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Bragging Rights DVD Review

March 19, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Bragging Rights 2010

By Adam Peacock

Before I put the DVD in I tried to think back at what happened at this pay per view and I honestly can’t remember, other than the awesome Daniel Bryan/Dolph Ziggler match of course. I will be using a new rating system with this review so if it has a few bugs I am sorry in advance :D.

The Good [What was good. Get it]


Raw vs Smackdown Match

Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie

The opening of this ppv had everything you needed to kick off the show in the right way. We all knew that Daniel Bryan could work a good match with anyone but did anyone expect to see him work a great match with ‘Hi I am Dolph Ziggler.’ Seriously this was the match that made WWE stand up and take notice at the bleached blonde superstar. The match itself was entertaining with Dolph dominating the match up with a few rest holds followed by a few of his key moves. Daniel Bryan continued to show the WWE universe what he is all about and ended up picking up a victory.   Dolph continued his run and had a awesome match with Kaval a month later and really tore the house down. That’s why I am going to give this match up a three out of five stars. This was a classic fast pace opening with both men and Vickie playing they parts perfectly. However I believe that both men did better with other people hence the three out of five.

Raw Team Talk

I am going to put this in the good section because it was infact entertaining. Miz played his role as cocky captain perfectly. Sheamus followed that up with a good showing as the man who doesn’t want to follow Miz. Punk calling himself ‘Captain Straight Edge’ screams Saturday morning cartoon show to me… which would be amazing actually. Santino played the clown role as he usually does. Then the final piece of the puzzle was the work of Alex Riley. He is so under-rated as a lackey he knows when to put in with the right line or the right look. This segment was also helped by the fact that Morrison and Truth were kept away as Morrison struggles on the mic at times and R-Truth can only really shout ‘WHATS UP’ a lot. Segments don’t get a rating from me but if I had to rate it I would give it about three stars. This built up the seven-on-seven match perfectly and gave each man a chance to put other they respected characters. It would have been five stars if Sheamus said ‘potato’ but alas he never. Hey a guy can dream can’t he?


Trailer for Smackdown vs Raw 2011

Christian’s RTWM FTW.

Raw vs Smackdown

Elimination Tag Team Match
Team Raw [The Miz, Sheamus, John Morrison, C.M. Punk, R-Truth, Santino & Ezekiel Jackson] w/ Alex Riley vs. Team Smackdown [Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio, Edge, Tyler Reks & Kofi Kingston] w/Hornswoggle

A good match up considering that multi man matches always cause problems with timing. I think the right decision was made but I don’t think Mysterio should have been standing at the end he should have been eliminated earlier on in the match up. I give this match up two and a half out of five because it lived up to the hype even though some people were jobbed out a little. I think this should have been main event with Randy Orton replacing Santino in Team Raw and then add the Nexus into the match up with Barrett as captain and Cena on the team.


The Bad [What was Bad.]


Ted DiBiase Speaks.

Before his match with Goldust, Ted gets time to speak. This is just your generic promo about how Ted is rich and how he is going to beat Goldust. Sometimes it looks like Ted isn’t comfortable with Maryse. I am guessing him having a wife in real life makes him feel uncomfortable kissing and acting loved up in front of the camera = awkward.

WWE Championship Match

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett w/John Cena

I think this match should have been the second to last match on the card because ending the main event in a DQ is not cool or having a one minute main event if your TNA. Anyway the match itself was good but I think it didn’t need to happen here it should of happened at Survivor Series instead and have a Raw vs Smackdown vs Nexus Match here with Cena costing Nexus the match. The only bright thing to come out of the match is that Barrett holds a victory over both John Cena and Randy Orton on Pay Per View and not many people can actually say that now. So I am giving this match a two out of five.


The Ugly [What was meh.]


Knucklehead Trailer

Haven’t seen it….Don’t really want to see it.

Goldust w/Aksana vs. Ted DiBiase w/Maryse

This match goes in the ugly section, not because it was a horrible match up but because of the build up to the match. If this was ten years ago no doubt this storyline would have been over Maryse/Ted and not over the million-dollar championship. Plus my hatred for Maryse as a manager runs deep. Ted and Goldust actually had chemistry and told a great story in the ring. The problem was Maryse and Aksana on the outside, Aksana gets a pass because she is playing the face manager role and does well to get the fans involved. The problem with Maryse is there are spots in the match were she could have her presences felt but instead she just stands and rants in French – both of which are pointless. She should be doing the ‘Vickie’ role and help Ted take control of the match by detracting Goldust. Then add on top the backward finish of Ted winning with a DDT instead of Dream Street and you have the full reason why this is in the ugly section. Ted needs to finish with Maryse and bring in Maxine as his new manager, nuff said. I give this match two out of five

Unified Divas Championship Match

Layla w/Michelle McCool vs Natalya

This match was only put in to push the storyline forward and it served its purpose. Layla has come on leaps and bounds since joining up with Michelle and Natalya, looked awesome as usual. The highlight for me has got to be the tribute to The British Bulldog with the squatting delayed suplex. The reason why it is in the ugly section is because no one actually believed that Natalya was going to win here especially with Survivor Series just around the corner. All three women played their roles well in the match and McCool has a decent big boot. So I am giving this match one and a half out of five.

World Heavyweight Championship

Buried Alive Match

Kane w/Paul Bearer vs The Undertaker

This match was good and actually was entertaining….so I bet you are wondering why it is in the ugly section and the answer is simple….The Nexus. During the match The Nexus came out and helped Kane win the match. Now I had no problem with that until the past month when nothing has been mentioned about it. I mean seriously no one has mentioned The Nexus beat-down and follow that with Kane now feuding with The Corre and it just makes the finish of this match kind of pointless in my opinion. I am guessing that it was Undertaker vs Wade Barrett pencilled in for Wrestlemania at that point but as we all know those plans have changed. The match was hard hitting but because of The Nexus and then the stupid light and pyro show ruined the match up for me. I am giving this two out of five.

Interview with Orton

We get a interview with Randy Orton, he basically says he is going to RKO Cena if he gets in his way. GO BACK TO BEING EVIL RANDY please?


The Redonkulous [What was down right ridiculous]

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre vs. The Nexus [David Otunga & John Cena]

One of the things I hate about wrestling is when a guy, or in this case guys, come out dressed to wrestle. We all know what is going to happen. Just a quick word on Rhodes – I believe he has done well with this gimmick, a lot of men have been given similar types of gimmicks and failed badly. Anyway Cody and Drew go and get into the ring and shock horror the Raw General Manager makes this match. This match was made to put over the main event with John Cena being under Wade Barrett’s control. Seriously WWE you decide to push the main event by jobbing out two established mid carders and current tag team champions to put over a little angle that could have been done in other ways. Then add in the fact that Otunga was chosen over Gabriel this match becomes a complete joke. I know that John Cena and Otunga dropped the titles the next night to Gabriel and Slater but why not just have Gabriel and Slater beat Rhodes and McIntyre with Cena helping on the outside? It would have had the same outcome and probably gained more heat and interest for the main event. The match itself was generic with Cena coming in and destroying both Rhodes and McIntyre and winning the titles. The only shining light was the aftermath with Otunga acting like he has just won the world title. Anyway this match gets a half a star out of five for me. 

Special Features


We have two special features on this DVD the first being a interview with Team Smackdown and the second, ‘Undertaker’s Last Ride?’ Both are just there and not very interesting. I will give them a collective half a star.



Right so lets work out the maths. Bragging Rights had seven matches with a possible 35 stars to be earned during the night. Bragging Rights DVD got 14 stars out of 35 which gives the percentage of 40 percent which would scrape at pass at University level so I think that is about right for this DVD. If it wasn’t for the Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan match then this DVD would have been a complete and utter bust. It is truly the only reason that anyone should buy this DVD. But knowing WWE they will end up releasing a best of either Daniel Bryan or Dolph Ziggler and this match will feature on it so there is no need to buy this DVD really. The special features are lacking as well. If you can get this DVD on the cheap or you’re a collector then get it but if you are more of a casual fan I suggest saving your money because this isn’t one that you can watch over and over again.



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