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WWE Speculates on Eve’s Agenda, Storyline Update on Triple H and Brock Lesnar from RAW, HHH Needs Surgery, Beth Phoenix Discusses Layla and the WWE Divas Title, Eve Torres’ New Role

May 9, 2012   ·   0 Comments

– After John Laurinaitis took a “personal day” off from this past Friday’s SmackDown, WWE has a new article up looking at the agenda and motives of his Executive Administrator Eve Torres. They speculate that Eve is out to get Laurinaitis’ job or maybe looking to thin out the Divas Division so she can challenge for Layla’s title.

– WWE’s website has a new storyline update on Triple H following the attack from Brock Lesnar on Monday’s RAW Supershow. They now report that the WWE COO will require surgery.

They wrote:

“WWE medical officials were initially optimistic that the fracture in Triple H’s left arm could be treated non-invasively, but further examination revealed that the break, in addition to severe ligament and tendon damage around the elbow, would necessitate surgical repair.

As of this writing, it is not yet known how the WWE Board of Directors will respond to this sinister assault or what consequences await the former UFC champion. Rumors and speculation continue to swirl not only around the WWE Universe, but also the WWE locker room.”


Throughout his career, CM Punk has consistently used the gimmick of being “Straight Edge,” a lifestyle he repeatedly claims to follow in his actual day-to-day life. In the latest issue of Power Slam, magazine editor Findlay Martin responds to a reader’s query as to whether Punk’s “Straight Edge” gimmick is just that, a “fictitious” gimmick.

“That’s a vicious rumour, as far as we know,” Martin responds. “We have spoken to many people over the last eight years who have been to bars and nightclubs with Punk and/or traveled with him in Europe and the U.S. and Canada, and all report that Punk has invariably abstained from alcohol, illegal drugs and tobacco.”

Martin, however, says that some wrestlers who worked with Punk during his path to the WWE main roster years ago found his drug-free proclamation to be phony. And upon reaching the main roster, he was shunned for living an alternative lifestyle.


“Since most wrestlers habitually use alcohol and/or drugs and are instinctively distrustful of fellow wrestlers, the assumption among most who did not know Punk when he was working on the independent circuit and treading water in WWE’s developmental system was that his teetotaler/drug-free claims were bogus,” Martin says. “When he reached WWE television and his fame and word spread that his ‘Straight Edge” gimmick was genuine, Punk was ridiculed and even ostracized by some wrestlers for choosing an alternative lifestyle to theirs.”


– WWE’s website has a new storyline interview up with Beth Phoenix. Here are some highlights:

Being pulled from the Extreme Rules Divas Title match:

“I was in a state of shock. I’d been told I would be allowed to compete regardless of the injury, but I guess when the doctor’s report came back it was a different story. It doesn’t matter. This is a road I’ve been down before. But I would have competed hurt – I’ve done that before too.”

Layla winning the title:

“Layla hasn’t earned anything. I mean, who’d she ever beat? No one should be No. 1 contender until I’m cleared. There shouldn’t have even been a Divas Championship Match at Extreme Rules. I know Layla was out for a year. Big deal! I had ACL surgery too, and I made it back in half the time. When I return, I’m not only going to beat up Layla, I’m going to bust her other knee, and make sure that she goes away and never comes back. She has no idea what she has gotten herself into.”

Eve Torres as Executive Administrator:

“Eve’s making a statement in her role. She’s flexing her muscles a little bit, and I respect that. Eve and I actually have a lot in common in that we’re both strong, powerful women wanting to get more in a man’s world. That said, I don’t like being talked down to, and I don’t like being taken for granted. If Eve ever challenges me, then she’s going to have her hands full.”


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