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WWE High on The Rotunda Brothers, John Morrison On Working With Vince McMahon, Lex Luger Added To WWE.com, Tammy Sytch Responds To Reports Concerning Her Health, Says She’s Not Dying,Shawn Michaels Talks About Being Difficult To Work With In The 90’s

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 WWE officials feel that the Rotunda brothers have potential to be major stars. Taylor Rotunda worked the recent NXT tapings at Full Sail University as Bo Dallas while Windham Rotunda, the former Husky Harris, worked the NXT tapings with his new Bray Wyatt gimmick.

— Starship-Pained.com conducted a Q&A with John Morrison on Saturday at the Motor City Comic Con and the former WWE Superstar discussed working with Vince McMahon.

“It was great and interesting. He’s a wrestling genius. He has a phenomenal mind. He’s comical. However, what he wanted always conflicted with what I wanted, but he has a clear vision & he had confidence. It was really cool to be around him,” Morrison said.

Regarding being ECW Champion, he stated, “It was awesome. Think about all the history. RVD, Tommy Dreamer, Taz, the ECW Ballroom. It was the watered down WWE version of ECW but it was still an honor.”

Morrison also commented on future plans, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, The Miz and more. The full interview is available here.


—WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch angrily responded to online wrestling outlets publishing her Facebook status update where she stated admitting herself to the hospital this week complaining of stomach flu and discovering that she has severe gastroenteritis and an enflamed pancreas. Contrary to her previous post, she adamantly states that she does not have ‘health issues.’

Sytch wrote, “Yo wrestling websites!! are we not allowed to get sick?? Are we super human or something?? get a grip people…at least quote me exactly instead of leaving out the words you dont like….idiots.” She continued, “OK, now Im getting annoyed. Here’s the story: I had a stomach flu, was dehydrated from puking my guts out, so I took myself to the hospital to get fluids… the next morning I was fine… it’s not like I had to call 911 b/c I was dying! ENOUGH!!!! EVERYONE GETS SICK!”

The former WWE Superstar continued to proclaim to her Facebook friends that she is fine.

“IM FINE NOW….. that’s why these dirt sheets are so bogus… it’s not like I have “health issues”, I had a bug! I’ve been completely healthy for 2 days now!” Sytch wrote. “I AM better…been fine for 2 days… Im not dying guys..I was puking for 4 days. I appreciate your concern, but if you keep thinking im still sick, the dirt sheets are just gonna eat it up more.”

Sytch then explained to her cousin what a ‘dirt sheet’ is after believing she was talking about dirty bed sheets.

—-The Miami Herald has published Part 2 of its recent interview with WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels. In this installment, Michaels talks about the first half of his legendary WWE singles career during the 1990’s – including how he earned his reputation of being such a pain in the ass behind the scenes, how he was able to keep his job, Jim Ross’ role as the head of talent relations and much more. Here are some highlights of what Michaels said about:

Why He Was So Difficult To Work With Behind The Scenes:

“If I’m putting on my psychiatrist’s hat and you dig all the way down to the root of it has nothing to do with wrestling or anything else,” Michaels said. “It just has to do with a young man’s insecurities with himself.

“Having said that, that can manifest itself in any form and how that’s interpreted obviously depends on the time and depends on the spin. Let’s face it. The ability it takes to be difficult really is to disagree with somebody. Nine times out of 10 mine were usually more creative issues than anything else. The company felt one thing. I felt another. We both feel opposite things, so therefore it’s going to be difficult.”

He later said, “I was a young guy full of piss and vinegar — excuse my language — and I felt I had a very good idea of where the business needed to go and things that needed to be done

“I never went back and told anybody what I did was justified. I’m not saying that at all, but let’s face it. That is where the business went — to more attitude and things of that nature and to perhaps being a little more truthful and a little more reality based, which I was doing many years ago as well as other guys.

How He Was Able To Keep His Job:

“I fear people will misinterpret me trying to say, ‘Therefore, I should be absolved of all the stuff I did wrong,’ Michaels said. “I’m not saying that at all, but the reason I survived it, and the reason I’m still part of the WWE now is because the one guy who loves absolutely every stitch of it, which is Vince McMahon, the guy I argued with more than anybody, understood it.

“He understood that it wasn’t unprofessionalism or ego that was driving all that. It was a desire and a passion to be the guy and to be the absolute very best that I could be. His only challenge was channeling all that in the right direction, and he did that pretty darn well. He tells people all the time the reason he didn’t fire me is because he could see through all that. Ultimately, when it came down to his way or my way, he always knew when he said, ‘This is what I want done, period.’ He knew I’d do it, and I always did.”


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