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WWE House Show Results from Augusta, Maine 6/15/12

June 17, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Thanks to Mike Poulin for emailing this report!

What’s up people it is one of your favorite reporters Mike Poulin here clocking in with some thoughts from last night’s WWE Supershow in Augusta Maine. First off there were a few card changes to go through and one that I’ll get to in a little bit. One card change was that the advertised three way dance between CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Kane was changed to Punk vs Bryan, Kane replaced Alberto Del Rio against Sheamus and this match was turned in to a Steel Cage Match. While the match that was advertised as the Steel Cage Match was turned in to a handicap match involving John Cena, Big Show and Dave Otunga.
We start the show with the arrival of the Funkasaraus Brodus Clay with his lovely ladies to take on JTG, This was a fun opening match and a little longer then a lot of Brodus’s TV matches. David Otunga showed up at ringside during the bout to distract but in the end it’s Brodus with the funky splash to win the match and dance with the Funkettes and little kids danced along with Brodus.
Our next bout on the card sees the debut of Dean Ambrose aka Jon Moxley. Ambrose cut a promo saying that many of us don’t know who he is but after he gets done destroying his opponenent who is ALEX RILEY. This was a solid debut of Ambrose and I look forward to seeing him on TV at some point he has a good look and gets an impressive win with a spike DDT.
Next was our Intercontinental Championshp Match between Christian and Cody Rhodes. Fantastic Match between these two great back and forth throughout the match with both men blocking attempted finishes and in the end it’s Christian with the Killswitch for the win.
Kofi Kingston comes out and informs the crowd that R Truth is not here tonight but instead his partner and the next available babyface is… ZACK RYDER who is massively over still it appears it doesn’t come across on TV.
Our next match is a tag team title match that sees Kofi and Ryder against Primo and Epico. A really solid match between these four. Ryder takes the heel beatdown but eventually makes the hot tag. Kofi cleans house but takes a backstabber from Primo and scores the fall although Rosa knocked Kofi’s foot off the ropes. But wait. A fan or someone from security not sure which points this out to the official and the match is restarted. This guy then punches Primo in the face and then we get both the Trouble In Paradise and Rough Ryder and the win for team audience participation aka Kofi and Ryder.
We see a video package on the new video screens for Cena-Big Show at No Way Out on Sunday Night before our next match.
Next is a handicap match involving John Cena taking on Big Show and David Otunga. Apparently I missed something because Otunga is now the Black Chris Masters as he stood in the ring and posed for a few minutes before Big Show came out. Cena got a massive pop from the crowd. This was your basic handicap match two on one beatdown. Cena tried to get Show up for the FU early on but couldn’t do it and got beat down for 10 minutes. Cena comes back lands his normal moves on Otunga. Big Show goes for the knockout blow but instead knocks out Otunga and Cena gets him up for the FU and then pins Otunga. Um Okay I don’t get why Otunga was down for so long but Cena wins.
Intermission 1.
We come back with our next match for the DIVA’S CHAMPIONSHIP as Layla took on Beth Phoenix. Decent match between the two A lot of stalling early from Beth and some good comedy from Layla who got Beth down and spanked her early on. At one point Layla escapes the Glam Slam and we get the pin exchange from both. In the end it’s Layla with the LAYOUT for the win. Layla is impressing me with her in ring work which has greatly improved in recent months and I guess that’s all I got.
Oh by the way earlier in the night we were told to text what type of match we wanted to see between Punk and Bryan and a Street Fight ended up winng so that’s our next match. Note on the local advertisements, this match was already booked as a street fight but it was to have involved Kane so this pole was UNECESARRY at best.
Next up is your MATCH OF THE NIGHT. For the WWE Championship as CM Punk battled Daniel Bryan in a FANTASTIC match wth some great back and forth and even at one point Bryan getting on the microphone and demanding Punk say I QUIT SAY IT PUNK I QUIT. We also saw a couple of weapons, a Kendo Stick and a Chair and during the bout we saw both men blister each other the Kendo Stick. In the end it’s Punk winning with GTS and retaining the title.
Intermission 2 time to set up for the main event which is the advertised cage match.
Main Event time for this show as the fans are thanked for coming out. We have a World Heavyweight Title Match as we have Sheamus defending against Kane. An alright match but in all honesty as much as I like both guys it wasn’t going to follow Punk vs Bryan. Some good false finishes here with both men escaping each other’s finishers and then both men also surviving each other’s finishers. In the end it’s both men brawling on the top rope and both getting crotched but Sheamus recovers and escapes the cage and retains the title.
A very good show overall some great matches including Christian/Cody, Kofi/Ryder/Primo/Epico and Punk/Bryan and even with a lot of the card changing nonsense and even Sheamus/Kane was good just unfortunately put after Punk/Bryan



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