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WWE Tagged Classics: NWO Back In Black

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WWE Tagged Classics: NWO Back In Black
Big Daddy Cool Diesel; Oozing Machismo! Razor Ramon





Tagged classics are collections of previously released material but unlike the majority, this one has three features as appose to two. Disc one is a documentary about the NWO while disc two consists of match compilations of Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) and Diesel (Kevin Nash). These two collections are exclusive to Coliseum Video and include some matches specific to the released video package. If youre a fan of the NWO, then Id recommend this tagged classic, but if youre like me and you think Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are a bit lazy, then you probably wouldnt.



NWO Back/In Black
The NWO were a characteristically innovative stable initially compiled of ex WWF wrestlers who attracted a lot of attention world wide when Hulk Hogan turned heel. The Attitude era in the WWF was a direct response to the success of the NWO and possibly even responsible for future Monday night wars. The NWO were an important transitional stage in professional wrestling and delivered fantastic promos but its a shame that they couldnt deliver the same standard of matches.   

Scott Hall introduces himself to WCW perfectly and instantly comes across as disloyal money grabbing heel. Even within this first promo, it becomes clear that Hall likes the idea of exposing the business as an angle, or at least teasing the viewers with industry terminology such as dirt sheets (remember this is 1996). In an absolutely shocking series of events, our hero Hulk Hogan becomes the mystery third person allying Hall and Nash in a PPV match at Bash at the Beach. Even watching this now after all these years I still get goose bumps, especially after the ring becomes littered with trash thrown by the disgusted crowd. A slightly confused Mean Gene states look at all of the crap in this ring, Hogan responds by saying as far as Im concerned, this crap represents all the fans here tonight. Brilliant!

Eventually the NWO loses its impact due to an ever expanding roster consisting of a lot of wrestlers I couldnt give a toss about. The DVD then spends the remaining half of its duration attempting to inform the viewer how the WWF played an integral part in the story after WCW disbanded. Although there are some very funny segments with The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, NWO will always belong to WCW and so the purpose of this last half is to manipulate the viewer and could have been spent on something worth while.     

During one of the interviews, Hall states that he and Nash gave WCW more longevity by initiating good story lines. Id have to agree that they were successful and helped make WCW a worthy competitor but I also hold them slightly responsible for the demise of the product due their arrogance and selfishness. There are many a sweeping statement during this documentary.

This DVD quite lazily allows highlights of matches to tell the story of the NWO and has limited interview footage from Hogan, Hall and Nash. This is a definite negative and almost lets the feature down but the quality of the promos was good enough to keep me entertained.

Special Features:

Bash at the Beach 07.07.96
Scott Hall & Kevin Nash vs. Sting, Lex Luger and Macho Man Randy Savage
Fall Brawl: War Games 15.09.96
Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Fake Sting vs. Sting, Lex Luger, Arn Anderson & Ric Flair
Starrcade 27.12.98
Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg
NWO 4 Life
NWO Poison

Raw 11.03.02
The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall and Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Documentary Rating: 7/10


This DVD compiles two short WWF collections; one of Razor Ramon and one of Diesel. Some of the matches included on these compilations are exclusive to coliseum video and seem to have been used as a selling point. Kayfabe interviews are intercut on the Razor collection while flashy montages accompany Diesels much shorter video.


Big Daddy Cool Diesel


Diesel vs. Bret Hart Royal Rumble
Bret Hart makes any match fantastic but it is obvious that he had to work hard and adapt his style to accommodate for Diesels lack of experience for this one. Dont get me wrong, it was a great match but it seems Bret had to focus it around his sharpshooter in order to tell the tale and cleverly disguise Diesels limitations. Both characters walked away from the match looking strong so no harm was done and the story told was a good one but it wasnt anything spectacular.



Diesel vs. Jeff Jarrett – Raw
This is a very entertaining, high paced, action packed match up, where Jeff Jarrett once again shows how capable a wrestler he is. He walks Diesel through the bout, hypothetically holding his hand but does so in such a professional way that no one in the audience even blinked an eye. The move of the match has to go to Earl Hebner when he surprised us all and kicked the Roadie in the gut in order to get him out of the ring. What were you thinking Earl?

Even thought this encounter is part of a Diesel compilation, this is a Jeff Jarrett match.



Diesel vs. King Kong Bundy Collesium Video
This match wasnt all that exciting, in fact it was boring, and so it gets thrown on the same pile as most of the other Collesium Video exclusives; the pile of crap. It was very short with one of the main features being King Kong Bundys reverse chin lock. Need I say more?



Diesel vs. Owen Hart – The Zone
This is a very good match and probably the best of this Diesel compilation. Even though Owen Hart performed most of the technical work and high risk offence, the chemistry between the two was good. Shawns midway interruption only added to this match that should have been at a PPV rather than the Zone.



Diesel vs. Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania 11
Both wrestlers work very hard throughout the duration of this very entertaining match. Shawn doesnt disappoint being the master of showmanship that he is and Diesel gives it his all in order to just about keep up. It should be noted that all of the matches on this Diesel collection except for the King Kong Bundy match have been cut short and unfortunately this one has been cut significantly.



Big Daddy Cool Diesel: 7/10

Oozing Machismo! Razor Ramon

We start the tape with an introductory exclusive Razor promo which then cuts to Gorilla Monsoon and his good buddy Robocop.


Razor vs. Bam Bam Bigelow Raw
The ever agile Bam Bam Bigelow foolishly believes he can get the match finished during the opening minute with a big splash attempt off the top rope. But good gracious, Razor moves out of the way, leaving the Beast from the East vulnerable to the predatory Ramon. The match slows down considerably after a quite promising opening, when the wrestlers decide to take a break and justify it with a very phoney looking rear choke hold, or in wrestling terminology a reverse chin lock. The match all of a sudden becomes focused around the inevitable come back of Razor but is done so in such a lazy way. The publics general stereotypical perception of early 1990s wrestling will only be further cemented into their minds after watching this festival of shit. Razor isnt this bad a wrestler though, I mean hes not great, but hes not bad either, so this must be the confirmation of what I have previously heard concerning his bad attitude towards low profile matches. Bam Bam shows his monstrous agility once again with a standing enziguri/round house kick which becomes one of only two memorable instances in this match. Then Razor wins.  



Razor vs. The Model Rick Martel Raw is War
Martel manages to gain an advantage over Razor Ramon and celebrates with a series of star jumps. Brilliant. It always makes me laugh watching this kind of 1980s influenced theatrical heel persona; what better way to celebrate than showing good form within a star jump. The almost constant, cheesy, sports come businessman smile of Martel is a fantastic characteristic, and if ever this smile is even slightly dropped, you know the Model means business. This is an example of a genius at work, and even though his post Strike Force persona never really deviated, it was always hilarious to watch. Oh but wait, this is a Razor match.

This match is much better than the first, but is also a match of a significantly higher profile which furthers my argument concerning Razors bad working attitude. Martel being the ring veteran he was at this point, does his job efficiently and makes Razor look very good. I think Im being a little bit biased though; Razor did some nice work as well in this match.


Here are some notes I scribbled down:

Martel uses the ropes for extra leverage to aid his pin attempt. The Model applies a Boston crab, nice side slam, another Boston crab, Razor Ramon reverses the move into a pin, nice series of pin exchanges. Martell connects with a cross body off the top rope which is reversed into a pin. Razors edge, Razor wins, although a miscalculated lift/jump made Razor look weak I hope Martell did this on purpose.

 The intercontinental belt changes hands after Razor Ramon delivers the brutal razors edge in the centre of the ring to win his first belt; the Intercontinental Championship.



Razor Ramon vs. Crush Colliseum Video
Exclusive house show match. Will Razor show what he is capable of, or be lazy because of the low status of the match? Snore fest. Razor and Crush test each others strength blah blah blah. Crush goes up top and drops his trademark big knee in what was the only move of worth during the entirety of the match. Razor wins with a schoolboy pin taking advantage of Crushs showboating. Shite.


Razor Ramon vs. Adam Bomb – Superstars
Adam Bomb sets a nice pace relentlessly utilising his arsenal of power moves to good effect. But out of nowhere without even having delivered a single piece of offence, Razor lifts Adam Bomb, lands the razors edge and picks up another victory.



Razor vs. Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania 10 Ladder Match
I shouldnt have to tell you anything about this match, you should already know about this one. Shawn Michaels got in trouble by the WWE when he tested positive for steroid use and was forced to undergo a short suspension. Michaels denied the accusation confident that either his urine test had been switched, someone had given him a falsely advertised pill or that his drink had been spiked. Despite this pleading of innocence, the WWF insisted he went through with the suspension and handed over his Intercontinental belt for Razor after he wins the deciding match against Rick Martel. Michaels refused to give the belt back to Vince as he felt as though he had been wronged and so Vince had no choice but to have another belt made to give to Razor. The WWF stated that Michaels was stripped of the title for failing to defend it within 30 days in order to justify the strange goings on. When Michaels returned to the WWF, it had been decided to include his stubbornness and reluctant attitude towards giving back the belt as a kayfabe storyline. Michaels claimed no one had beaten him for his belt which meant he was still the real champion, so now there were two holders of the same title. Who was the real champion? There is only one way to find out; a ladder match at Wrestlemania 10.

This is bar far the best match I have ever seen Razor Ramon wrestle, but even Hulk Hogan can look good when he wrestles Shawn Michaels.that was bit harsh, Razor works really well and takes some big bumps. Im not going to give anything away with this one, you need to go and watch it if you havent already done so.



Razor vs. IRS Royal Rumble
Razor looks in good shape for this match and has obviously learnt a thing or too since his encounter with Bam Bam Bigelow.
The match starts off with an exchange of lefts and rights followed by a very cautious looking IRS. A high paced criss cross precedes a stiff looking clothesline and atomic drop before the match falls into the dangerous territory of the reverse chin lock come back. Happy to have survived the devastation of the reverse chin lock, Razor lands a nice fall away slam which at this point has become one of his trademark moves. The referee Joey Morella is accidentally caught by a weak looking move and as a result is completely knocked out; some people have a very low tolerance to physical pain. IRS tries to take advantage of the situation by using his steel briefcase as a weapon but Razor isnt that stupid and with the reactions of a cat blocks the illegal attack only to hit him with one of his own. But the ref is still out Razor, you cannot win if the ref cant count. Razor decides to take out his frustration on poor IRS by smashing him with a very tasty back suplex off the top rope. But unfortunately he isnt given the opportunity to capitalise as Shawn Michaels, still bitter from his defeat at Mania 10, hits him with the Intercontinental Championship belt he so desires. IRS gets up and pins Razor for the 123 but officer Hebner spoils the party by informing the now conscious ref about the situation. Razor delivers the razors edge with a side helping of justice and retains his championship belt.



Razor vs. Jeff Jarrett – Raw
Macho Man Randy Savage when asked for his opinion of what the following match might entail, states it will probably be a momentum match.

Jarrett struts down to the ring looking like a homosexual clown, using his flashing red light shades to warn off any potential opponent. The pace of the match is set to overdrive through Jarretts exciting style and massive in ring ability. We start off with a series off arm drag reversals and quick transitional manoeuvres but then the inevitable happens..a reverse chin lock. Ha, the rest of the match is brilliant though and I was bit disappointed when Shawn Michaels and Diesel interrupted causing a premature end to the match through DQ.

After watching this compilation Ive come to the conclusion that Razor Ramon is a good wrestler when he wants to be, and that people like Shawn Michaels and Jeff Jarrett tend to get the most out of him by making him work.



Razor vs. Yokozuna Colliseum Video
Another exclusive to Coliseum Video match that I could have done without. This match wasnt very good however a rediculosly over weight Yokozuna suprised me slightly by being able to actually move. This is a very boring come back match the majority of which is taken up by Yokozunas nerve pinch which seems to have taken the place of the reverse chin lock. Razor wins through interruption – DQ.



Oozing Machismo! Razor Ramon 7/10

 Stephen Evans



Overall DVD Rating: 7.5/10

Available from Silvervision.co.uk 


Our Price: 11.99
RRP: 19.99
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Availibility: In stock
Region: 2
Languages: English

Approx running time 5 hrs 56 mins


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