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WWE House Show Results from Nottingham, England 4/15/12

April 16, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Thanks to Adam W. for emailing this report!

Crowd was pretty hot all night. a near sell out

Opening match was announced to be for the tag team titles. R-Truth & Kofi Kingston vs Primo & Epico (with Rosa Mendes). John Laurinaitis appeared on the screens and announced that it would now be a non title match. R-Truth & Kofi Kingston won a fast paced match. A pretty standard tag team match getting the crowd into the event.

Next match was for the Divas Championship. Eve was introduced as the special guest referee. A few Hoeski chants followed by children around us asking parents what Hoeski means. Some looked as confused as the children. Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix. Kelly was about to win via roll up (shocking I know) but Eve stopped counting at 2 and a half and faked injury to her wrist. Created a distraction for Beth to hit the glam slam and a quick count for the win. Kelly and Eve faced off after with Kelly hitting her finisher and getting the upper hand.

Next up was Alex Riley vs Lord Tensai. Pretty much the same as the match they had on Raw the other week. Match was stopped as Riley was unable to continue. The crowd really got quiet for this match and lots of people getting up and walking around for refreshments etc. There was one pretty loud “Albert” chant but that’s about it.

Vicki Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger appeared on the screen hyping their tag match against Zack Ryder and Cena for later in the evening. Lots of heat for all three.

Next up was a triple threat match for the US Championship. The Miz was out first and cut a pretty simple promo about how he should be higher up on the card and that people should respect him as he is THE reason Team Johnny won at Wrestlemania. But it worked. He got himself a lot of heat, which continued as David Otunga came out. Santino then came out to a big babyface reaction. People love this guy. The match was decent but I did notice David Otunga spent a lot of it on the outside after being thrown out the ring. Leaving Miz and Santino to do the majority of the work. Eventually Otunga and Miz began to argue over who should win leading to them coming to blows. This allowed for a distraction for Santino to pin Miz for the win after hitting the Cobra

We then had an interval where Justin Roberts encouraged us to spend money at the merchandise tables.

Back from the Interval, JTG came out to very timid applause. I think people were unsure he was to be cheered or booed. Then came out the Funkasaurus Brodus Clay! Big reaction for Brodus and his dancers. I would say the biggest of the night by this point. Lots of “Funkasaurus” chants. This made JTG the heel for the match I guess. He played up to it a bit, hitting on the dancers. An “Extended” Squash. JTG did manage to get a little offence in, enough to take Clay down once and lock in a sleeper hold. But then shortly after that Brodus got the upper hand ending the match with a splash into pin. Brodus invited a few of the younger members of the audience in to dance with him and his dancers.

Vicki Guerrero interrupted Justin Roberts and introduced “her men”. Lots of heat for Ziggler and Swagger and they were playing up to the crowd a lot. Zack Ryder was out next to a pretty decent reaction. Lots of Ryder T-Shirts and merchandise in the audience so I thought the reaction would have been bigger. A lot of Woo’s whenever prompted. Cena came out to a massively mixed audience reaction. By far and wide the biggest pop of the night when he came out but then followed by loads of boo’s when the music died down. The first five minutes of the match was literally short tie up’s then all four wrestlers stepping back to listen to the crowd’s chants. All sorts of chants going on. “Let’s go Cena, Cena sucks” was the main one. But “Lesnar” “Boots to Asses” “Fruity Pebbles” and “Rocky” and “YES,YES,YES” (which was prominent all night) were all chanted at one time or another during the match. I don’t think anyone was expecting Rock or Lesnar to be there though! The crowd was electric by this point. The tag match was pretty much a standard “Raw main event” tag match. Ryder originally got the upper hand and then Cena and Ryder hit the bro-kick in two separate corners. Cena had a novelty Zack Ryder wig on for this. Ryder then got isolated while Dolph and Swagger were keeping him in their corner. Cena got the hot tag and cleared house. Ran through five “moves of doom” Vicki Guerrero created a distraction and Cena planted a kiss on her lips to get rid of her. Cena hit the AA while Ryder hit the RoughRyder for the double pin victory.

The main event was a No DQ match for the WWE Title. CM Punk vs Chris Jericho. Jericho had a lot of heat from the get go. I think these personal attacks on Punk have worked. Punk had a massive reaction as well but unlike Cena, there were no boo’s. The crowd were 99% behind Punk. Jericho cut a promo before the match. Told the crowd to shut up and told them to watch Jericho prove why he is the best in the world. Also called everyone a Limey. Which made us chuckle.
The match started of with Punk beating on Jericho with punches and kicks. Punk used a Singapore cane across the back of Jericho. Loud chant of “we want tables” Punk then proceeded to look for one. Couldn’t find one. He got the microphone and said “Sorry there are no tables here, will a steel chair do?” loud “YES,YES,YES” followed. Punk set the chair up in the corner but then Jericho managed to get the upper hand. A back and forth match followed which went on for around 25 minutes. Lots of reversals of moves and near falls. Then end came when Jericho was thrown head first into the chair and Punk hit the GTS. A really good match which was only slightly below the quality of their Mania match.

Vicki Guerrero then brought Ziggler and Swagger out to take out Punk. Cena and Ryder came back for the save. They ended up cornering Vicki and then Cena got on the microphone and said it was her birthday today and they should celebrate. Cena led a rendition of Happy Birthday while Punk sneaked behind Vicki with a cake. This ended up being shoved into Vicki Guerrero’s face which she seemed to enjoy. It was all done in good spirits and Vicki, Punk and Cena were all hugging. It seemed a bit odd at times as only moments ago Vicki had been getting so much heel heat. It goes to show I guess how highly she is thought of backstage.

The show ended with Punk left going around the ring and posing with his title to send the fans home happy.


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