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Latest on Alberto Del Rio and the WWE Title, Him Returning to Mexico as Champion

July 28, 2011   ·   0 Comments

– As noted yesterday, WWE overhauled the SummerSlam card on Monday after deciding that their creative plans for CM Punk at the event were “awful.” This caused Alberto Del Rio to be removed from the WWE Title picture once again.

Del Rio is still scheduled to be WWE Champion at some point in the near future. Those close to the booking situation indicate that John Cena vs. Del Rio for the belt is planned for September but that could always change.

Part of the reason WWE wanted Del Rio as WWE Champion at SummerSlam is because of the Los Angeles market and the hope that they would draw from the Latin community. There was also a long-term plan of Del Rio being champion when WWE returns to Mexico in October with the idea that the would be the first Mexican to hold a WWE Title in Mexico while they were taping TV there for the first time. Del Rio going back to Mexico as WWE Champion is seen as a way to broaden the fan base in what is currently the company’s strongest market.


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