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Backlash 2001 DVD Review

January 28, 2010   ·   0 Comments

Backlash 2001 & Judgment Day 2001 DVD (2 Discs)




I think these ‘Tagged Classics’ releases are one of the best ideas the WWE have had. It gives fans a chance to reminisce or newer fans a chance to see how it used to be done! In this particular DVD set we are treated to Backlash and Judgement Day from waaaay back in 2001 (a wrestling year I am rather fond of!) The special is an episode of Sunday Night Heat, quite a good old show that they later ditched… then decided to bring back in the form of Superstars! Classic interview with Regal by the Coach, (whoever thought I’d miss Coachman!?) and a good Divas match between Lita and MIlly Holly: COME BACK MOLLY!!
The pay per view its self is a fantastic trip down memory lane, some of it I remembered and some of it I didn’t, but all good fun to watch over again! Stuff we don’t see these days such as the ‘Hardcore’ matches! Awesome action with lots of weapons used by both Raven and Rhyno (shopping Trolley’s, metal signs, even the kitchen sink!) and an ultra cringe-worthy moment where Raven side-steps the Gore and Rhyno ends up wrestling the shopping trolley!
Jericho Vs Regal in the Duchess Of Queensberry Rules match is, of course just an excuse from Regal to use whatever rules he pleases and the ‘Duchess’ keeps changing the rules throughout the match in favour of the Brit. This is classic classic Regal & Jericho! The run up included the famous ‘Pee in the tea’ incident which has to be one of the most remembered segments of that time & Jericho cuts one of his classic face promos mocking Regal & the ‘Duchess’ before the match! I love it!

I am still skipping out on the Benoit matches.. sue me.

Shane O’Mac vs Big Show is a hell of a lot better match than most we see these days. I enjoy seeing Shane wrestle and back then Show wasn’t so bad either. Stemming from the WWE/WCW feud, Big Show chose to stick with the WWE, turning on WCW ‘owner’ Shane McMahon and after a couple of weeks this match was made a Last Man Standing match. It includes Shane’s momentus ’50 ft’ drop from the Backlash set onto Big Show that has been used in countless WWE montages, and is still worth the view!

The European Championship Triple Threat is fantastic. I challenge any wrestling fan NOT to get sentimental any time Eddie Guerrero is in the ring! Matt Hardy vs Christian vs Eddie is my favourite match on this disc by far and is it sentiment or were these pay per views really so much better years ago than they are now? (The screams of delight from the girls when Matt takes his shirt off or goes anywhere near the top rope are brilliant! haha) Interference from Edge (In a plastic see through shirt?!) and Jeff Hardy near the end send the girls into a near-frenzy of excitement (and who can blame them when Edge looks like a night club stripper?!)

Great pay per view and I really wish I had been sent the Judgement Day half to review aswell! (Yes never satisfied am I? lol) I recomend all fans to buy this, esoecially if you were watching back then it’s a fantasic trip back to good times!

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