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WWE House Show Results from Belfast, Northern Ireland 4/13/12

April 14, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Just back from the Smackdown house show in the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland, here’s the results.

Odyssey has lots of kids in crowd, a sea of green (irony since it’s Northern Ireland) with Cena shirts. They’re going to be disappointed…..

Lilian is the ring announcer.

Great Khali is out first and he’s against Jinder Mahal. Khali’s chops to the chest are brutal. Khali wins it with the Punjabi Plunge.

Next up, a tag team match with William Regal & Tyson Kidd vs Hunico & Camacho. Regal gets on the mic & thanks everyone for having him over the 25 years of coming here in case this is his last time. Regal done a kip up, nice! Awesome somersault by Tyson to Hunico & Camacho to the outside. Regal wins it with the Knee Trembler after Tyson got the hot tag.

Lilian introduced Ricardo Rodriguez, who got a nice pop & everyone went along with his introduction of Alberto Del Rio. His opponent is Ezekiel Jackson, who is quite jacked. Ricardo mocks Zeke a few times with his pose while wearing ADR’s scarf which got a few laughs from the crowd. Del Rio won it with the cross armbreaker.

Hornswoggle as special ref for Natalya vs AJ. Damn, AJ is sooooo cute. AJ won after an assist by Hornswoggle. Lots of YES chants directed at AJ.

Cody Rhodes comes out wearing his awesome coat & gets on the mic to say he isn’t afraid of The Big Show then proclaiming he’s going to be the NEW Intercontinental Champion but gets interrupted by Show’s music. Lots of stalling by Rhodes at the start then they get into it. Show misses the WMD but gets the chokeslam at the end for the win.

Intermission followed by Mark Henry killing Yoshi Tatsu.

Next, Kane made his way to the ring for the No DQ match against Randy Orton. The crowd loves Orton here. Good match, with a kendo stick and chair used. Orton wins it with a RKO onto the chair then poses for the fans & slaps hands around the ringside.

Lots of YES YES YES chants for the next guy out, Daniel Bryan. Main event time for the World Heavyweight Championship. Sheamus comes out to a good ovation but during the match, there was split chants for both men. Anytime Bryan did multiple kicks, the crowd would chants YES YES YES along with them and as he lined up for the last one, the crowd would go ‘OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’ then yell YES when he connected. He seemed very amused by all of this but did try to tell people to shut up. Sheamus won it with the Brogue Kick at the end, very fun match indeed and cannot wait for their match at Extreme Rules.
All in all, a very good night and the place was sold out. Can not wait to go again.

Thanks to Randall M. for emailing this report!

-Lordsof Pain


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