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Best Of Raw 15th Aniversary DVD (Disc 4)

March 21, 2008   ·   0 Comments

Disc 4
Bonus DVD

And what a bonus! Here we get the first EVER Monday Night Raw episode on DVD.. how cool?! Introduced by Michael Cole with a short montage of clips from over the years. Cole tells us how he thinks it’s the best show on television and we go to the show. Now here’s something you don’t see on every damn dvd going!!

Highlights include:
Sean Mooney outside and Bobby Heenan is trying to get indoors. Funny stuff that they showed clips of on disc 1. Mooney tells him he’s been replaced and he is not allowed in.

Randy Savage is with Vince and Rob Bartlett at ringside and they introduce us to the first ever Monday Night Raw, giving us a run down on some of the matches we can expect to see.

Koko B. Ware Vs Yokozuna. Im going to show this DVD to my two boys, they love wrestling and I think matches like these are definatly an education! The worst thing about this has to be Savage’s commentary. His voice is great in a promo or two but when you have to listen to him all the way through a show it can get very annoying!

We get comments from Jim Ross presumably where the ads would have fit into this first Raw. When we go back there’s some skinny chick wandering around the ring with a sign that says ‘Monday Night Raw’. Nice.

Heenan is shown cutting a promo on Mr Perfect about horse manure…

The Steiner Brothers vs The Beverly Brothers is up next and I wouldn’t know that was Scott Steiner unless someone told me! Doink is in the audience.. they think he’s called Dork for some reason until Savage corrects them!

Razor Ramon is interviewed in the ring by Vince. It’s annoying they have to cut out every time they say F and I don’t mean swearing I mean WWF. I understand they can’t use it any more but surely when they WERE using it back then no one cared so why do they have to cut it out now?

Max Moon? Who? Did I hear that right? Who cares he’s facing Shawn Michaels complete with chains and silly shades and Sherri Martell singing his theme tune!

This is an education for all of us ‘new’ fans that weren’t watching wrestling back in the day. Excellent addition to this boxed set of DVD’s and finishes it off nicely. I can’t remember when I last had THIS Much fun reviewing a set of WWE DVD’s and for once I’d like to say thank you WWE!




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