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Wrestling Fact or Fiction

June 11, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Wrestling Fact or Fiction
June 11, 2012
Doug Maynard & Russell Jackson
So here we are, back again another week with another edition of “Wrestling Fact or Fiction”. I’m Doug and and I apologize to all of our regular readers (both of them) and to my partner in crime, Russell, for my major slackness over the past few weeks. We WILL get these columns back on a regular schedule and my other claim to fame, “Tossing Salt – Worldwide News” will be returning soon too. So keep your eyes open and look for it.
As for this column, the questions were sent out early in the week, but due to my own scheduling conflicts and issues, we’re just getting this posted today (Monday). Oops! So a few of the questions might be a bit obselete now. Once again, oops! Let’s just jump right into it and get this bad mama-jama out there…
You’re interested in seeing John Cena feud with Big Show?
Doug – FACT: Yeppers, and I’ll tell you why. Because this keeps both Cena and Big Show away from the World and WWE Championships. The feud is boring and is going to suck big time, but I can just ignore it just like I’ve done every other Big Show feud over the past few years. But kudos to the WWE for one thing. They’re FINALLY starting to portray the Big Show correctly (albeit ten years too late). He should be a bad-ass giant who says and does what he wants. That’s the way to book a seven-foot tall, five hundred pound guy. Of course, having him destroy the tag team champs and the other resident big guy (Brodus Clay) pretty much killed their credibility to hell and back, but I guess that’s just how things go in the WWE, right?
Russell – FICTION: I don’t like John Cena, not a fan of the Big Show turnin heel…Put them together in a feud & no one will be a bit interested…It’s a been there, done that scenario 8 years ago, with them feuding over the United States Championship…On to new feuds for the both of them…
Having Vince McMahon return to RAW next week will help improve the ratings?
Doug – FACT: They’ll cause a spike in the ratings because Vince is a character that people are interested in, but it won’t last. Things are on the downslide at the WWE right now and having the Chairman of the WWE, who incidentially was stripped of his authority by the WWE Board of Directors a few months ago… remember?… isn’t going to be enough of a band-aid to have any major impact or help very much.
Russell – FACT: It may improve the ratings a lil bit, but not enough to make a big splash with…If you want to improve the ratings, here’s what to do & I surely hope that the jackasses at WWE catch wind of this…Eliminate John Laurinaitis from the GM position of both brands + eliminate the so called “Lead Announcer/The Voice of the WWE” Michael “Wedgie Boy” Cole from the announcer’s table & replaced with Jim Ross + create new/interesting feuds/storylines = RATINGS IMPROVEMENT!!!!!!!…
After losing so quickly to John Cena on RAW, the character of Tensai is pretty much through?
Doug – FACT: He went from a major build-up and impact to Cena-jobber in record time. Stick a fork in him. He’s done!
Russell – FACT: Not only losing to John Cena on Raw, but the alternate changes to Tensai in general makes him look nothin more than a mid card player to a jobber in my eyes…
Moving Brodus Clay to Smackdown will help fill the void left by the suspension of Randy Orton?
Doug – FICTION: They decimate the character by having the Big Show totally destroy him in record time and then send him to Smackdown to help fill in for Orton? It’ snot going to work. Maybe if he was a legit bad-ass heel who used his size and power to be dangerous and deadly (as he was being built up as when he was associated, albeit briefly with Alberto Del Rio last year), then he could be an impact player, but right now, he’s a goof and a joke who’s just taking up space, regardless of what brand he’s on. It’s going to take a lot more than P.N. News Jr. (Yo baby, Yo baby, Yo!) to fill that void and hole.
Russell – FICTION: It’s gonna take more than movin that poor excuse of a TeleTubby rip off, Brodus Clay to Smackdown to help fill the void left by the suspension of Randy Orton…I just don’t see why they (The WWE) would make Raw & Smackdown 1 brand, unify the United States & I.C. Championships together & unify the WWE & World Heavyweight Championships together & go on from there…Would be a whole lot simpler…
John Laurinaitis’s “People Power” regime is a success?
Doug – FICTION: It’s boring and predictable and pretty damn annoying. While I don’t really mind Johnny-Boy as a regular character on RAW, he’s not exciting or interesting as the General Manager / Head Guy. The character is growing stale from over-exposure and lack of depth and changes, major ones, need to be made.
Russell – FICTION: The so called “People Power” regime is otherwise known as “Big Johnny Power” regime…John Laurinaitis is nothin more than an embarrassment to the wrestling industry…He sucked as a wrestler & he sucks even more as the GM of both RAW & Smackdown…Get that idiot off of the WWE TV Programming for all that is holy & righteous with the world…
<<<— SWITCHEROO —>>>
Randy Orton will be terminated from the WWE within the next year?
Russell – FICTION: He still has one more strike left til he’s terminated from the WWE…Vinnie Mac would be down right stupid to let Randy Orton go, as I feel Orton can still make money for the WWE…The “Apex Predator” needs to get his act together/head on straight to continue on with the WWE…
Doug – FICTION: If Randy was any other wrestler, he probably would have been cut loose a long, long time ago, not only for his “wellness” issues, but also the bad behavior, anger management stuff and just for being a total dick! But Vince loves Randy and for some reason that I can’t really fanthom, Randy draws fans and makes money. So unless he violates the wellness again, he’s pretty much safe and at home in the WWE. And if for some reason, Vince is forced to “fire” Randy, I expect he’ll still collect a nice check sitting at home and then come back immediately after the one-year clause in the Wellness Policy is complete. In other words, like it or not, barring injury, we’re going to have a lot of Randy for a long, long time to come.
WWE was correct to suspend Chris Jericho after the flag-incident in South America?
Russell – FICTION: The whole flag-incident in South America fiasco was blown way out of proportion with what Chris Jericho did…Chris Jericho was playin a heel character to draw heat from the crowd…If South American wrestling fans/government officials can’t deal with heel wrestling characters drawing some kinda heat that involves their nation’s flag then they shouldn’t do business with WWE hosting wrestling events there…I’ll say this much bout Jericho, he was NOT in the wrong…People that has a hard time with what Chris Jericho did in the flag incident, needs to get over it
Doug – FACT: Yeah, it’s kind of stupid, but the WWE really didn’t have a choice here. He violated the local law and the local officials were pissed off. Since the WWE is a publicly traded company and have to answer to stockholders, not to mention since Linda McMahon is running for politicial office, they can’t afford to get anyone in the government, foreign or otherwise, too pissed off at them. So Jericho takes a few weeks off (which he was going to do anyhow to work with his band, Fozzy) and the company gets a lot of press about how they “did the right thing” and Jericho has more ammo to use in his heel persona when he returns to the ring in a few weeks. I can see the promos now. “I was too dangerous for South America – they kicked me out of the continent”… lol. It’s all pure stupidity, but I understand why the WWE had to act and I expect that Jericho, being the wrestling genius that he is, will turn it all around to his advantage in the end.
AJ is quickly becoming the most interesting female character in the WWE?
Russell – FICTION: I could really care less bout female characters in the WWE much less AJ…
Doug – FACT: But not because she’s so interesting, but because the others Divas are presented so badly and are so uninteresting. There are a lot of Divas in the WWE that COULD be interesting characters, but Beth is “injured”, Natayla is a fart-machine, Eve is a secretary, Tamina has vanished and Layla, who looks good but really doesn’t have any other outstanding qualities, is the champ. Oh yeah, and Kelly Kelly is on “vacation”. So AJ and her psycho-stalker ways, which is just a modern day rehash of the Robin Green / Woman transformation, as I predicted a year ago, wins by default. But that’s nothing to be proud of.
The John Cena – Michael Cole main event match on RAW was entertaining to you?
Russell – FACT: Michael Cole gettin his ass kicked in the main event match on RAW was entertaining to say the very least…That did put a smile on my face…See – :-D…
Doug – FICTION: While I admit that I did get some chuckles from the “match”, it had a stale “been there – done that” feel to it. They used to do this with Jim Ross and now it’s Michael Cole. Every so often, it’s time to play “humiliate the announcer” and we get to see the big “Anti-Bullying” Champion John Cena beat up Cole. YAWN!  Maybe it’s just me, but a “wrestler” should never lay their hands on a commentator. You would never have, in the old days, seen Gordon Solie or Bob Caudle get jerked around and beaten up. It just shouldn’t happen. The color guys, like Jerry Lawler, Booker T, Matt Striker, etc.. are okay. They’re wrestlers. But Michael Cole and Jim Ross aren’t wrestlers and should not be getting into that ring… not now or ever. So while I admittingly did enjoy seeing Cole get his tail kicked by Cena, it still felt wrong to me and shouldn’t have happened.
Sting will win theTNA Championship from Bobby Roode at Slammiversary?
Russell – FICTION: I hate to say it, but Sting should not win any more championships in the stage of his wrestling career…Let the young talent win championships instead…
Doug – FICTION: Sting should NOT be wrestling for titles, much less winning any of them. He’s an icon, a legend and that’s what he needs to be booked and treated as. Nothing more and nothing less.
So there you go. Another column in the books and another week of excitement and action from myself and the esteemed Mr. Jackson. Questions and comments can be sent to Doug28352@yahoo.com. We’ll be back soon so don’t go away. Have a great week and never forget, wrestling is real. It’s life that’s fake.


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