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TWIW Special This Week Its WrestleMania!!!

March 28, 2010   ·   0 Comments

Instead of following the usual This Week In Wrestling format I thought I would give my WrestleMania predictions. I must apologise for not posting a TWIW last week, hopefully I have readers out there that realised, but I was rushed into hospital for emergency surgery. I wont go into detail and that probably makes it sound worse than it was. It wasnt anything too serious but was something that needed a surgeons attention there and then. Anyway, I wont bore you with my issues, I just wanted to explain my absence last week, Ill get straight into the predictions now.

10 Diva Tag Team Match:
Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Gail Kim & Beth Phoenix versus Michelle McCool, Maryse, Layla El, Alicia Fox & Vickie Guerrero
To start with a negative, who cares? Im not knocking womens wrestling, Im knocking WWEs attitude to womens wrestling. In fairness to Vinny Mac he always seems to try to get as many of his roster a WrestleMania payday, which probably explains the 10 man Money in the Bank match which we will come to later, and this diva debacle seems to be another example of that. There are only a couple of them in this match who can wrestler but if they book it with the workers working and the eye candy standing by looking pretty then it may not be as bad I expect.
Pauls Prediction: a win for the good guys with Beth Phoenix scoring the pinfall

CM Punk versus Rey Mysterio
This has the potential to be one of the best undercard matches of recent WrestleMania history. The story has been told well up to this point and these two consummate pros should give us the next or possibly final chapter in a similarly impressive vein. The hair versus mask stipulation that was rumoured hasnt come to fruition but that may be a good thing as neither man should lose either of those things at this point. I fear a Punk win will lead to some stupid segments that undermine the legitimacy of the Straight Edge Society but that might not be the case. Either way a see a great match here between two top performers.
Pauls Prediction: unsure but I will sway with a Rey win, could go either way

Randy Orton versus Ted Dibiase versus Cody Rhodes
If the partners keep their cool then Orton will go down in this one but if Rhodes and Dibiase arent on the same page than an Orton win is almost certain. I think they have missed a trick with this feud as it had so much potential but I cant put my finger on what WWE should have done differently.
Pauls Prediction: Orton has been made to look superior but will be pinned here

Triple H versus Sheamus
A win for the Irishman would be massive here and there is no doubt that if he wins it will not be a clean victory but Im not sure what the plan is here. Maybe a feud will continue and to do that they need to give Sheamus the win. If Hunter wins I think it will halt his opponents push and undo everything they have built in recent months.
Pauls Prediction: Sheamus will win the battle, Hunter will win the war

ShowMiz versus John Morrison & R-Truth
I hope they keep the titles on ShowMiz as I dont see their opponents as a credible team yet and Miz has done so well with his arrogant persona in recent months. Saying that he has been getting pinned a lot over the last month but I dont see the titles going anywhere soon.
Pauls Prediction: the tiles retained and the challengers to go their separate ways

Money in the Bank
Kane, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, MVP, Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin, Jack Swagger, Matt Hardy, Drew McIntyre
There doesnt seem to be many credible potential winners in here. The Bournes, Benjamins and Kingstons are in their to virtually kill themselves in the name of entertainment but I only see Christian and McIntyre as genuine contenders here. I dont think the powers that be believe in any of the others enough to push them for a title run. I would like to see a Christian win with him cashing in to beat Edge later that night after Edge beats Jericho but in all honesty I think the chosen One, Drew McIntyre, will get the win and get a title shot way down the line once the boss feels he has pushed him enough. If Im right I see Drew being used like Sheamus has been, where the title gives him legitimacy rather than the other way round.
Pauls Prediction: my old pal Drew to win in an epic bump fest that will thrill all

Jericho versus Edge
I think Jericho should have been made to look a lot stronger in this build up but they have concentrated on showcasing Edge as a baby face to make sure he got over with the fans. I find him annoying in the role as he is such a competent main event heel and he seems wasted in his current role. Jericho has been almost an afterthought in this whole angle and I cant see him getting his heat back tonight.
Pauls Prediction: its not often a Rumble winner fails to win the belt, Edge all day

Batista versus John Cena
This has been promoted very well in my opinion and I say that as somebody who has no love for either wrestler. In spite of that I genuinely expect to enjoy this match. It wont have the exhilarating action of a Money in the Bank or the pace of a Punk versus Rey match but I think a story will be told in the ring and thats when the art form of wrestling is at its best.
Pauls Prediction: a happy ending for Cena as leaves with another title at Mania

Bret Hart versus Vince McMahon
After a seemingly appalling stop start build up this has gone into overdrive since The Hitman revealed his true fitness. It is going to be a typical McMania match with loads of gimmicks and blood. I know WWE are catering for kids but Vince will surely juice in this match. The ideal finish for me would be Vince tapping out in the sharpshooter, bloodied to bits like Austin 13 years ago. I know Austin didnt tap but Vince obviously has to for the story to be completed. The only question mark is why is Bret on the European tour? Is he going to get screwed again leading to him hanging around for a rematch next month.
Pauls Prediction: I hope this ends tonight with Bret forcing the boss to tap

Undertaker versus Shawn Michaels
Everyone keeps saying they cant top last year. I know but it will still be awesome either way. Again the art of storytelling will be on display here and either outcome will be historical and the major talking point of the show, even more so than the Bret versus Vince contest. I think Taker needs time off more than Shawn but its probably just wishful thinking that HBK will be around for a while.
Pauls Prediction: my heart says HBK but my head says Undertaker, heart wins


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