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Jeff Hardy Discusses His Legal Situation and Matt Hardy’s Status

November 14, 2011   ·   0 Comments

– The Miami Herald recently spoke with Jeff Hardy to promote TNA’s Turning Point pay-per-view. Here are a few highlights:

His legal situation:

“I’ve done my 10 days. I’m on intensive probation right now, but it’s cool that I’m still able to work. I have a curfew when I am at home. I have to be in at six o’clock. I can’t have any company after six o’clock. I’m two months into that, so I have four months of that left. Then I have 30 months of regular probation. I’ve moved on. It was a rough, dark time in my life, and it was a lot of stress, but I feel better that I’m finally over that.”

Matt Hardy:

“He is good. He is in great spirits. I don’t talk to him that much … Every time I talk to him he seems to be doing really well; so I think everything is really positive. I can’t really say [what’s next for him] but deep down Matt has always wanted to open a wrestling school. He is probably going to focus on that more than anything. He has been beat up, but anything is possible. He has such a great mind for professional wrestling. He would make a great agent … I think he would always want to be a part of it because he loves it a lot more than I do. He will be involved it in some way. I just don’t know here or there, but I think definitely the first thing he will focus on is the wrestling school.”


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