be doing that AND being an on-air executive too. It’s a definite conflict of interest. And if TNA really needs a former wrestler to be their match-maker and authority figure, why do the same-old / same old with Hogan anyhow? Give someone new a chance. Al Snow is there every week. So is D-Lo Brown. So is Hector Guerrero. Hell, use RVD for this role. TNA sure as hell isn’t using him for anything important anyhow and it’d be cool to see “The Whole F’kin Show” on tv every week in a semi-significant role. Anybody (and I do mean ANYBODY) but Hogan. ‘Nuff said!

(8-2) HOGAN SUCKS! ‘Nuff said!

So there you go. We ran 7-2 this time around, disagreeing on Vickie Guerrero and TNA Victory Road, but pretty much in agreement on everything else. Not too shabby at all. Questions and comments can be sent to Doug28352@yahoo.com and if you’d be interested in joining Russell and myself in discussing the issues that are pro wrestling each week, just let me know at the same addy and we’d be glad to have you join in.

And that’s all for this week. We’ll be back next week with more. Don’t forget that next Sunday, there’s this little show called Wrestlemania XXVIII going on and I’ll have my predictions for that event up in the next few days. And I guess that’s all so I’m out out of here. Never forget, it’s wrestling that’s real. Life is what’s fake. Take it easy and have a great week and we’ll see you on the flip side.



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