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Backstage News on Vince McMahon and the RAW/SmackDown Creative Process, Negotiations Between WWE and Chris Jericho Reportedly Fall Through, WWE’s “Very Big Announcement” Concerning Cable Network

November 21, 2011   ·   0 Comments

– For what it’s worth, more than one source has reported in the last 2 months that Vince McMahon has seemed a lot more tired than usual. Lots of people are wondering how Vince’s age is affecting the product and how much longer he will continue to work the schedule that he does.

– On a related note, it’s said that Vince’s focus is 100% on RAW right now. One source noted that SmackDown always comes off better on TV because head writer Ed Koskey is pretty much left to do his job without having to do so many re-writes. RAW has more re-writes every week and has Vince putting in a lot more input than on SmackDown.

– New reports indicate that Chris Jericho’s recent tweet about never wrestling for WWE again may have had something behind it.

Sources report that while WWE and Jericho had recently been in negotiations, something happened and talks have fallen through.

While most still expect Jericho to eventually pop back up in WWE, word is that he will not be returning any time soon.

During WWE’s third quarter conference call with investors on November 3, 2011, CEO Vince McMahon stated the organization would “soon be making a very big announcement” regarding WWE Network plans. He said the company feels confident they “finally turned the corner” on the cable television network’s status to make the announcement. Included will be future expenses of $4-6 million for staffing and $10-15 million for additional equipment and construction of their media center to house network operations.

According to a source within WWE’s corporate headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, the “very big announcement” is that Wrestlemania 28 will be broadcast live. The cable television network is expected to be launched on April 1, 2012, the day of WrestleMania.

WWE has bought extensive amount of office space in Norwalk and Stamford, Connecticut to employ over 200 employees for the cable television network. They’ve also spent money on trailers so employees could work on digitizing their vast tape library. WWE has approximately 100,000 hours of footage in their tape library, with 30,000 hours currently digitized.



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