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WWE Considered a Major Title Change for Over the Limit, Backstage Talk on Layla’s Performance,. Update On The “Revolution” Coming To WWE

May 24, 2012   ·   0 Comments

There was a lot of talk backstage at WWE’s Over the Limit pay-per-view about the quality of the Divas Title match with Layla and Beth Phoenix. The feeling was that Layla’s performance was a sign that her knee isn’t 100%.

– WWE officials reportedly were close to putting the WWE Title on Daniel Bryan at Sunday’s Over the Limit pay-per-view.

The topic of Bryan winning the WWE Title was being discussed a lot over the past few weeks. Apparently the talks got “pretty serious” but the idea was nixed and they went with Punk retaining the title.

– The official website of the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona conducted an interview with WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts promoting Money in the Bank in July. He feels a good WWE ring announcer should be there to enhance the product, not as means to get themselves popular.

“I think you need passion. That’s number one, because if you don’t have passion it comes through,” he says in regards to what it takes to be a good ring announcer. “My job is to enhance the introduction of the Superstars and the Divas. I’m not there to get myself over. I’m there to help and add to the introductions of the talent. So everything I do is to make their introductions as exciting as possible, and you need to have a passion for what you’re doing, in order to do that. You need to not be in there, not for yourself, but for the Superstars and Divas.”

Roberts was also asked how often he makes mistakes when ring announcing.

“I’m not going to say I’m perfect. I’ve definitely messed up a few little things over the years, but for as much live announcing as I do on a weekly basic – I average four shows a week, each show about three to four hours – I’ll mess up, maybe once a year,” he says. “You’ve got a lot of things running through your mind and sometimes that little red light (of the live cameras) can throw you off.”

— Lilian Garcia will be working her first United States house shows in several years as she is scheduled to ring announce Wednesday’s SmackDown event in Poughkeepsie, New York and Sunday’s SmackDown show in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

It was previously reported here on the site that the latest cryptic video hyping a “Revolution” coming to WWE featured TNA star Matt Morgan. While some fans are debating whether it’s really Matt Morgan or WWE Champion CM Punk featured in the promo – PWInsider.com is now reporting that the “Revolution” has nothing to do with a wrestler debuting or returning.

The new “Revolution is Coming” promo that’s been airing on WWE.com is actually leading up to WWE announcing a new video game release.

The announcement is expected to be made next week, prior to the upcoming E3 video game convention in June.


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