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TNA Genesis Final Card & Predictions

January 15, 2010   ·   0 Comments

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match – Angle’s Last Shot at AJ’s World Title in 2010

Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles

This is such a great match, but I cannot say that I am looking forward to it that much now, simply because it was given away on free tv. Still though this will likely be match of the night, I would say I am certain AJ styles is set to retain here, but the fact that this is Angles last shot makes me think Angle has a solid chance here.

Winner: AJ Styles – But it will be close!!!

TNA World Tag Team Title Match
Matt Morgan & Hernandez vs. The British Invasion

This PPV is stacked with tag team matches and this one is going to be solid. It just seems that Hernandez and Morgan should be main eventing by now, but TNA do not know how to book it. If Hernandez was going to be kept in the Tag Division he should have stayed with LAX. This is tough to pick here, British Invasion are great champs but hernandez and Morgan need to get pushed so it could be their night.

Winners: Matt Morgan and Hernandez

TNA Knockouts Title Match – Best of 3 Falls
Tara vs. ODB

These two again? why when there are so many better knockouts? anyway Tara will retain here.

Winner: Tara

TNA X Division Title Match
Amazing Red vs. Opponent to be Announced That Night

Rob Terry? Jeff Hardy? Who Knows but anymatch that Amazing Red is in will be awesome, TNA don’t really use Amazing Red properly so he will probably drop the belt here, but hopefully not to big Rob Terry.

Winner: To Be Announced on The Night.

Scott Hall & Kevin Nash vs. Beer Money

Lets Just hope that Scott Hall shows up this time. Well Beer Money will be held back here, just because Hall and Nash are slow now, but it will be good solid tag match, hopefully with Beer Money coming out on top.

Winners: Beer Money

Bobby Lashley vs. Abyss

This match should be good, but I don’t think Abyss deserves to lose another match. If this match is anything like the Steiner vs Lashley matches we are in for a treat, I really hope this is contested all over the arena. Abyss Should get the win here, and finally get a push, but I get the feeling Lashley will win this.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Sean Morley vs. Daniels

This for me is my personal favorite match, Daniels is an awesome performer as is Morley, this should be an interesting match. I think it is pretty certain that Daniels will win, but it’ll be a strong physical match.

Winner: Daniels

Desmond Wolfe vs. The Pope

This is an intriguing match, these are both two up and coming stars in TNA who will put on a solid match, but after the popes win over Wolfe on iMPACT, but Desmond Wolfe in my opinion cannot lose this match without looking very weak. One month Wolfe takes Angle to the limit and then loses to the Pope, that would not add up.

Winner: Desmond Wolfe




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