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WWE NXT Taping Results [Spoilers]

February 29, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Report by Joe Neal & PWTorch

From Seattle, Washington:

Dark Match:

Ted DiBiase beat Hunico. Hunico cut a promo saying he’s the future of WWE. Hunico got the early part of the match, then DiBiase hit Dream Street for the win.


NXT opening video followed by shots of the Seattle crowd.

(1) Titus O’Neil & Darren Young beat Alex Riley & Percy Watson. Beat down of Riley at the outset. Riley eventually scored a hot tag to Watson, who cleaned house, but got distracted by O’Neil. Young then delivered his finisher for the win.

Afterward, O’Neil got on the mic and told a fallen Watson he will get his re-match next week.

Justin Gabriel, Kaitlyn, and Alicia Fox were in the ring giving Derrick Bateman an intervention about Maxine. They show Bateman a video about Maxine’s abuse. Kaitlyn then put a liplock on Bateman. Maxine came out and a catfight ensued to close the segment.

Next was a backstage segment with Tyson Kidd and Michael McGillicutty.

(2) Michael McGillicutty beat Tyson Kidd. Very good match with some good spots and great nearfalls.

Striker came out for the big announcement. He said that despite the multiple announcer pairings and changes, the show is about the Rookies. He said that lately the inmates have run the asylum, and he’ll take responsibility. Out came Hawkins and Reks to interrupt. They brought out lounge chairs and popcorn, and said it’s time for Striker to hand over his job. Striker said no, there has only been one host, and he’s not going anywhere. The Board has asked him to find a new sheriff in town and he has…William Regal. Regal got in the ring and said he looks forward to booking matches against them two that they don’t see coming. The first 52 weeks of NXT are over, thank goodness, but the new NXT has just begun.

(3) Kaitlyn beat Maxine in the main event. Maxine congratulated Regal on his promotion. End NXT.


Source: 411mania


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