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EXCLUSIVE! Chris Jericho talks to Wrestle-Zone UK!

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jerichoUSAWith the upcoming UK Fozzy tourjust a few weeks awayand their new CD, “Chasing The Grail’ released in the UK this week, Wrestle-Zone UK was lucky enough to be able to get a few words with Fozzy front man, WWE Superstar, Chris Jericho to find outhis favourite CTG track, what he thinks of the guest hosts on Raw and his opinions on people who throw batteries!!

So, first of all Chris thanks very much for talking to us today!
That’s OK I’ve been doing interviews all morning and I’m ready to go!

Sweet! So where abouts are you in the world right now?
San Diego California!

Are you doing Raw tonight?

Austin tonight yeah?
He’s the guest host yes.

What’s your opinion about these guest hosts then do you think they’ve been good?
It’s a mixed bag some of them have been good some have been bad some of them have really added to the show and some of them are just there and some have retracted from the show so, I mean ya know it’s a phase that we’re going through and ah I think it’s kind of exciting to see but ya know the hosts have been kinda at the back for the last few weeks anyway because it’s all about WrestleMania right now so I think that’s for the best.

Yeah I think Austin should do alright though I think he’ll be pretty popular tonight!
Yeah yeah it should be good to see him back!

(Image courtesy of USA Network)

So it must be kind of hard for you to do Raw and Smackdown and all those shows and Fozzy and everything else that you do how do you juggle all of that with your family aswell you must be out there 24/7!
Well I mean it’s my job so ya kinda just make it happen and take the time to make it happen I mean obviously with Fozzy it’s something I’ve been doing since I was a teenager since I was 12 years old and I always wanted to be in a band and I always wanted to be a wrestler so now I get the chance to do both it is a little bit of a juggling act so ya make it work because I have passion for both. And also too I mean especially with the band things are growing and raising a level every time we put out a new record the band keeps getting more and more profile and ah so it’s worth it for me to continue to do it because we have such a great fan base, so if nobody cared what we were doing it’d be a different story but it’s the opposite of that so I make sure that we put as much time into that as I can.

So how does it feel to be the champion going into WrestleMania?
Well I mean to be a champ at any time is a great feeling but to me it’s more about just having the best match that I can have and putting out the best storyline to get there but ah it’s always good to be the champion that’s for sure!

So are you excited about the on going feud with Edge? Is it better to work with someone like Adam that you’ve known for so long?
Well it’s all about the chemistry in the ring if you know somebody for a week or if you know somebody for ten years it really doesn’t make a difference it’s all about what chemistry you have, what kind of focus you can put in the matches & what kind of expectations that the fans have and anticipation that the fans have towards the match so ah people are excited about Edge verses Jericho so Im looking forward to it!

And how did you feel about teaming with the Big Show when Edge got injured we were all like ‘it’s gonna be Christian!’ so did you actually asked to be teamed with Big Show?
See everyone kinda says that ‘it should be this guy, it should be that guy’ , what people aren’t understanding is that there was only a few people that COULD have done the job because Edge was a former World Champion, one of the biggest stars in the company, when he went down I had to replace him with someody at that same level, someone that had been a World Champion. I heard like ‘Oh it should have been a young guy! It should have been this guy it should have been that guy!’ We were ya know one of the biggest acts of the summer! We worked with DX and to have The Miz in there, it wouldn’t have been the same dynamic people wouldn’t have bought into it so much if it wasn’t for Big Show (he) was the perfect choice because A) he was huge and B) he was a former World Champion and had a big name so yeah I was very excited to work with Big Show and it turned out great as I knew it would we had a 7 month run and ah I think it was one of the highlights of the summer so again I think my decision was the best one!

It was definatly an unexpected one and definatly one that nobody saw coming and I think that’s always the best way to be in wrestling in my opinion!
Yeah absolutely!FOZZY1Sm

So would you rather be teaming with Edge or feuding with him?
Well the tag team was fun we did a lot of good work but Im more of a solo act, I like being out there by myself and the overall idea was always to be edge verses Jericho when we started the tag team that’s why we were to win the championships in the first place was to work up to this year at WrestleMania. I’m just glad he was able to come back in time to be able to continue on with that.

Now my friend, Beth in New Jersey as asked me to ask you, since this is the year that you will celebrate being a pro wrestler for 20 years and also your 40th birthday (sorry for bringing THAT up!) will either of these milestones be playing a part in your decisions for the future and will you continue to wrestle or seek out more music and acting work?
Well I’ll continue to wrestle for as long as I think I can continue at the highest level and I think the work that I’ve been doing since I came back in 2007 is by far the best I’ve ever done in my career and I feel great physically, I feel great mentally so I’ll continue to wrestle until that changes I mean it could end tomorrow it could end when I’m 60 years old. I’m sure that with the amount of experience that I have and the knowledge that I’ve amassed over the years there’s no reason for me to stop wrestling now. Having said that I still wanna do more stuff with Fozzy and I’m getting more and more opportunities outside of the wrestling business so I want to continue to do those as well so ah we’ll see what happens over the next little bit but there’s no reason for me to quit as of yet.

My next question WAS gonna be, is it easier these days to wrestle now that the fans are sort of savvy to what’s going on, and then I heard about the incident the other night where you got a lot of things thrown at you in the ring so I don’t know if that answered my question! But do you think it’s easier now that we all SORT OF know what’s going on and we know that if you’re an arsehole in the ring that doesn’t necessarily make you an arsehole outside of the ring?
Once again it’s misconception I mean ah with all due respect fans don’t really know what’s going on they think they do and ya know… understand everything and they really don’t. Just because of all the information that’s around and with the internet and stuff you hear news from behind the scenes but no one really knows.

Yeah obviously yeah.
I mean I know! I’m the puppet master and I’m the one who’s in charge. The fact that people know that wrestling it’s real but yet there still gonna think that I really am an asshole and throw batteries at me in the ring, it’s using the best of the abilities that I have into being able to fool people into what I want them to believe. I’m playing a character on a show I’m playing a part ya know like in a play or in a movie or whatever and um people even though they would like to believe that they can separate the two they really can’t it’s whatever actions I portray when I’m in the ring that risks an emotion from the crowd and I’m the one who kind of manipulates that & I like that!

So when that was all going down was it Saturday night? Did you just feel like walking off and not coming back out?
Yeah well I mean sometimes I’ll lose my temper I get hit in the head with a battery and ya know ya lose your temper for a couple of seconds but like I don’t mind people throwing things it’s at their risk because if they get caught they get thrown out but when they start throwing stuff like that that pisses me off because it shouldn’t be allowed and those people should be ejected from the building and sometimes they’re not. Sometimes that bothers me because like I say you start acting like an animal you should be treated like an animal.

Definitely! We agree! It’s dangerous! So do you prefer playing the bad guy? I personally think you do heel better than you do baby face but having said that I just had the pleasure of watching and reviewing some pay per views from 2001, and I kinda do miss THAT Jericho ya know you and The Rock were on Survivor Series during the Invasion angle! So do you miss that sort of thing or are you happiest being the bad guy?
I just ya know whatever part that I need to be playing at that time is fine, whether it’s a heel or a babyface I think it’s an art form to do either one I mean it’s a lot easier to make people hate you than it is to get people to really like you but once they really like you then that’s the secret. So ah I think people think I play the better heel because I’ve been a heel for two years but if I took a baby-face part I can do that just as good! That’s just a part of being in this business for 20 years I mean I understand there’s times you gotta be a good guy and times you gotta be a bad guy and um… there’s a way to succeed at both!

So, on to Fozzy now! You guys have got the new CD out, I believe it’s out in the UK today, I’ve listened to it several times and it’s absoltely fantastic I love it!
Oh thank you very much! Yeah we’ve been getting great reviews across the board this record by far has been our biggest by far as far as critical acclaim and response and sales so far as-well!

So how long did it take you guys to get this one together especially with your schedule, wrestling and everything else?
Well ah we didn’t rush it ya know we had some time, and I think that’s why the record turned out so good is that there wasn’t a specific deadline or it has to be done by this day or has to be done by that day. So it took us about a year to write and record it and then it’s been done for about 6 months or so we wanted to make sure that the all ducks were in a row as far as releasing it ya know the best promotion and have a game plan as to getting it out there so people could hear about it and hear ‘it’ and like I said I mean I think that’s one of the reasons why it’s been such a success we had no rush we could take our time and get everything right before we released it.


I found it a lot different from your previous CDs it’s a lot more melodic is that harder for youto do? Do you have to push your voice a little bit further? I just remember an interview I saw with James Hetfield when they released the Black album he was like ‘You want me to SING?’ I know that you have been singing but was it harder to do this album than the previous ones?
It was probably easier actually, the reason for that is because now we’ve been together for 10 years and this is our forth record so there’s a lot of experiences that you put behind you when you sing now. Ive played hundreds of gigs, had a lot of studio experience and we’ve had a lot of time ya know to create a style for ourselves and work out a little niche; find out what Fozzy’s musical style is. I think it made it a lot easier especially the singing because I mean now I know exactly what my strengths are as a singer I know what my weaknesses are as a singer you can really focus on those and I think the melodies that Rich Ward writes are very intricate and very detailed and I know what he likes to do, he knows what I can do and we’re really able to put that together and I think that’s one of the reasons the record turned out so great is because we really understand each other when it comes to writing a song now. The record was actually very easy to record and once again it’s because we didn’t have the pressure of a deadline, we took our time to get it right.

We did a quick poll about what everyone’s favourite track was and Broken Soul came out tops closely followed by Wormwood, which one is your personal favourite?
Well I mean I think both those songs are great indications of what Fozzy are because they’re both very different obviously Broken Soul is the first ballad that we’ve ever had! The first song we’ve ever had that got any air-play on top 40 radio ya know it’s like here’s Nickleback, Beyonce and Fozzy! *laughs* Um Wormwood is a 14 minute epic song and not a lot of bands would attempt that or could attempt it that really put us onto a different level too and that was something that I spearheaded from the start, I wanted to have an epic song I wanted to have a long song so, both those songs are great indications of the two separate sides of the coin. I think ‘Under Blackened Skies’ could be my favourite on the record just because it starts out so killer and it goes right for the throat and it’s gonna be a great song to do live but I mean all the songs have their place in my heart so to sepak but I think that one for me stands out the most!

I kinda got as far as ‘New Days Dawn’, and the beginning of that track I was like wow! I had to stop and go back and listen to it again, is that you singing the opening part of that track?
Ah the beginning is Rich singing that solo part, he wanted to have a girl sing it and I disagreed I wanted to have him do it. I think that song is really different it’s taken a lot of people by surprise at first but it’s one of my favourite tracks of the record even though at first it didn’t really seam to fit in but it’s stand out because once again it’s very ah.. it shows a little bit of the diversity of the band that we can do a song like that or a song like ‘Pray For Blood’ then do a song like ‘Revival’ there’s so many different styles to the record but still back to just being Fozzy songs I mean ya know I think that’s one of the reasons I think this record is doing so well.

Yeah definatly I mean is it fair to say ‘manistream’ , it’s just leans a little bit more towards a wider audience I think yeah.
Oh yeah absolutely!

Is it true that Fozzy are playing WrestleMania this year and if you are are you concerned about the reaction that heel Jericho is going to get from the fans even though his band are awesome?
No we’re not playing WrestleMania I dunno where that rumour started but yeah its sometimes (it’s) very delicate I mean because obviously I play such a jerk on screen that a lot of people when they think of Fozzy they’ll think oh well we’re supposed to hate this because we hate Jericho so I have to really keep them separated and that’s why you don’t see a lot of promotion for Fozzy on the WWE. A lot of people can’t separate the fact that this is an actual legitimate rock n roll band, but that asshole Chris Jericho is the lead so obviously I shouldn’t like it. I’ve been very meticulous at keeping them separate.

Yeah I remember back in 2005 when we last spoke to you guys I was talking to Rich and he said about the sound on the TV shows I mean I’ve seen Fozzy on Raw and compared to seeing you live it was absolutely a completely different sound! And I know that Rich said the TV sound isn’t quite made for Fozzy!
Yeah well that’s just Rich being a musician you want everything perfect all the sound and everything like that. I mean every time you play on national TV it’s great and bands do it all the time so it’s not so much the sound as it’s the atmosphere that you’re playing in, you’re playing in a wrestling venue where everybody there has been trained to hate you obviously that’s not as good as when you’re in a concert hall playing for fans that have paid to see you! I just think it’s like ya know if I was a baby-face then obviously we would wanna promote Fozzy on the WWE, ya know people would be behind it like when Cena did his rap CD, but as a heel I can’t do that so sound not withstanding you can’t do it no matter which way you slice it because people have been trained to hate me and that’s what I do best, so I have to keep the band separated from that.

Yeah but I mean you have had songs picked as pay per view themes, Was it Martyr No More picked this year?
Yeah it was the theme for Royal Rumble and once again it was cool when they mentioned that it was just Fozzy doing the theme they never really mentioned it was Chris Jericho’s band. And yeah it was like a good thing because it wasn’t like it was a charity case ya know it had to ah, we had to submit that song like everybody else had to submittheirs it was chosen from a group of songs and they liked it and they chose it and it was cool!

Now there have been a couple of changes in the band since the last CD, Frank is back but more notably the departure of Mike Martin, have you got any plans to replace Mike, especially for the touring purposes?
Yeah absolutely I mean we’re a 2 guitar band we always have been and always will be so ah we’ve been rehersing with another guy and we’ll announce who it is pretty soon it’s someone we’ve worked with before, But yeah Mike is a great player we had some great experiences but it just ya know sometimes being in a band is like being a 5 way marriage sometimes you just disagree and it was best for Mike to move on for himself and for the band. His parting contribution to Wormwood was a great way for him to go out and I appreciate his work that he did on that song and wish him all the best of luck!

So is it hard as a band to adjust when someone like Mike is no longer there?
Well I mean we’ve been together for ten years and we’ve had a few guys coming into the band but the basic core of the band, myself and Rich, remains the same. Frank is on the drums and even though Frank left for a while he’s still played on every record we’ve ever done and Sean Delson’s been with us for 6 years as-well so like I said it’s always a drag when someone from the band leaves or is asked to leave but it’s just part of the business and as long as Rich and I are in the band it shouldn’t matter who else is there.JerichoUSA2

Right, so there’s a UK tour coming up in May, you’re not playing as many venues as mornal I think three dates. Is that down to once again, your schedule?
Yeah! The UK is a great territory for Fozzy it’s like our second home in a lot of ways and we just want to get there and play as soon as we could so I had a few days available in may so we said well lets go over there and do four shows in three days ya know just to say thanks to the UK fans and remind you that we’re back and just kind of dip our feet in the water and get some stuff going again. We’ll go back for more dates, for a bigger tour probaly in the fall!

Well the UK has been great to us and we love it so we just wanted to get back there as soon as we could and say hi again!

So we’ll get to some fan questions now and Synn would like to know do you miss playing bass and do you ever play with Fozzy?
Nooo our bass player, Sean Delson is a hundred times better than I ever was, I don’t miss playing bass when I wasn’t really doing much stuff in music I missed just playing with a band, I don’t miss it because now in Fozzy being the singer I’m just ya know, playing with the band I still get the same buzz out of it. But I always enjoyed playing I was pretty good when I was 16, 17, 18 years old then my developments just kinda stopped after that it was a good way to get into and get acquainted with what it was like to be in a band! I can still play some wicked Iron Maiden riffs!

Dan has asked how do you feel about TNA upping their game and going head to head with Raw?
Oh I love it! Any time there’s competition it’s good for everybody it’s good for the fans it’s good for the boys and it’s good for the company so I think they’re a little bit crazy in some of the stuff they do sometimes, hopefully they’ll get on track and get it going because there will be nothing better for the business than to have them as a strong number 2 contender!

Yeah most of the fans I’ve spoken to feel exactly the same it’s like bring on the Monday night wars again ya know?
Yeah yeah it’s better for everyody!

Natalie would like to know, if you could create a song with anyone that you haven’t done already who would it be?
Well I mean ah that’s one of the cool things about the band kind of turning the corner and getting some excellent credibility from all these great people that we’ve worked with and from the fans that now bands and other people out there in the musical world wanna work with us. I mean I actually sent Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden “Martyr No More’ and he really liked it and he said hey we should write a song together sometime and I was like you gotta be kidding me! *laughs* so I mean that’d be cool to do a Smith/Jericho tune a collaboration so ah we’ll see if that ever comes to fruition!

Cool yeah! George has asked did you ASK to work with Danielson on NXT?
Ah no I didn’t. They wanted our match to kick off the show at a high level and I was excited about it. I would have liked to have waited a bit to do it and build it up a bit but that’s not how things work sometimes so I think they gave us 6 minutes I think it was the best 6 minute match we could have and was a good way to kick start Bryan and get him on his way!

Amy asked me to ask you what is your prediction for the Michaels/Undertaker match at WM26 and what was it like to work with HBK yourself?
In my opinion Shawn’s the greatest of all time and any time you can work with him is always a pleasure and he’s a great performer, my favourite, and I think the Undertaker and Shawn Michael’s match from last year was the best match I’ve ever seen in my life so I’m looking forward to seeing the rematch at Mania. I think it’s gonna be the highlight for me it’s probably the biggest selling match on the show as well.

So come on do you already know who’s going over or can you be honest and just pick who you would like to see win it?
Oh I don’t really care! It doesn’t matter it’s going to be a great match ya know? And they’ll have it all figured out that’s FAR beyond what I know! I don’t know anything!

Adam has asked what you think about the demise of ECW?
Ah well I think it ran it’s course, it wasn’t ECW, in name only at this point so I think it was just kind of floundering. I don’t think they really knew what they wanted to do with it and the NXT concept is a much smarter way to do things. I think as far as trying to explode some of the young guys to the fans and get them more prepared I think it’s a great concept so ya know goodbye ECW and hello NXT!

Definitely! Next is Crystal who asks would you ever consider a managerial role once you’re in ring career has ran it’s course and she would also like to know what is your opinion of Bon Jovi?
I’ve never been a huge Bon Jovi fan I respect what they’ve done but I think I maybe have like one album in my collection.

Right. Which one?
Ahh Slippery When Wet I think or ah.. no it’s New Jersey!

Right the one everybody has!
Yeah yeah! And I would never be a manager now I would consider maybe being a commentator but most likely I will just move on when I’ve finished being an on air performer!

Right yeah. So last question is from my 7 year old son, his name is Evan and he would like to know why did you want to be a wrestler and could he please be your tag team partner!
I wanted to be a wrestler just because I was a huge wrestling fan growing up I always loved the combination of athleticism and show-business and I still love it to this day and yeah he can be my tag team partner if he says his prayers and eats his vitamins and gets his high school degree!!

(A/N: My son has eaten about 3 apples since I played him this part of the interview and promises to say his prayers and be good at school so.. thank you Chris Jericho! Who needs Super Nanny?!)

Chasing The Grail is out in the UK NOW!!

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