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Money In The Bank review by Harrison

July 19, 2010   ·   0 Comments

Hello everyone, Harrison101 here. Just when you think the WWE product is getting just a tad stale, BAM! Best Pay-Per-View of the Year. Reminds me of TNA Turning Point from last year. So, let’s take a lot at what happened during the inaugural WWE Money In The Bank, here, on The Harrison Analysis!

The show opened with a brief video… The show is presented by Criss Angel’s television show… Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Matt Striker introduced the show from ringside. They hyped that the Smackdown version of MITB would open the show. They also turned things over to the Spanish broadcast team briefly…

Harrison’s Analysis: There’s a Spanish Announce Table? You know what that means guys…Let’s take a wager as to how long that Table lasts.

The Big Show vs Kofi Kingston vs Cody Rhodes vs Christian vs Matt Hardy vs Drew McIntyre vs Kane vs Dolph Ziggler (Smackdown Money In The Bank Ladder Match)

Ring announcer Tony Chimel noted that the winner can cash in the briefcase anytime and any place for one year. Big Show and Kane threw the other wrestlers out of the ring like they were Kevin Nash facing X Division wrestlers who dared to win a match. *coughs* Kendrick *coughs*

Show got the better of Kane and tried to climb the ladder, but a rung broke. (I cracked up) Hardy and McIntyre had a moment in the ring. Hardy made the first real play for the title, but Christian entered the ring and pulled him down. Christian went for the briefcase, but Hardy pulled him down.

At 5:25, Hardy and Christian teamed to perform a double DDT on Kane. They picked up ladders and rammed them into Kane, but then went back to brawling. Meanwhile, all the other wrestlers were selling at ringside. Christian got the better of the exchange and climbed the ladder, but Cody pushed the ladder over and Christian fell onto Show at ringside.

Cole continued to tell the story that six wrestlers were focussing heavily on taking out Kane and Show. Cody and Hardy were fighting at the top of the ladder when McIntyre pushed them over. He aggressively cleared the ring and set up the ladder at 8:00. However, Ziggler ran in and cut him off.

Kane flipped at ringside and cleared off the Spanish announce table. He wanted to chokeslam Drew, but it didn’t happen. Boo! Kofi hit a great kick on McIntyre on the table and then eyed up the ladder. The crowd picked up on it and cheered. A small “Kofi” chant broke out briefly.

At 10:30, Kofi leapt off the ladder and did the Boom Drop on McIntyre, causing both wrestlers to crash through the Spanish announce table. Yes! Screw you, Spanish announce table! Later, Big Show pulled out his super deluxe ladder and actually struggled to get it inside the ring.

Harrison’s Analysis: There you have it. If you had the Table to break in under 21 Minutes, you won the pool!

Show was standing in the ring and trying to pull it over the top rope. He looked to the crowd and said something that got a laugh out of people. He finally pulled it through the ropes. Cody cut off Show with a small ladder shot and then climbed the deluxe ladder, but Ziggler stopped him at 15:40.

Ziggler climbed the ladder, but Show stopped him. Show sold an ankle injury. He pulled Kofi off the ladder, but Kofi DDT’d him. Kofi slowly climbed the ladder, only to take a missile dropkick from Cody, who is showing a high flying side we rarely see out of him due to his heel status. Cody followed up with CrossRhodes on Kofi.

At 19:00, Cody climbed the ladder. Dolph ran in and swung at him and missed. He followed up with a punch and then pulled him down. Show recovered and started headbutting heels. Show, who was sporting a knee brace, hobbled to sell the ankle injury.

Show climbed a couple rungs of the ladder, but Kane pushed it over and Show fell to ringside. Christian and Hardy piled ladders onto Show on the floor, and Kane also threw one on top of Show. The seven wrestlers all made a play for the briefcase. Kane threw them down one-by-one.

Cody was the last wrestler to pull down. It was supposed to conclude with Kane’s big uppercut punch, but the timing was really bad. Kane climbed the ladder. Dolph entered the ring and applied his sleeper on Kane, who rammed Dolph’s head into the ladder to knock him off.

Kane threw Ziggler over the top rope toward Show, but Ziggler’s knee got hooked. Kane freed him up and threw him onto the ladders that were on top of Show. Kane went to ringside and slammed Kofi onto the stack of ladders with Show underneath. Cody tried to run away and Kane went after him for lord knows what reason. Kane slammed Cody’s head into the armored vans that make up the ring set.

Kane headed back to the ring and went for the briefcase, but Hardy and Christian teamed up to throw him off. At 24:20, Hardy and Christian met at the top of the Show-sized ladder and traded punches. They eventually shoved each other off simultaneously. Christian took a bump on the ropes and came up bleeding.

Drew McIntyre recovered at ringside and made a bid for the briefcase. Kane recovered and chokeslammed McIntyre off the ladder and grabbed the briefcase to win the match. The announcers hyped that Kane now has a title shot whenever he wants…

Smackdown Money In The Bank Winner: Kane (26:17)

Harrison’s Analysis: Best Money In The Bank Ladder Match ever. There was some insane spots, no-one botched, there was some excellent storytelling, especially from Hardy, Christian and Show, and Big Show’s giant ladder was a stroke of genius.

Harrison Match Rating: ????  / ?????

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed Sheamus, who said he is a prideful man and believed he was untouchable until he stared into the eyes of The Nexus. He said they look “totally soulless.” He said Nexus are a threat to everyone, including him, and thus he had to choose a side.

Sheamus complained about not getting the credit he deserved for beating John Cena twice to win the WWE Championship. He said he hates Cena, and called the fans worthless. He took offense to Cena’s jokes about his skin color and questioned how many jokes he’ll make when he slams his head into the cage. Sheamus said Cena will learn that Nexus is a threat, but he’s a bigger one…

Harrison’s Analysis: Excellent promo from Sheamus. He admitted that Arn Anderson was correct, and then reminded us he was a heel by berating John Cena.

Alicia Fox vs Eve Torres (Divas Championship Match)

Alicia, with Eve on the ropes, swept the leg, sending Eve to the mat and then the floor. Nice tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Alicia for a nearfall.

Eve hit a series of kicks, but had trouble with her lower back. She hit an impressive standing moonsault for a two count. The back continued to be a problem though and Alicia hit the axe kick for the win…

Winner and still Divas Champion: Alicia Fox (5:53)

Harrison’s Analysis: Shame the crowd was dead here. I feel sorry for the two, they had a very tough act to follow but nothing was working. This was the best Women’s Match I’ve seen in the WWE for some time. Clean executions all round, good storytelling, Alicia looked very good, and Eve Torres sold the back pains. Good stuff all round.

Harrison Match Rating: ?? / ?????

Footage aired of Kane’s search to find Undertaker’s attacker. Jack Swagger allowed his Danny Bonaduce lookalike father to take a chokeslam and tombstone from Kane…

Harrison’s Analysis: I have a serious inkling that Kane will cash in tonight. This could be the biggest night of his career.

Backstage, Swagger was talking to his mom on the phone. He said what happened to his dad was not his fault. He said his dad got what he deserved for trying to steal the spotlight. He told his mom to shut up. That’s not a great way to get a lady Jack. He told his mom he would snap Mysterio’s ankle tonight…

Harrison’s Analysis: Wow, Swagger, you have no heart.

The Hart Dynasty vs Jimmy and Jey Uso (Unified Tag Team Championship Match)

An Irish whip running ass to the head nearly knocked out and pinned Smith. Cole said it was vintage Rikishi, but it was more vintage Umaga.

Jimmy and Jey kept Smith isolated and prevented him from tagging Kidd. Kidd did make the tag, but the Usos did a nice job keeping Kidd grounded. A blind tag led to a double team airborne Samoan Drop.

After a missed top rope splash, Smith was ready to apply the Sharpshooter, but Tamina jumped up on the apron. Natalya took her out though. Smith was then able to apply the move to Jimmy, forcing him to tap out…

Winners and still Unified Tag Team Champions: The Hart Dynasty (5:22)

Harrison’s Analysis: Cleaner and better than their Fatal-4-Way Match. These two can click in the ring. Also to note, excellent props to Matt Striker and Jerry Lawlers’s commentary here, with the subtle mention of Umaga, and David Hart-Smith showing some fire. Good match.

Harrison Match Rating: ?? / ?????

A hype video for Mysterio vs. Swagger was shown…

Rey Mysterio vs Jack Swagger (World Heavyweight Championship Match)

Cole pointed out again that Swagger was the fastest to cash in the MITB briefcase. Could be setting up for something.

Rey limped out to the ring. Well, he jumped around for his pyro first. Always smart to do before a match when you have an ankle injury. Rey looked like he raided Demolition’s old ring gear closet. He looks bedazzled. Championship match introductions…

Jack attempted to end the match early with the ankle lock, but Rey was still too quick for him. He then hit a seated senton from the top rope onto Swagger on the floor. Rey went to the top, but Swagger Angled the ropes and hit a belly to belly.

Swagger grounded Mysterio and then missed the Swagger splash in the corner. Striker openly rooted for Swagger. Rey nearly pinned Swagger with a split legged moonsault. Swagger turned the tides quickly with a wheelbarrow suplex for a two count.

Gutwrench powerbomb by Swagger, but Rey put his foot on the rope to stop the three count. Hurricarana by Rey sent Swagger into the post. Swagger stood on the second ropes with Rey, but Rey countered it into a DDT for a two count. Cool spot.

Rey hit the 619, but Swagger caught him and applied the ankle lock. Rey got to the ropes. Swagger hit two corner splashes. Rey loosened his boot. I smell an Eddie Guerrero finish. Striker called it. I called it. Rey rolled up Swagger after a hurricarana and scored the pinfall…

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion: Rey Mysterio (10:42)

Harrison’s Analysis: Very good match. Mysterio always steps it up on PPV, sold the ankle well, and Swagger did a good job with his power game, and some great near falls sprinkled in too. And I don’t care what anyone says, I give them credit for the tribute to Eddie Guerrero in the finish.

Harrison Match Rating: ??? / ?????


Swagger was a good sport and attacked Rey after the match. He locked in the ankle lock on Rey’s foot. Kane made the save and beat the crap out of Swagger up the ramp. Rey celebrated with the belt…

Kane’s music hit. He came out with the briefcase and a referee. Kane officially cashed in…


Rey Mysterio vs Kane (World Heavyweight Championship Match)

Chokeslam. Tombstone. New World Champion.

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Kane (0:37)

Harrison’s Analysis: I think this is a feel-good company loyalty win for Kane here. He’s worked very hard over the years with no real major success, so I’m happy for him, he deserves it. Nice cash in.

Backstage, Edge was watching the monitor. He liked what he saw in Kane taking advantage of an opportunity…

Edge and Chris Jericho told each other both of them are going to cash in and win the WWE Championship tonight. So, we know the MITB ladder match will take place before the cage match…

Kelly Kelly made her entrance. She hugged and kissed a guy at ringside. He then exploded. LayCool came out. I could hear a pin drop…

Layla vs Kelly Kelly (Women’s Championship Match)

Layla tripped Kelly with the ring skirt. She then worked on the leg. Kelly hit her finisher, but Layla had her legs in the ropes. Kelly tried a sunset flip pin, but Layla leaned forward for the win…

Winner and still Women’s Champion: Layla (3:56)

Harrison’s Analysis: Sloppy, clunky and it proved how much better the RAW Diva Match was. Really overbooked, which is weird for Smackdown. *sighs* McCool’s dominance of Women’s Wrestling continues…

Harrison Match Rating: ? / ?????

Footage aired of the Smackdown MITB ladder match from earlier in the show…

Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho vs The Miz vs Edge vs Mark Henry vs John Morrison vs Ted DiBiase vs Evan Bourne (RAW Money In The Bank Ladder Match)

Edge rolled a ladder in the ring. The bell rang and he slid out. Everyone just stood there for a few moments.

Edge climbed the ladder first but Orton stopped him. Henry took out Miz and then talked shit about it. Jericho then fed him a ladder. Nice. Bourne was alone in the ring and it took him about an hour to set up the ladder to climb it.

Edge and Orton appeared. Orton hit his hanging from the ropes DDT, but from the ladder, onto Bourne. DiBiase and Miz beat up on Morrison. They both ate a ladder that was set up in the corner.

Two ladders were set up. Edge, Morrison, Orton, and Jericho reached for the briefcase. Henry came in and pushed both ladder over simultaneously. Maryse came into the ring. She climbed the ladder.

Harrison’s Analysis: Not a fan of Maryse climbing the ladder. It makes me wonder that anyone can go out and grab it.

Morrison stopped Maryse and set her down. DiBiase used the distraction to almost win the match. The action mainly spilled to the floor, but Edge went for the briefcase. Morrison used one ladder from the corner to give him momentum to get to the main ladder.

Morrison was placed perpendicular to the ladder in the ladder. Edge and Miz made him pay. Edge then knocked Miz to the floor and tipped the Morrison ladder over. Henry took out Jericho and Miz before trying to climb the ladder.

Bourne climbed over Henry, but was grabbed by Edge and Orton. Henry was on the floor at this point. Bourne was thrown into Henry, who caught him for a left handed World’s Strongest Slam. Henry then took a kick from Morrison, a Codebreaker from Jericho, and a spear from Edge.

There was a fulcrum point situation going on with ladders turned upside down in the ring. Reminds me of my old science classes. Chemistry was my favorite though. Anyway, Morrison and Jericho fought on the ladder.

Orton hit the RKO on Morrison and Bourne hit the SSP on Orton. Bourne climbed the ladder and had Swagger issues with the hook. Jericho knocked Bourne to the mat with the briefcase. Jericho fell back down the ladder though.

Edge was very close to the case but Orton pushed him off into the upside down ladder. Orton set up and climbed the ladder. Miz tipped Orton over. He climbed up and secured the ladder for the victory…

Miz started crying. He grabbed the mic and said we were all living in his moment. He screamed, “I made it!” He said he was a future WWE Champion and he is awesome…

RAW Money In The Bank Winner: The Miz (20:25)

Harrison’s Analysis: Scratch it, THIS was the best Money In The Bank Ladder Match ever. Paced better than the Smackdown match, the spots were more innovative and better done, and it was generally more exciting. It didn’t look like a spot fest, which is great. Excellent match.

Harrison Match Rating: ???? / ?????

Sheamus vs John Cena (Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship)

Loud pop and then boos for Cena. Then the crowd died out a bit during his entrance. Sheamus’ entrance did not illicit much of a response from the crowd.

Sheamus is the 39th man to hold the WWE Championship and his current reign is the 100th in the history of the title. Striker pointed out The Undertaker winning the WWE Championship in Kansas City in 1999.

Very slow start to the match that saw Cena look less confident than he usually does. Cena took a shot to the jaw that he babied. In a punch exchange, the crowd cheered Sheamus and booed Cena. No surprise there.

Sheamus tried to climb out, but Cena climbed up after him. Cena attempted the Attitude Adjustment, but Sheamus wiggled out. Sheamus hit the double sledge for a two count. He applied a sleeper and then turned it into what could be described as a rear naked sleeper.

Cena stood up with Sheamus on his back. The rope did not break the hold, but Cena climbed the cage with Sheamus on his back. Sheamus jumped off and took out Cena’s leg. Sheamus earned a two count. He climbed the cage, but Cena pulled him down from the top rope. Both men were out.

Cena stood up and hit his spots, but an AA attempt gave Sheamus a boost to climb the cage. Cena pulled him down and knocked him to the mat. Instead of climbing out (I mean, why in the hell would he want to win the match!?), he missed a top rope five knuckle shuffle.

Sheamus tied Cena in the ropes ala Andre the Giant. Yes, that is two Andre references in one 2010 report. Sheamus took some of Cena’s stupid pills by not climbing right out. He climbed over Cena, who freed himself and pulled Sheamus back in.

He hit a bulldog from the top on Sheamus for a two count. Cena could not hit the AA again and Sheamus hit the Irish Curse (left handed Rock Bottom into a backbreaker). Bicycle kick by Sheamus but Cena kicked out.

Sheamus went to climb out (the door is locked), but decided he wanted to beat Cena in the ring. Cena hit a huge AA but Sheamus kicked out. The Nexus came out in new shirts (same on the front and something written on the back) with bolt cutters.

The referee grabbed the bolt cutters, so Nexus tried to bully another referee. The ring referee was taken out on accident. Cena immediately made Sheamus tap out but nobody was there to call it. Cena and Justin Gabriel met at the top of the cage. Cena threw him into the ring.

Cena tried to climb out, but six of The Nexus guys stopped him from reaching the floor. Sheamus climbed out on the other side, and only Heath Slater was there to stop him. Yeah, that’s even. Sheamus made it to the floor and retained his championship.

Afterward, Cena beat up on his personal whipping boy, Darren Young. I guess he has a problem with Young literally stealing his look. Cena had a really pissed off look on his face. He took out Young and Tarver because the rest of them ran away already. Cena walked to the back and the image of the three laid out Nexus members closed out the broadcast…

Winner and still WWE Champion: Sheamus (23:01)

Harrison’s Analysis: I liked this booking. It was a nice contrast compared to the super fast Ladder Matches we’ve had during the night, and the Nexus attack was well done by the officials. There was good innovation, Sheamus used some new moves and Cena told a good story, playing to Sheamus’ “I have your number” style. Very good match on the whole.

Harrison Match Rating: ???? / ?????

The Harrison Hitlist and Overall Show Thoughts

This was an excellent Pay-Per-View showing from the WWE. There was newsworthy moments, 3 Matches scored over 4 Stars, there was only one bad match, everything else delivered, the promos were good and I really enjoyed it. I have very little complaints and I highly recommend you catch the replay or buy the DVD, because you won’t regret. This is a contender for Pay-Per-View of the year and I honestly think it was more consistent and BETTER than Wrestlemania 26. I’ve been Harrison101 and that was your Analysis. Sayonara!

+ Smackdown Money In The Bank Ladder Match
+ RAW Money In The Bank Ladder Match
+ John Cena vs Sheamus
+ Mysterio vs Ziggler
+ Kane’s Almost Instant Cash-In

– Layla vs Kelly Kelly

Harrison’s WWE Money In The Bank Rating: 9.0 out of 10


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