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WWE House Show Results from Lakeland, Florida 3/23/12

March 26, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Pretty good show.

1. Santino beat Swagger.

2. Zack Ryder beat Leo Kruger(new guy from FCW).

3. Ryback (Skip Sheffield from Nexus) beat Alex Riley. Some people did not realize who Ryback was. When Ryback went to finish, a guy yelled “do the jackhammer Goldberg” and Ryback cracked up. We could see him smiling, then he finished Riley.

4. Brodus Clay beat Miz. Brodus and Miz had a long and good match.

5. Eve beat Kelly Kelly using the ropes. Eve cut a promo trying to get back on the good side but most people chanted Hoeski.

6. R-Truth and Kofi Kingston beat Epico and Primo. Hilarious spot with R-truth and I think Primo. Truth was talkin to “Lil jimmy” and Primo called Lil Jimmy over and talked to him, “sent” him away, and then “kicked him”. Truth went nuts and speared Primo.

7. Cena beat Kane.

8. CM Punk beat Dolph Ziggler. Some really good spots in Punk/Ziggler match. Punk went for GTS and Ziggler countered mid air and turned it into the old fameasser.

Loudest pops:
R truth
Kelly Kelly too when she came out.

Biggest heat:
Miz with his promo
Kruger when he talked, had challenged anyone in the back, then Ryder came out(deafening).
Eve had alot of heat.
Jack Swagger

Thanks to Brandon H. for emailing this report!


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