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Interview with WWE superstar The Miz

November 5, 2009   ·   0 Comments

Believe it or not, WrestleMania 26 is not that far away with the annual wrestling spectacular taking place on March 28, 2010 at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ.  Tickets to WrestleMania 26 go on sale this Saturday, November 7th which you can purchase at Ticketmaster.com. 

Earlier this week, I spoke with current WWE United States champion The Miz about WrestleMania, his dislike of Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini and much more.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne were the guest hosts on Raw on Monday night.  You got to be the first person to get in the ring and interact with them.  Were you a fan of Ozzy before he was on the show?

Absolutely!  Who isnt a fan of Ozzy Osbourne? Just to be in there in the same ring and talk a little smack to him was absolutely fantastic.  I had so much fun.

You got to interact with him but can you flex your pecs to Crazy Train like Chris Masters did?

(laughs)  I think that actually stole the entire show.  Its what everyone is talking about!  A man that can flex his pecs to Crazy Train.  I mean, did that really happen?  Chris Masters isnt the type of person to go out there and start shaking his boobs but then all of a sudden he just starting doing it.  It was absolutely incredible.
Hes going to have to do that again now.  Thats going to become his regular gimmick.

I know.  Now fans instead of asking him to put them in the Master Lock, theyre going to say hey, can you flex your chest to Crazy Train for me?

WWE has been having guest hosts on Raw now for about five months.  Who are some of your favorites that have been on the show so far?

My favorite so far has been Bob Barker.  Of all these people weve had Jeremy Piven, Ben Roethlisberger, Nancy ODell so many of these stars have been great but Bob Barker was my favorite.  I grew up watching The Price is Right.  Just to have him on there and have (Chris) Jericho confront and 80-year-old man and go (deepens voice) listen Barker, I will beat and then Barker come back and say I will bend you over my knee and spank you is just absolutely incredible.  It was so awesome just to see how he was with the WWE superstars as well as the fans.  Such a nice, great guy and I really think that this guest host thing that WWE has been doing for the past couple of months now has really elevated the show and has done wonders for it.  I think its going great and it will continue to do great.

Is there anyone else out there right now that you would like to see guest host the show?

Yeah, Id love to see Ive said this before and Ill say it again Id love to see Eric Mangini come and guest host Raw just so I could get in the ring and smack the crap out of him for how bad hes doing with the Browns right now.
Youve made some critical comments about him that have got out in the media a little while back.  How tough is it for you as a fan to sit there and watch your team?  Theyre 1-7 after you thought you had some hope with Mangini coming in as the new coach this season.

You know, its funny.  Being a Browns fan, youre used to losing.  We literally had a 10-6 record two years ago and then all of a sudden last year they were terrible and this year its dreadful.  I dont know what happened from that 10-6 team to go to where were at right now.  Im just hoping that Mangini can do something with this draft.  Im looking forward to next season now because this season is basically over for me.  Were getting crushed were not even scoring.  The only game we actually won (over the Buffalo Bills) was the worst game Ive ever seen in NFL history.  We got lucky that game.  Were the new Detroit Lions and we need to do something and do something fast.

Youve got an upcoming appearance on the Food Network on November 11th on the show Dinner Impossible(airing at 10p.m. ET) .  How was that experience for you?

Yeah, Im really excited about it.  I had a great time with it.  We had to make food for I think 300 Summerslam VIPs and Chef Robert is just incredible and that show is really intense.  To cook for that many people and start about 9a.m. and have to have all the food done by 3p.m. was insane.  It was so much fun and hectic and crazy.  I must say, before then, I might have cooked mac and cheese, I might have made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich here and there but Chef Robert took it to a whole new level.  It was a lot of fun. 

Are you now cooking more often after going through that experience?

Well, I dont know if you want to call it cooking but Im definitely trying to do some more stuff in the kitchen.

Do you know how to use your microwave?

I do know how to use the microwave and I know how to read directions. So, if you want a TV dinner, Im your man.
Right now, youre the United States Champion.  Youve been coming up through the ranks in the WWE.  What is the experience like for you now especially coming from the reality world because I would think theres a lot of people that question you and not take you seriously. 

Yeah, theres always been naysayers.  Theres always people putting me down all the time and I look at that at something to motivate me with.  All those naysayers and all those people that put me down have really motivated me to be where Im at today and the reason why Im there is because of those people.  Some people are like man, you get such a hard time and some people are so critical of you but Im like good, let em be because that just fuels my fire.  It allows me to do what I have to do to be the best at what I can be.  So, all those people that always do that, keep on doing it.  Keep on hating me.  Keep on booing me.  Thats fine because I will prove to you that without a shadow of a doubt that I am the best because I am The Miz and I am awesome.

Have you gotten a lot more respect from your peers as well because Im sure they had some question marks seeing your past and your motives for getting into wrestling?

Oh yeah.  Thats always a topic of conversation.  People always ask me how does the locker room like you and the locker room has always hated me.  Ive never had too many friends in the WWE whether it was jealousy, whether they just didnt like me because I came from the reality world.  I find it amazing that WWE fans but also the locker room will take in MMA stars, theyll take in football players, theyll take in seven-foot tall people, you know.  But a reality star comes in and oh, low and behold, he cant fight.  He cant come into our business.  Im there just to prove everyone wrong, to prove to all those people that said hes not supposed to be here, hes just from a reality show.  Let him host something.  Let him host a Diva thing or something.  I can actually wrestle and I can actually mean business and do what I say I am and actually be the best in the business.

So youre actually more than just the Ryan Seacrest of the WWE?

I would love to think Im more than just Ryan Seacrest but if people call me the Ryan Seacrest of the WWE thats fine too because Ill just prove them wrong.

There have been some people as of late that think the WWE main-event matches have become stale.  We keep seeing the same guys whether it be Triple H or Randy Orton or John Cena.  Youre one of the guys moving up and I think people would like to see you and Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston and some other guys get in the mix.  What are your thoughts when it comes to that?  Is it a little stale and do things need to be freshened up when it comes to the top of the card?

I think right now were at a time where a lot of the veteran WWE main-eventers are starting to get a little older and were starting to realize that theyre not going to be here for the next 10, 15 years and they need to start bringing up a new crop of new WWE superstars.  And I think a lot of WWE superstars are really stepping up, names like you just mentioned.  Kofi Kingston has just turned it up a whole notch.  Youre seeing a new side of Kofi who is the person I just beat for the United States Championship.  When I was wrestling him, he had a Jamaican accent and now he has no accent and hes taken a serious tone and hes been going up against Randy Orton.  So, I cant wait to see what happens with that whole feud.  Other WWE superstars that are up-and-coming that are really making improvements are John Morrison, CM Punk, myself.  Were all making improvements to be that main-event guy.  I actually put my foot in my mouth calling out a main-eventer, calling him out for the past two months.  John Cena, I called him out when I first came to Raw because I wanted to make an impact.  Granted, it was a little too fast for me but I learned a lot from that feud.  Now Im earning my way, Im earning my stripes up into that main-event caliber which I think I will be in if not this year then definitely next year.

What was your first reaction when you heard that Shane McMahon was leaving the company?

My first reaction I thought maybe he wanted to do something else that wasnt wrestling-related.  Maybe he wanted to venture off on his own which I wish him the best of luck with whatever he does.  Im not sure exactly what hes going to do but if I was a son growing up with a father as powerful as Vince McMahon, and always kind of doing what my daddy did and that kind of stuff.  I think its very noble of him to say you know what, I want to venture out.  I want to do something different.  So, hopefully hell do great and I imagine he will.

Next year at WrestleMania, youll probably be in your first singles match for that event.  Where do you expect to be when it comes to that show?

For WrestleMania 26 – which tickets go on sale this Saturday, November 7th – I plan on doing something very big.  WrestleMania is our Superbowl.  WrestleMania is the biggest event that we all wait for, that we all look forward to.  So when that moment comes, I plan to be ready.  Im hoping to have a singles match.  If not, Ill hopefully be in the Money in the Bank where I can win an opportunity to go up for the World Championship or the WWE Championship.  So I look forward to WrestleMania.  Theres always something thats unpredictable, that shocks and awes audiences, that people will talk about for years to come.  Last year, if you remember, Mickey Rourke came on who is an Oscar nominated actor and actually knocked out Chris Jericho.  You had that amazing, amazing match with Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker that was an instant classic.  So Im looking forward to this WrestleMania where Ill actually get to be into it and hopefully make a classic match and memorable memories for everyone. 


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