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When are TNA going to finally do something clever?

May 16, 2010   ·   0 Comments

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When are TNA going to finally do something clever?

If I here TNA bring out another new show that hasnt divided the roster I might just go hunt Dixie Carter, Hulk Hogan, and Eric Bischoff down and point a gun at them. This week a rumour has been spread that TNA have been speaking to Spike, about possibly bringing a new show in which a few people would be trained to be pro wrestlers then they compete for a job at TNA. But it shocks me, TNA own a jam packed roster that about 60% make the weekly show, why dont TNA just put the X division and the Knockouts together on one weekly 2 hour show, and then have the big guys, Aj Styles, Kurt Angle and so on, on another show. TNA have guys in the back such as Shark Boy, Brian Kendrick, Amazing Red, already to fire on a great performance but theres never enough time for a decent match.

The Knockouts on the other hand, a division that was once superb, now a division thats run by 5 women, and where every match ends in a brawl even after someones won, please TNA bring back Kong and Gail Kim, possibly Mickie Knuckles (unless CZW recruit her for TOD9) and look what you would have, a masterpiece of wrestling.


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